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Danny's iphone 023So yesterday I get home from work and Evelina’s foot was swollen pretty bad.  On July 4th she got bit by some type of insect leaving my sister’s house following the pool party; or so we thought.  Anyway, I bought some Benadryl which she took and went to sleep. Around 6:30 last night I woke her up from her nap on the couch and looked at her foot.  It was huge!

I immediately got her up and we headed to the ER.  Come to find out Evelina was bitten by some type of snake!  Thank goodness all of the blood work revealed it was non-venomous and she will recover quickly.  She’ll be on crutches for a couple of weeks and will have to ice and elevate for a week or so.  We were at the hospital until early morning so we are dragging today just a bit.

She’s the only person I’ve ever known to have been bitten by a snake.

Crazy huh!?

Hospital for medical reasons, bipolar meds needed – going back on.

Advocate For Mental Illness!!

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

Going off the bipolar meds and anxiety meds most likely caused my hospital stay. My sugars were extremely high, my chest was tight and had painful fluttering, my blood pressure was high and so was my heart rate. I was dizzy and out of breath.

They did all the cardiac tests including a cardiac catheterization. My heart is fine which is good news. I caught a nasty cough from my roommate in the hospital. Still have it and it is almost 3 weeks later.

Went to Endochrinologist for my blood sugars. He left me on most of my oral meds and added Victoza which is a daily injection in my belly. Now I have no appetite at all. Sugars too low and the thought of food makes me sick to my stomach. Friends and family want me to eat and I don’t want to.

Extreme anxiety sent me back on…

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Today I’m Wearing A Tutu…

A humorous approach to a not-so humorous situation. I hope and pray all goes well and these doctors get something figured out! Evelina and I keep you and the fam in our thoughts!

Being poor Doesn’t Necessarily mean Worse Mental Health

Mental health is an important topic and A Journey With You is raising awareness!

A Journey With You

Yesterday afternoon my husband and I watched the documentary: Living on one Dollar. I was so moved by the film, I cried almost the whole way through it. The film is about a group of four college students who go to a very poor village in Guatemala and try to live on one dollar a day.  They set up guidelines on how they will do this to best duplicate how the local people do it. For example, every day they pull a number between zero and nine out of a container and that is how much money they have for that day – this was supposed to replicate the villager’s day labor jobs that were not guaranteed and for which they never knew how much they would be paid.

What captured my heart about the film was there was often not enough for children to eat, and the villager’s…

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