The end of a blessed year!


Ah! I am so excited 🤗 Nope, not for the new year party, but for getting a job to die for, exactly aligning with my passion. The year’s indeed ending on a good note. So, I would love to take up this opportunity to be grateful for all the moments of 2017, which has helped me grow as a person that I am today.

So, I came across this photo on pininterest and I would like to mention some of my memorable moments.


  • First highlight was my birthday, it’s always special with my family and friends 🎂
  • Trip to Shirdi, a valentine day wedding, lonavala, Alibaug and other places with my short and sweet family ❤️ Travel is love.
  • My first vote
  • As I mentioned in my first post ( check out first blog post here) about the hair cut, it was kind of a new start in…

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Not So Fleet-Footed

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

A Tortoise Crossed the Road

I took a much-needed bike ride today in the cool morning breeze and stopped to see a tortoise crossing the bike trail. The Park Ranger dutifully guarded the little guy as he slowly ambled his way across the trail, making sure cyclists didn’t accidentally run him over.

I hadn’t planned to post for the Weekly Photo Challenge today, but I couldn’t resist sharing this fleeting moment in time for the theme of Evanescent.

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First Impressions Are Hard To Overcome

Yesterday someone said to me “You seem to have it together”; I took it as a compliment and moved on.  Later I began thinking about what he said and how he came to that conclusion after being with me in a one hour meeting.  Maybe it was my appearance? After all I was wearing my favorite dress shirt.  All joking aside, how is it that we come to conclusions about people after only having met them for several minutes?


“First impressions are hard to overcome.”  Science has proven that human beings quickly evaluate a person and make definitive conclusions about the person based on our initial impression.  And that impression stays with us for quite some time until a new pattern emerges and takes its place.

I find this fascinating.

It makes me wonder who out in this world has a false impression of me based on a chance encounter years ago.

Ultimate Guide to Nutrients: Sugar

The Purple Almond!

Purple Almond Wellness

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As a continuation of my “Ultimate Guide to Nutrients”, today I’ll discuss sugar. So, just what is sugar? Sugar is considered a “simple carbohydrate”. Here is a refresher on simple carbohydrates, from my previous carbohydrate article:

SIMPLE CARBOHYDRATES-consist of monosaccharides and disaccharides.These carbohydrates includes glucose. The function of glucose in the body is to provide the cells of the body energy. Other energy sources can be used, but it is the preferred fuel for the nervous system/brain and the sole energy source red blood cells. In other words, carbohydrates are a very important part of any healthy diet.

Here’s a breakdown of simple carbohydrates.

  • Monosaccharides-1 sugar molecule
    • glucose
    • fructose
    • galactose
  • Disaccharides-2 sugar molecules
    • lactose-made up of galactose and glucose…found in milk and dairy products
    • sucrose-made up of fructose and glucose…simple table sugar
    • maltose-made up of 2 glucose molecules…not found in many food items, but instead made from the breakdown of…

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Mirror Mirror….

This is Aria-Bella Rises!!

Aria-Bella Rises

love mirror

Following on from the Loving Yourself post… One of the best ways to start loving yourself is mirror work…it can also be one of the hardest!!

If you have ever read any of Louise Hay’s books, you will know about mirror work, and if you haven’t – I would highly recommend finding one of her books and getting enlightened.

Now if you are already cringing at having to look at yourself in the mirror, be rest assured that although it is going to be tough, you may cry, get angry and want to smash it – you will be one of the ones that benefits the most from this. Trust me!!

If you are apprehensive, perhaps begin by just taking a minute or so to look at yourself in the mirror and not think any judgemental thoughts, just observe. Once you feel semi comfortable with this, you can move on…

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Chair-Falling 101: Nine Tips for Building Your Blog

Roads Diverged has nearly 2,000 followers which is something I look at when considering taking any advice. After all, I am reluctant to take advice from someone that only has 75 followers, right?! So to those that have been blogging for a while these simple tips seems common sense, but I cannot tell you how often I run across blogs that I do not visit often due to failing to follow #3 on this list. Btw, I try to follow every single tip listed in this post! Remember, once again, you’re not reinventing the wheel.

(please be mindful to leave comments here as well as with Roads Diverged. I know he/she will be grateful. Danny)

Pages & Paws

Fall trees and sky

I about fell out of my chair.  Good thing my tumble was cushioned by a wide swath of bare linoleum, or I might have hurt myself.

Really.  Last time I checked my follower stats – which I do about every time Hailey’s Comet appears – I had a couple hundred followers.  As in, bigger than a bread box but not by much.

Well, another comet just passed, so I checked the stats and found I’m well into 4 digits. And counting.  Hence the chair-falling thing.

What did I do to increase my followers?   Did I buy or import any lists?  Offer new subscribers some smoke and mirrors, a fancy floor show or round-trip tickets to Hawaii?  Did I bribe friends, relatives, Romans or fellow country men to sign up?


Truthfully, I didn’t “do” anything.  I just tried to post content that might be interesting, useful, helpful, entertaining, or otherwise…

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Ten Requirements

What would be on your list of qualities of a partner. What are you looking for?

the anonymous cowgirl

My friend Andi said that when she was at this same weird crossroads in her life, she made herself a list. Ten things that were requirements in a prospective man. Ten things that he would absolutely have to measure up to in order for her to even consider being in a long term relationship. I made a list; it’s stuffed in a drawer in my jewelry cabinet. Lets see if I can recall the ten attributes…cropped-sunset.jpg

1) Kind. He must be kind hearted. Not only to me and my children, but to his mother, to strangers, to little children and old men, to three legged, one-eyed, mangy, stray dogs.
2) Smart. I can’t be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t challenge me at least a little, mentally. A slow witted person will have no grasp of my sarcasm and won’t make me think. I have to think…

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