I Have Become Too Judgmental and Negative


A Quick Update For Those Who Are Interested…8/6/18


A Quick Update For Those Who Are Interested…

I went to my GI doctor last week to get a check up on the ulcerative colitis issue and things went pretty good.  I am no longer having the stabbing stomach pains so we are going to slowly ween off of the steroid over the next 3 weeks.  Hopefully the gastro issues will normalize a bit and I can go off all the medicines.

The good news is there will not be surgery in my near future.  I have a simple procedure scheduled for October to check the GI tract and make sure the infection has subsided.  If it has then all is good.  This will allow the doctor to confirm that there has been no development in polyp growth.  In April I had 5 pre-cancerous polyps, which combined with the ulcerative colitis puts me in a high-risk bracket for colon cancer.  Worst case scenario they will take part of the colon out and that will eliminate the cancer risk.

Of course I’m more concerned about the cancer scare than anything else so I’m in favor of anything that eliminates the “C” word.

For now all is well, which makes me happy.  I hope you have a great Monday my friends!


You Know You Travel A Lot When You…


You Know You Travel A Lot When You…

If you know someone who travels as a part of their job, then you might understand the challenges that come along with doing so.  Being a road warrior is not easy on the mind, the body or the family and it takes a tremendous amount of communication with loved ones to make sure relationships are being maintained.  Funny things happen though when you find yourself in a hotel room for half the month…

Yesterday I forgot to set up the percolator because I had it in my mind that I could simply walk downstairs and the coffee bar would be set up.  I will admit I miss the coffee bar when I’m home, but of course the trade-out is worth it.  Nothing compares to being home with Evelina and Bentley.

Funny thing #2, I looked in my wallet yesterday afternoon to make sure I had my debit card and noticed my hotel room card wasn’t in my wallet.  As I began to look around the kitchen for it I realized I wasn’t in a hotel.  Ha!

This coming week I will be in Quincy, Massachusetts which is about 90 miles east on I-90 from the town in which I was born.  On October 17, 1972 I was born in Mt. Holyoke Hospital and I always love being near Boston Mass because of the history about the revolutionary war.  Boston is my favorite city in the U.S.

My hope for you is that you have a restful Sunday and quality family time!




Is It Possible To Be Ultra-Successful and Have Balance?


Is It Possible To Be Ultra-Successful and Have Balance?

Have you read or heard people talking about having work-life balance?  I have and I’m not sure I buy the concept.  In my experience it is the proverbial situation in which you can’t eat your cake and have it too.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I haven’t witnessed a lot of ultra-successful people who have a lot of balance; professional athletes come to mind.

We make sacrifices every day we get up and go to work.  We decide that paying bills and providing for our family is worth leaving them for 8-10 hours.  We give up that time in order to get ahead.

But when I look at CEOs, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, etc. I don’t see a lot of balance.  I see a group of people that work hard to achieve their goals and sacrifice a lot of personal time in order to do so.  Typical entrepreneurs are not taking 3-4 vacations per year, but they are working a lot of nights and weekends totaling 70 hour weeks.

I wonder if the sacrifice is worth it.  At the end of life I have to believe that they wish they had spent more family time.  Or maybe I’m wrong, maybe they do not regret all of the personal time sacrifices.

I don’t know.

The one thing I do know is that if anyone wants to achieve a goal, tremendous sacrifice will be required.


It Is Important To Escape the Daily Grind


It Is Important To Escape the Daily Grind…

Have you ever watched someone run at 10,000 rpms and think to yourself, “they are not going to last long at that pace!”?  I’ve been that person and I’m sure many of you have as well.  As I’ve grown older and become the old bull I chuckle when I see the young bull running himself or herself ragged trying to hustle and get ahead.  Sometimes you have to take some time away from the daily grind and recharge the batteries.

The simple fact is we cannot operate at maximum effort every moment of every day or else we will burn out.  There have been years when I sacrificed time off, but now I take every day my company gives me: every sick day, every personal day, every vacation day.

My time off is as valuable to me finding success as my days on are valuable.  It doesn’t mean you are lazy because you take time for yourself.  Conversely, it doesn’t mean you are more dedicated if you sacrifice your time off in exchange for working.

Take a break occasionally.  Hope you have a great Wednesday.


I Don’t Like Making A Big Deal Of Birthdays


I Don’t Like Making A Big Deal Of Birthdays, but this year I’m looking forward to mine.  This is because for the first time that I can recall Evelina and I are planning a trip for my 46th.  And of course I picked Disney but I’m not sure if that is going to work out.  I want something simple and Disney is anything but simple.

I think it is time for us to purchase the season’s passes for Walt Disney World.  I ran the numbers last night and 2 trips per year to Disney more than pays for the cost of the annual pass and we go a couple of times each year.

