Sing a Song of Horses


Horses  have fired the imagination  in many creative arts. Here are some of my favorite “horse” songs.  First up is the Rolling Stones “Wild Horses”. The song is not about wild horses but uses that image to convey how strongly the singer is attached to the person he loves. Even wild horses could not drag him away. He does not refer to big trucks or tractors  which would be the strongest machines. No he uses the image of wild horses.

Next  Paul Simon  and “One Trick Pony”. He could be singing about a dressage horse ‘dancing’.

This is Elton John “Live like Horses” in a gala, star studded performance that includes Pavarotti . I believe this was a gala for children of war.

For something different here is Bruce Springsteen and the audio of “Pony Boy” from a 1992 concert.

And finally a beautiful song that is entirely about horses…

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Some Royal Textures


The Word Press Photo challenge this week is the word ‘texture“.  I thought a good response would be the textures on view at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.

The softness of the hair known as the feathers on the horse’s legs and the hardness of the steel horse shoe.

RWF -8111

The derriere of a Belgian heavy horse.

RWF -8350

The elaborately decorated harness on the Percheron horse.

RWF -8405

The folds of fabric decorating the boxes in the stadium.

RWF -8410

The grooming of the sheep for showing is meticulous.  I can almost feel that soft wool.

RWF -8198

The winners in the wool division.

RWF -8196

A cow takes it easy while waiting for her turn in the show ring.

RWF -8214

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Biasini Speaks: The Dentist Came to See Me.


Hello, Dear Humans, as promised I am going to tell you about the dentist.  I know you humans don’t like dentists. My human, Ma Leueen, says she hates going  to the  dentist.  I have learned that  human’s teeth are different; human’s teeth don’t grow ,they have to last for the whole of the human’s life. That is a loooong time! Ma Leueen has told me that you spend  time every day brushing your teeth and pulling bits of string through the gaps between the teeth and even then sometimes your teeth go bad , you  have to get holes drilled in them, then get those holes filled up and when they can’t be filled up any more the dentists pull the teeth right out of  your heads!  And some people have a lot of their teeth pulled out of their heads and they have to wear fake teeth. These…

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Discouragement and the Visual Learner.


“Fatigue, discomfort, discouragement are merely symptoms of effort.”   Morgan Freeman


Let me start with the discouragement.  At the last show Biasini was a better performer than I  was. He did everything he was asked to do. The problem was with the person giving him directions. That would be me!  I was just not on my A Game that weekend. We showed at a National ( recognized ) show and had the privilege of  a 5*, Olympic level judge. Cara Whitham has only recently retired from judging the biggest international competitions and she was the judge.  When we got a movement right we got a good score but if there was a mistake or sloppiness we got a very low score. Rightly so.

After the show I was feeling discouraged and annoyed with myself.  At the start of my first lesson the following week I told Belinda how…

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Not a Bridge Too Far


This week’s Word Press Photo Challenge is the word ‘bridge”.  I immediately thought of the carriage driving competitions in the World Equestrian Games.  This photo comes from the FEI World Cup Driving website.  2018 will be the World Equestrian Games in Tryon NC. If you have a chance to see any televised coverage or better still to go and see it in person the driving cross country competition is breathtaking!  Horses galloping through water, over bridges and through tight obstacle courses.  Thrilling.

Bordeaux_BExell_Feb2015 Photo: FEI World Cup Driving

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There Can Be No Looking Back.


A delta. This is the place where the river flattens out and moves on to become the ocean. There can be no looking  back. It will never be a river again. There are sometimes moments in the journey with a horse that are like that. There is a change and there can be no looking back.  Here is a photo that is a bookmark on one side of that moment of change. It was taken by Susan J. Stickle , the official photographer for the Adequan Global Dressage Festival.  It is of Biasini and me executing  the pirouette in the Prix St. George dressage test. Take a

At first glance it  might look alright. Or if you are not familiar with dressage you might think it is ok.  As pirouettes go it is technically fine. Biasini is sitting well behind and his front  legs are coming up nicely, it…

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Momentary, fleeting…transient.


This week’s Word Press Photo Challenge is the word Transient. Transient; a momentary , fleeting thing.  The  photos that immediately came to mind are the  ones of a horse in mid stride. That airborne moment.


In dressage that is the moment we aim to achieve more of. More airtime. More floating. More cadence.


It is a feeling of freedom. It is transient, fleeting and gone in an instant but it is the feeling of flying.  How lucky for a human to be able to feel that even if only for a moment.

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The Greatest Horse in the World


This gallery contains 8 photos.

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The Greatest Horse in the World. The Greatest horse in the world is….?  Right away I can hear a cacophony of cries from the racing community. “ Seabiscuit!” “Man O’ War!” “Secretariat!” are the names I…

I’m in my Happy Boots!


Last week was a great one!  Sometimes in working with a horse it can be frustrating and discouraging. Sometimes I feel I am just not making any progress. I am just not getting anywhere. But not this past week!  There are some very basic things that have fallen into place. I have grasped what is needed with the canter.

When I posted a couple of weeks ago about the new level of the canter we were working on and I was concerned that I might not be able to re-create it in the  show ring this coming weekend. Well I am not worried about that now. I have a clear idea of how I need to ride to achieve it and Biasini has grasped what he’s being asked for.

Here is a photo that was taken at our last show in Florida. This photo captured a very good moment.  I…

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Heritage and History


The Horse Guards. The Blues and Royals. The Changing of the Horse Guards. Buckingham Palace. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  That’s a fair bit of history and heritage right there, just in those words.

My Great Uncle, my Grandfather, and my Uncle were all in the Guards.  My Uncle rode in the Trooping of the Color for many years. When I was about eight years old I was taken to see the Trooping. It is a lengthy spectacular and I was getting a bit weary but then my Aunt pointed out my Uncle Tim riding , in full regalia, behind the Queen. Well!  I was pretty impressed.

My photos in response to the Word Press Photo Challenge for this week , Heritage, are of the Horse Guards, lined up at the Changing of the Horse Guard. The first photo is a close up of the boot, spurs, the trumpet and …

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