The Hidden Symptoms of MS

Tripping Through Treacle!

Tripping Through Treacle

It has been a while since I’ve blogged; my recent time has been taken up with work, a European city break, birthday planning and, let’s face it, a great deal of rest and sleep (needed after those other things!)

I really want to blog more regularly and consistently, but to be honest I am finding it harder and harder at the moment.  These days, even small amounts of activity (i.e. baking a cake for my husband’s birthday or going out for a meal) exhausts me; my spoons have reduced in number; either that or the simplest of activities use up more spoons than they used to.  Either way, I’m struggling.  Just when I think that I can’t have any more MS problems, a new one crops up.  My running total so far includes all of the following, with the exception of any problems with my bladder and bowel:


Added to…

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People Want To Sell You Success

People want to sell you success.  Millionaires on YouTube and Facebook want to show (code for sell) you how you too can make a billion dollars flipping houses/investing/Inventing/modeling, etc.  They convince you to buy by showing you big houses, flashy sports cars and beautiful vacations.  The truth is it’s 10% of the story.  Could everyone become millionaires?  Yes.  Will they?  No.


What these baited infomercials leave out is all the hard work which goes along side of knowledge and guts.  My wife and I have owned and operated several businesses and are currently building a brand new enterprise from the ground up.  It will take approximately 2 years to see a return.  In that time it will also require extremely long hours and tenacity.

And the tenacity is what most people lack to get them to their goal.  Anytime someone tells you something will be easy it will probably not pan out to be worthwhile.  Why?  Because success in any area of life is never, ever easy.

So the next time you see an infomercial touting how great you can be if you buy their program/system/product, just remember the truth is you can be great, but it is going to require a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work; which is why the vast majority of people stay on the porch.

Today’s Reblog winner…Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride!!

Today’s Reblog winner is…Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride!!

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

My Crazy Mind and Eating Without Inhaling.What if there was a way to slow down and enjoy what we eat? I would love that. Sometimes, when I’m hungry, I inhale my food. I look at my empty plate and think, “When did that happen?”

You might have heard about mindful eating. It means savoring each bite by setting down your fork to chew your food and really taste it. That would be swell, but when I think about what I eat, it hardly deserves the time.

  • A piece of toast with coffee.
  • Granola, fruit and yogurt between 9:00 and 10:00.
  • A half sandwich and soup for lunch.
  • Something cooked quickly for dinner or leftovers. I love using the crock pot and made enough beef stew last night for a family of eight. 

So this morning, I ate a bowl of cereal – I have no idea what kind – and had an AHA moment.

This is how my…

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A chance…

Do you follow Cyranny’s Cove?

Cyranny's cove


Let us take a chance my love

and throw caution to the wind

Let us grab the moment and say that

this day, this minute, this time is ours

to use, to the limits of our love and longing

not looking back nor having regrets, about what was

might have been, should have been, never would be,

Should be, want to be, has to be…

I want what you want

the want of those things, that we share

and cultivate, those little dreams, which have blossomed

like love’s seedlings, nurtured with our loving hands

supported and protected, loved and cherished

the want of something so beautiful,

the want of seeing you at my waking moments

when the day’s tiredness becomes washed away with your smile

the ultimate pleasure of lying by your side, telling you

how lucky I was, I am, I continue to be with you

by my side,

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This is One More Shot Please!


No matter where you are from, how underdeveloped or terrible the circumstances, don’t ever let society tell you “You can’t do anything great in your life.” We are all capable of creating futures for ourselves, even if it means overriding our ego to ask for help. Never be ashamed of the people who raised you and brought you where you are in life. One day, when you are successful, you will proudly show the world your background and inspire everyone else who have it harder than you, to persevere.  You can show them that they too have a chance of succeeding.

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The Beauty of Love

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In the Arena

Whether I’m speaking to a group of women at the local women’s shelter, interacting with my teenage students, listening to the stories of a WWII veteran, or catching up with a close friend going through a rocky relationship, there is a common thread that binds them all; aneed for acceptance and reassurance that they are valuable and loved in spite of their flaws.

Some of these courageous people that I have the pleasure of knowing and working with in the community feel lost, weak, incomplete and that their sense of purpose has dissipated in the fog. I believe it is in these times when people are often at their weakest where love is most needed.


Not given handouts or pity thrown freely rather loved and healed with empathy, honesty, someone to truly listen, create deep connections and provide hope and support where possible. A love that will carry them through…

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“Here We Are” Nathan Mellix

This is Mellix Life!!

Mellix Life

My husband just released a compilation album titled “Let’s Go In” on April 8th with Nicole White & Michael Durant. Here’s a link to Nathan’s song “Here We Are”. The project sounds AMAZING and I know it’s going to minister to so many people. I’m incredibly proud of him.


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