Why Are You Better Off Ignoring Haters?


Why Are You Better Off Ignoring Haters?

There are always going to be haters in your life.  They could be in your family, at your job, at your place of worship or maybe in your neighborhood.  There are people who are going to resent somebody for something and it doesn’t really matter who it is or why they hate; they just need to hate.  Family might be tougher to deal with than others, but it is better to ignore the haters.

You cannot allow them to redirect any of your energy.  Yes, they will talk about you when you are not around.  Don’t participate.  Yes, they will spread rumors.  Don’t acknowledge them.  Yes, they will make snide remarks.  Don’t respond.  These types of people should get zero of your energy and even less of your attention.

The truth is once your begin participating in their game, they have won.  And trust me they are much, much better at what they do than you’ll ever be so ignore them.  Ignore every single thing they do.  Ignore every single thing they say.  Ignore any of their soldiers who try to bring that venom into your life.

Absolutely, positively refuse to participate.

When they see you are not willing to play they will find someone else with which to play.  And even if they don’t stop just continue to ignore them.

Walking into their world is like walking into quick sand.  The more you struggle with them the faster you sink.

It is better not to play in quick sand; it is better to ignore the haters!


Jealousy Is the Root of All Gossip

DannyJealousy Is the Root of All Gossip

It never ceases to amaze me how humans act when they see others getting ahead or getting more.  The neighbor who buys the new luxury car which leads other neighbors to begin gossiping about how they can afford such things.  The member at church who shows up wearing a new fancy dress which leads other members to begin talking and speculating on why she’s wearing that dress.  Why is talking about others so natural for some human beings?

Maybe it’s jealousy or envy?

Why can’t people mind their own business and focus on their own issues and tribulations?  Why can’t people focus on their own business?

My favorite is when others then venture out to spread their venom in the form of gossip.  They spread from person-to-person like the plague talking about something that does not pertain to them in the slightest.  “Did you see what Beth wore today?”  “Did you hear that John got a raise?”  “Well I heard they can afford that new fancy car because Joann just came into some money.”

Jealousy is the root of gossip.

Sometimes the gossip is innocent, but then there is the spiteful, vengeful, evil “innocent” gossip which is spread by someone whose primary mission is to destroy.  These people are some of my least favorite and I categorize them with narcissists and manipulators-avoid at all costs.  These people have venom in their souls and they seek to use any morsel of truth to spread misinformation with the intention of burning and destroying others.

Sometimes you learn the hard way that you can trust no one.  Keep your own business close to yourself and protect even the slightest of details.


Why you get caught up in jealousy (2 min read)


Hey Friends
Remember I said every emotion carry within itself a hidden message?
See that post here if you’ve not seen already》》Every Emotion carry a hidden message
Jealousy is felt when a person stops focusing on his/her own growth and begins to focus on other’s growth. Feeling of jealousy is sending you a strict message pleading with you to focus on your personal growth.
It’s calling you to ask yourself questions like
Am I being disciplined enough in my studies/prayer life/work?
What are some abilities I really need to develop now?
Which area of my life do I need to major, which do I need to minor?
When good things happen to people, appreciate them and know that it only takes hardwork and time to get there.

Appreciating the good in other people doesn’t always come easily, right? How can we inculcate this habit into ourselves so that jealousy…

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