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The Krystol Method

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I’ve been out of work for going on one year now. I’ve had tons of interviews for everything ranging from research, administrative jobs, and even retail. Granted at age 32, I feel like i should already be in my career. It doesn’t always happen for everyone early on. If you would have told me ten years ago, that I would be jobless/career-less I would have laughed in your face. Yesterday, I was taking a step back and reflecting on my life now and where it is headed or where I hope it will lead. This for me is writing. Having a career as a columnist for a magazine, or even in a studio. After all, my creative writing degree should stick and stand for something right?


As I sit on my couch listening to Maxwell while writing this blog, I often wonder, why am I not successful? I have great…

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Who am I?

Tripping Through Treacle!

Tripping Through Treacle

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Even though I have been at work this week, I am still suffering from monumental jet-lag – when my alarm went off at 6:30am if felt like I was being rudely awaken by someone shouting in my ear in the middle of the night. Cue lots of coffee to get me though the day and chilled out evenings… which has got me thinking.

I have written before about my struggle with work (seehere). I am actually functioning ok at work – though I do struggle mobility-wise and have started to notice that my concentration is not what it used to be. It’s the impact the long days have on me. I come home after work completely wiped out and basically spend any days off ‘recovering’ (read: sleeping), just to get ready to do it all again. I have had chats with both…

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Sometimes You Gotta Put Your Head Down and Work Hard(er)

I am a hard worker.  By this I mean that I develop a plan, analyze my progress, challenge myself daily and put the time in; basically I show up every day to succeed.  I know not everyone does this because I watch people’s actions.

Living in the world of sales and marketing affords me the opportunity to watch a lot of business people and compare and contrast.  Living in the world of sales also allows me to watch other sales people and compare and contrast what I do against what they do.  I have learned that if you aren’t doing it, then one of your competitors is doing it; so get busy!

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I see a lot of mediocre habits.  I watch people go through the motions every day.  I hear people talk as if they want to be the best, but then watch their actions say otherwise.

Hard work.

I’m not so sure people these days want to work hard.  I’m not sure people in our age understand what working diligently means.  I am convinced that people have tricked themselves into believing they are doing their best when in fact they are operating at 60%.

The vast majority are coasting; flying under the radar.  They live in a world below the top 10%, but above the bottom dwelling 10%.  Flying under the radar isn’t a compliment. It means you put effort into not being noticed; going undetected.  Those living in the world of the 80% do so because they are comfortable there.  The expectations are lower when you live in the middle.

The funny thing is those who live in the top 10% never think about it because they are too busy working.  And most times those who think they are a top producer are not and make excuses.   Those who say “I’m an asset to the company” or “they couldn’t run this place without me” are the ones who have tricked themselves into believing they are a top producer when in fact they are not.

They are living in the realm of “good enough”.  I’m not sure what “good enough” is, but it isn’t okay with me.

The real question is where do you stand?  Have you tricked yourself into believing you are functioning optimally when in fact you are coasting at about 60% efficiency?

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The Courage To Shift!



I’ve never been interested in climbing the Corporate Ladder. It’s not that I’m unmotivated, fraternizing with the enemy has never appealed to me.  I dislike the image of trying to pry the grunge from my soul at the end of each day, only for it to resurface on next. For me personally, the amount of money received is not always worth the emotional investment. Don’t misunderstand, I know management is often forced to make decisions they might not necessarily agree with, and often have no choice but to be the conductor of bad news. The longer I live, the more I value the presence of peace in my life and as such my decisions are shaped with that goal in mind.


There is, however, a thrill associated with climbing my own personal ladder! I’d been marinating in the same position for a while, afraid of the unknown and the…

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This will be the last post on habits…and it is a good one!


It is sometimes suggested that willpower is the key to get things done. While willpower plays an important role, studies have shown that willpower is exhaustible and, in some cases, it gets entirely used up. This concept is known as ego depletion. Therefore, willpower is not adequate. Most of our motivation to achieve our objectives is extrinsic in nature and, generally, it diminishes when we face resistance.

To me, the best way to achieve objectives is to support willpower with habits. A research at Duke University in 2006 discovered that more than 40 percent of the actions people performed each day weren’t actual decisions (based on willpower), but habits. A perfect habit loop has an essential component of craving, which implies that one has a desire and passion for the particular task. One doesn’t rely on willpower if he or she is habitual of doing something. Habits can…

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Biting off more than you can chew…

Getting ahead sometimes requires us to bite off a little more than we think we can handle. Maybe going back to school while working. Or taking on another part-time job. “Whatever the it takes” should be your mantra!

Generate More Home Revenue

There are two key fiscal factors to paying down debt quickly, thus freeing you to live a life you have seen in your dreams: cut expenses and generate more revenue.  I think it is human nature to see a financial shortfall and immediately focus on making budget cuts.  But often people forget about generating more income!

In my post about Television watching we learned that the average American will watch 15 years of tele if he or she lives to the age of 70.  So this tells me that we have a tremendous amount of time on our hands; so why not do something productive?

There was a time that I worked my full-time job AND took on a part-time job at night to make a little extra money.  It served two primary functions: 1. provided extra money, and 2. kept me from spending money. My favorite idea is to have garage sales or sell unused items from the house on EBay or Craigslist.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Here are some ideas to spark your brain:


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