First Impressions Are Hard To Overcome

Yesterday someone said to me “You seem to have it together”; I took it as a compliment and moved on.  Later I began thinking about what he said and how he came to that conclusion after being with me in a one hour meeting.  Maybe it was my appearance? After all I was wearing my favorite dress shirt.  All joking aside, how is it that we come to conclusions about people after only having met them for several minutes?


“First impressions are hard to overcome.”  Science has proven that human beings quickly evaluate a person and make definitive conclusions about the person based on our initial impression.  And that impression stays with us for quite some time until a new pattern emerges and takes its place.

I find this fascinating.

It makes me wonder who out in this world has a false impression of me based on a chance encounter years ago.

I’m Not Trying to Change Your Life

3950078_1429260939_0243_updatesI have an upcoming speaking engagement just about an hour from where I live and I have been working on what I plan to say to this group.  Any time I plan to speak to a group I try to find a particular message for them; usually let my heart lead my outline. For this group I have come up with an important comment on volunteering and charity.

My working title is: “I’m not here to change your life, I’m here to convince you to change someone else’s.”

I first came up with the idea based on the principles I espouse and ask the Dream Big community to adopt.  If I help one person learn the value of volunteering and that person then goes out into the world and positively affects another life, then my job was a success.  If the next person then duplicates the same action, my “reach” in this world might extend considerably.

I encourage you to think about the impact you are having on this world.  Even if you have never put much thought to the subject, you are leaving lasting impressions on someone, somewhere.  Make sure those impressions and imprints are honorable, honest and lasting.

Just a thought for a Tuesday morning…

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