And how are you?

One of the greatest things about my blog, is the feedback I’ve gotten from people that have known me for years. It’s the first time they really seen into my life on a daily basis. The truth is as soon as the how are you feeling question is asked, I immediately, say…

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9 ways to tell if the victim blog you read is run by a narcissist.

This is Lucky Otter’s Haven!!

Lucky Otters Haven


The Internet is a great thing for a lot of reasons, but for victims of narcissistic abuse, it’s probably the first time in our lives we ever had a voice, and would be listened to and believed.   There are hundreds and probably even thousands of blogs and websites for people who have been victims of narcissistic abuse, either by their families, or at the hands of an abusive spouse, boss, lover, or friend.

The Internet has given us a voice, so now we can not only read and comment on the stories of others who have suffered similar experiences, we can also start our own blogs where we can talk about our own abuse.   Before the Internet, who would listen to us, much less believe us?  More than likely, we’d be told, “oh, of course your mother/father loves you,” or “Oh, I’m sure she means well and doesn’t…

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Why Do Folks Do What They Do?

We have been discussing opinions and the difference of being opinionated. This topic is leading my thoughts to what makes us the person that eventually has informed or uninformed opinions. What happens that makes a tick and tock?

Lee Pylant Dot Com

Why do folks do what they do?

Is it because of them or is it you?

Maybe it’s the witness standing by,

Pushing a point, like a poke in the eye.

Ask a question, expect a response,

One comes back like a cat on the pounce,

Dang that hurt, not what I expected,

Right in the eye, a bit of expectorate!

They’ve said they love me, what happened to that?

Three strikes you’re out! Like Casey at the bat.

Is what we have no longer valuable?

Or perhaps our love is a bit too malleable.

Lest I be too quick to judge,

It’s best I simply weave and dodge,

Live to fight another day,

Or forgive and forget, who’s to say?

– Wint

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Happiness of a child

Sometimes the shortest posts are the best. This post asks such a simple, yet such a deep question. I love it!

What The Heck is Happening?

Today as I watched my daughters happily laughing and joyfully living in the moment, I thought to myself, “I want that…”

I want to live in the moment, and not think about anything BUT the moment I am in. I want to forget about the past, not worry about what is to come, and just soak in THIS moment.

I want to live with a child-like innocence….trusting that everything will work out…

But how…

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You Must Identify With the Problems in Your Life

IMG_7131The first step in turning your life around is understanding and acknowledging that there are areas in your life that need to be addressed.  For a long time I ignored my MS and did not conduct my life as someone should whose body is fighting a treacherous disease.  When I identified myself as having MS my life began to change because I began to make changes!

Being Yourself

This post succinctly states our theme of the day: be true to you!


Want to be happy? Be who you are not what others want you to be. Stay positive and stand strong against the negative! Take chances and opportunities as they come up because they may not stay long or come again. Focus on what you truly care about. Remember failure isn’t the end of something it’s just an example of how not to do or get what you want! Lastly life is a gift that you get to open everyday don’t waste a single moment of a single day, take life’s challenge and conquer it!!!

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Be You So You Don’t Have to B.S. 

It is unfortunate that we learn to be something we are not. Kids tease in elementary school and the learning session begins. For some the learning lasts a lifetime. Why do we pretend even as adults? Let’s all promise to live OUR lives, the way we want to live. It seems healthier that way don’t ya think?

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11 Points to Add Immediately to Your Life Manual

IMG_7062There is no such thing as a Life Manual, but if there were I am sure these would be included!  It is time to shed the costume and identify with your true self.