We are fortunate to have a trip planned every month through the end of the year excluding December.  This is exciting and will give me something to set my sights on each month.  In August we are going back to Cherry Grove Beach, then in September we have a wedding in New York.  October is my birthday month and November is Evelina’s bday and we are going somewhere with her parents to celebrate her Big 40th!

I love having trips planned and having something to look forward to in the near future.  So now I’m off to the internet to find a cool place to go for my birthday!  Hope everyone has a great Monday.


Something Really Odd I Noticed Lately…


Something Really Odd I Noticed Lately…

As many of you know my blog really focuses on helping other bloggers get some recognition.  In reality my blog is a small hub for bloggers to network and then occasionally I’ll post one of my classic rants or thoughts.  As it relates to the networking I noticed something the other day on my Reblog link post.

I only have one rule for the Reblog post and that is to reblog my post if you would like to leave a link.  If you leave a link, but do not reblog I will still share your work with others, but I noticed a couple of bloggers the other day “fake” reblogged my post.

I discovered a couple of bloggers last week left a link for me to reblog and were kind enough to reblog my post out to their followers.  As is my habit, I thanked them and told them I would add their link to the list.  When I returned a couple of days later to reblog their post, I noticed they had deleted the reblog of my post from their page.  In essence they reblogged me so it showed up in my notifications, but then deleted it from their page.  My thought was they did this to get help from me, but were not actually interested in helping me.  It didn’t sit well.

What are your thoughts?  How would this sit with you if you were in the same situation?  I know it isn’t a huge deal, but it just hit me as incredibly deceptive.  Of course I didn’t reblog their page because of their actions.  I’ll be curious to know what you good people think.


I Need To Practice More Of What I Preach…


I Need To Practice More Of What I Preach…

It isn’t easy admitting faults or at least it isn’t always easy for me to do so.  I guess that is one of the issues with being human.  Back a few weeks ago I wrote a post about the difference between judging and being judgmental and I have fallen into the trap of being judgmental.  

There is a guy who has moved into our neighborhood a few months ago and until recently I had no idea he existed.  He never comes out of his house, I never see him driving his car and he is a peculiar guy.  Okay I’ll come right out and say it, he is strange.

On July 4th I was cleaning my car and out of nowhere this gentlemen is standing right beside me like he just appeared from thin air.  It startled me to such a degree that I thought he was a ghost.  It was right at dawn with no one around but the two of us.  He had a giant grey Afro which, at first glance, looks like a clown wig.  He wears a white chef’s coat or white button down Oxford shirt with a pair of colorful pants and Puma shoes.  If you imagine this image standing beside you in the early hours of the morning I think you might understand my shock.

The strange thing is he just stood there looking down at me as I cleaned my tires.  I asked him if everything was okay to which he mumbled something and just walked off.  It startled me to such a degree that I called the police.  Long story short he is my neighbor.

When I mentioned this to the staff who work in the model home they informed me his name if Frank and that several other residents have complained/asked about him.  I was informed that he has some social skills issues and recently lost his mom who was his caretaker.  He now has no family, no friends and is not able to work.  The suspicion is that he is on the autism spectrum and simply does not possess the capacity of holding conversations or interacting on a social level.

Now obviously I didn’t know this when I first encountered the gentleman.  But I feel terrible for thinking this guy was just some type of serial killer weirdo stalking the neighborhood in the wee hours of the morning.  I would see him out walking and think “that guy is just weird.  Why is he out walking dressed like that and never speaks to anyone?”  My brain went in to instant judgment mode.

It’s funny how easily that can happen.  I took my first impression and created a complete profile of the guy without knowing one single thing about him.  And then come to find out the man lost his mom who happened to be his caretaker for the last 45+ years and he has is challenged with a condition that makes it incredibly difficult to interact with other people.  I can only imagine how his world must feel now.

I tried to speak to him a few days ago, but he just looked down, mumbled something and kept walking.  I’m not going to badger him instead I will say a simple “good morning” and let him go about his way.

I wish my brain didn’t do the judgment thing, but I guess it is part of being human.

Have a great Saturday.


We Assume, We Judge — A Momma’s View

Cyranny's Cove

This is really a chain of thoughts…  Danny from Dream Big Dream Often inspired Momma, and Momma inspired me, with the post below…

Like most people, I am prompt to judge. I have been working very hard at stopping to reflect and be aware of my free judgement toward people I come across, for some time now. I try to put aside the easy profiling, and somehow imagine the people’s life in a less obvious way than what’s just there in front of my eyes…

I work on that, because I want to be a better person, and because I have been judged my fair deal of times in the past. Momma’s words brought me years back on one particular occasion, when I just wanted to stop, turn around, and set an idiot straight, but didn’t because I had no energy to do so at the time.

I don’t talk…

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