I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Understand Panic Shopping


I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Understand Panic Shopping…

If you have been paying attention to the news you might know that the state in which I live is expected to get hit by a massive hurricane on Saturday, possibly the most powerful hurricane in history.  Her name is Florence and she is over 400 miles across with winds around 150 mph making her a category 4 for the moment.

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For days the emergency stations have been broadcasting all of the things citizens should do to get prepared.  The interstates have been reversed with all lanes leading away from the coast being used for mandatory evacuations.  And of course people have been flooding the grocery stores buying up everything, especially water.

I was in my local grocery store yesterday and everything is gone.  It looks as if the store is closing because there is no produce, no water, no milk, no eggs, no bread, no Gatorade, no can goods, nothing.  I was not in the store panic shopping, but I was there because we needed a few things to eat for dinner.

I will never understand what I call “panic” shopping.  Sometimes I think The Weather Channel and grocery stores are in cahoots to help the industry make more money.   There are people buying 5 cases of water who do not drink water.  If you are the person who drinks 40 Cokes per week and never drinks water, then why are you now buying water?  Because you are told to stock up on water?  Buy Coca-Cola and leave the water to people like me who only drink water!  And this same person who never, ever eats a vegetable buys up every can of green beans available.

I will never understand it.  Stay safe.  Stay dry.  And I hope you have a great, hurricane-free Thursday!


Danny’s World: My Heart Is Broken For My Friends on Jost

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White Bay, Jost van Dyke BVI



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White Bay, Jost van Dyke, BVI post Hurricane Irma

If you have followed my page for any length of time you have heard me speak of a tiny little island in the BVI called Jost van Dyke.  Two friends and I have spent many a night on this little island solving the problems of the world while listening to great music and partaking of a little rum.

We have friends who work on this island, live on this island and own businesses on this island.  And now everything is gone.  The reports say 99% of all building have severe damage, with most of the 99% being complete loss.  I’m not sure what to say, but thank goodness so many are still alive.

Irma hit this little 3 sq. mile island with forces not seen in over 100 years and the results are devastating.  One Love, Ivan’s Stress Free, Soggy Dollar Bar, Corsairs are all feared to be gone.  Buildings have simply vanished.

The sad thing is most of the buildings may not be rebuilt.  Most don’t have a lot of money.  Most don’t have insurance.  I’m not sure what the future holds, but I hope the people are able to rebuild.

Danny’s World: This Popped Up On My Facebook Timeline



This is at the condo in Naples when Evelina and I got engaged in 2012.  We began our trip at Disney, but Hurricane Debbie rained us out.  We decided to move farther west and pass Debbie as she moved east.  It worked the first day, but this video shows you how day 2 turned out!