Did anybody else eat chocolate for breakfast?

Who’s My Favorite Today?!

Who's My Favorite Today?

So I am not winning “mother of the year” again…….  Yes, I allowed Kate to eat chocolate for breakfast – a chocolate bunny to be specific.  Okay, not the whole thing.  Usually I make an attempt at breakfast every Easter and make sure the kids eat something other than candy.  Nope.  Not this year.  We had to hurry out to church for me to teach the youth and we totally skipped breakfast.  I did not do my best parenting today and Kate ate A LOT of candy.

My rationale is that I don’t usually let her eat a great deal of candy.  Also, I was pretty strict with the big girls and they didn’t get to eat much candy – well not at much as Kate anyway.  I have discovered that the big girls have turned out okay and like to eat healthy.  I figure that if I only allow…

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Proms and 3 Year Olds

Who’s My Favorite Today?

Who's My Favorite Today?

Because of the 15 year age difference between my oldest daughter (Avery) and my youngest (Kate), we are often in unusual situations.  For instance, Avery was the only one of her friends that had a toddler sibling at prom photos this past week.  (The photo above is Avery and Kate walking up to meet the rest of the group for photos before the prom.)  Some others had siblings there, but they were all within 5 years of each other.  Because of this, Kate is kind of an anomaly for the group.  A cute anomaly.  All the “big kids” as we call them, know Kate and adore her.  They wanted her in their prom photos and some wanted to take individual photos with her.  She’s like their little mascot.

On the other hand, Kate is the only one of her preschool friends with teenage sisters/siblings.  None of her friends even know…

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Morning Song series ‘Wednesday’

Mellix Life!

Mellix Life

I apologize in advance.

Yes…this is the song we sing every Wednesday on the way to school.

Yes…I randomly hear this stupid song in my head while I’m at work. Brain cells lost every.single.time.

In closing…I apologize 🙂

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How badly do you want to swim?

Who’s My Favorite Today?

Who's My Favorite Today?

We recently visited a ski resort with our family to get in some late-season skiing.  It was incredibly cold for March and even snowed one entire day while we were there.  The resort has some pools that we had access to: some indoor, some outdoor, some indoor/outdoor.  Which do you think our children wanted to access?

The indoor/outdoor of course!  Part of it is inside and then there is a little passage way that you can swim through to go to the outside part.  The outside part is heated, but still your head has to be out of the water.  It was soooo cold!!!  The wind was whipping and Avery said that ice started to form on her hair as she was in the outdoor part of the pool!  When anyone got out the pool on the outside part, steam would pour off of them for the few seconds they…

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Where are you from?

Mellix Life

Mellix Life

Aaron: “I’m from Charleston.”

Isaiah: “I’m from your mom…ooooohhh!!! Wait…I guess I am because I was in mom’s belly.”

Aaron: “Well, I’m actually from dust. God made me from the dust on the ground.”

Me: “Alright Bishop…”

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How much do i lie?

This is Who’s My Favorite Today?!

Who's My Favorite Today?

Image result for liar liar pants on fireImage Credit

OK Danny atDream Big Dream Oftengot me thinking today. He posted a question for his readers, “How much do you lie?”

Right off I think, “I’m a good person. Of course I don’t lie. This doesn’t even apply to me.”  But…….as I thought a little more I realized that I DO lie…… Wait.  I lie a lot…….. I am a big fat liar!!!

Okay, so I am not having an affair or living a double life. But evidently I am constant telling lies. Like “dinner will be ready in a few minutes” when it’s really like half an hour. “I don’t know anything about _____” when I really do, but can’t say so as not to betray trust. “I’ll be off the phone/computer in just a minute.” More like 20 minutes. With kids I feel like I am constantly telling white lies. Does it count if they…

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Soft Chew Diet

This is the Mellix Life!

Mellix Life

school bus stepsNo parent wants to get that phone call about their child getting hurt. This afternoon I rushed out of the office when the afterschool daycare director called to say Isaiah fell on the school bus and that he had a cracked tooth.

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Today’s Reblog Contest Winner…The Single Dad’s Guide To Life!!!

Today’s Reblog contest winner is The Single Dad’s Guide To Life!!

The Single Dad's Guide to Life

So I am finally breaking down and doing my first recipe. I know that this sounds like I’m as excited about this as I am about going to the dentist and having them tell me I need 2000 dollars worth of work done on my teeth. You see the smile on the dentist face and you begin to wonder whether or not it would be cheaper to have someone else torture you. Also, you swear you hear him humming “Son Be a Dentist” from Little Shop of Horrors, and are hoping he doesn’t have a plant named Audrey.

But I’m really not upset about finally putting up a blog on a recipe that I have made. I’m terrified. It’s one thing to tell people they should go to Disneyland, or eat a brunch on the Queen Mary. That’s like a no brainer. It’s like telling people they…

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Get Your Hands Involved!

Always an adventure in the Mellix household!

Mellix Life

I’ve had it! Seriously, this is just ridiculous. I don’t understand how hard it is to pee in the toilet. I mean the hole is HUGE! Just aim for the water…At this point can we just get it on the seat?

Why & how are we at the point where it smells like a gas station bathroom in the back woods?

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The Magic Forest

This is Mellix Life!!

Mellix Life

How long would you be willing to stand in line for a one hour kid free shopping experience?

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