It Is Important To Take Stock In How One Acts

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I believe it is important to take stock in how one acts.  It is easy to continue on as you have always done, oblivious to how it impacts those around you.  Some will even justify their actions with statements like “that’s just the way I am”.

For me, that is not good enough and I expect more of myself than that.

The wise person doesn’t continue on as they always have.  The wise person evaluates their actions and changes when they realize they need to change.

Danny’s World: It’s So Peaceful Early In the Morning

I like getting up early because most people are still asleep and the world is so quiet and peaceful.  It gives me a few moments to appreciate the beauty of the world and think about life.

Back to one

OM is getting back to his roots!!

HarsH ReaLiTy

It will just be me for awhile. I won’t have guest bloggers or promote authors this year. I also won’t schedule any posts or respin old ones, so this website may get a bit boring. I also won’t reblog as much this year due to time.

I’m back to realtime blogging, back to the way this blog began. Just with more breaks because I’m old and tired. And grumpy.


-Opinionated Man



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Can I get some peace of mind?

This is Oaktown Vibes!!


The world is full of distractions. Its hard to get a lot done or to even find some peace when your mind is cluttered with all the news of imminent doom or even with your own personal stress and inner conflict. Finding peace is something that many of us never accomplish, because we believe that focusing on the problem, will fix the problem.

Even more valuable than money or finding the perfect lover, is finding peace. When you achieve peace of mind, life becomes more clear and you begin to think with more clarity. The real question is “how do I go about finding this peace…?” There is no one size fits all answer but we can definitely trace it back to the beginning foundation…you.

Nothing in the outside world can hurt you, once you have found peace within. You have to quiet the mind first and then begin to do what I call…

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What got me to where I am today… 3/3

I would like to introduce Cyranny’s Cove!!

Cyranny's cove

As part of my new Let me be your voice chronicles, here is the third and final part of the testimony I recieved from one of you Lovelies…

Here are the first two parts, if you’d like to read them;  Part 1  Part 2

If you too have any untold story you’d like to write about, but are uncomfortable publishing on your own blog, just send it to me through my “Get in touch with Cyranny” page… It  will be a pleasure for me to post it in the Cove anonymously… So you can see the eventual response your story brings from readers…


I thought John really did, want me that is.  He went back to England after his short holiday in SA, sold his house over there, resigned from his job where he wasn’t very happy working, and came back to SA to marry me.  The wedding was just…

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Impact Each Other with Kindness

More great advice from Peace From Panic!

Peace from Panic

The line reached the door. My stomach grumbled as I slowly made my way up to order lunch. I was at one of my favorite fast-casual dining places. Employees in the kitchen were in a frenzy, rushing to grill meat, make guacamole, and chop onions and peppers. The workers moved quickly and systematically, trying their best to get the orders right. I finally reached the front.

“How can I help you?”

“I’ll have a burrito please. Brown rice, black beans, chicken.” I moved down the line, where another worker scooped guacamole, plopped on salsa, and sprinkled on cheese and lettuce. He expertly wrapped the over-stuffed burrito, taking care so it wouldn’t burst open.

The cashier asked if I’d like anything else. “Chips and a drink.” I made some small talk and asked how her day was going.

“Fine, thanks.” She smiled.

I smiled back.

What she said next took me…

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