Daily Observations – 9/19/17

DannyOur neighborhood has a rule that all dog owners must pick up after their dog goes to the bathroom.  They provide a dog station with a trash can for waste and bags for picking up poop.  I like the rule because without it you wouldn’t want to walk in the grass and most (most) of the residents adhere to the rule.  But there is one resident who walks her dog behind my garage who habitually does not pick up after her large dog.  And we all know large dog means large piles of poo.

As I observed her yesterday I wondered why someone who knows the rule decides to ignore it and is willing to walk away while she knows someone is watching her!  It is inconsiderate of the other residents to fill up the lawn with your dog’s poop.  The manager at the neighborhood office has asked us to report anyone who doesn’t pick up their poo so I did that.

I can’t imagine how lazy and selfish someone must be to refuse to pick up after their dog.

Daily Observations – 9/18/17


DannyYesterday I spent the afternoon catching up with an old friend.  Joe and I met in 2003 when he was a restaurant manager for a national chain and I was living in Lake Norman.  I patronized his establishment because they had the MLB package on the television and I liked to go out to watch Red Sox playoff baseball.  Of course over time we became friends.

So yesterday we sat for nearly 7 hours watching football and finding out what each other had been doing for the last 10 years and how quickly time had passed.  I observed how easily we fell back into our friendship.  Our lives have changed and I’m sure the new version of our friendship will conform to our new lives, but the foundation of the friendship is still there.  It is amazing how you can reconnect with someone and it is as if not one day had passed.  It was nice to see Joe yesterday.

Friendships for me are rare; true friendships that is.

Daily Observations – 9/17/17

DannyI was recently in a restaurant which, like many, had a bar.  I observed a young girl (7-8 years old) sitting at the bar with her father.  I have seen this before and it really bothers me.  I’m not going to tell anyone how to raise their children, but why would you want your child to be exposed to grown ups drinking alcohol, cursing while screaming about sports and general adult behavior?

I will never understand people who drag their children into adult settings.  It seems to me that judgement should trump the selfish desire.  What I mean is that a parent should sacrifice their desire to go watch a game and take the child to a kid-appropriate establishment.  I’m not sure where this decision comes from, but in my opinion it comes from selfishness.  This father’s desire to watch a game and drink a beer was more important than using good judgement.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought I would toss this observation out to my readers to see if I’m way off on this or if others hold my opinion.   What do you think?  Am I way off?

The Depression Series Part 4: Prenatal and Postpartum Depression

The journey of pregnancy and having a baby is a joyous and exciting time, where your life changes in numerous yet amazing ways. From that time of finding out that you’re pregnant, to the whole transition during those 9 months, to the moment you hold your baby for the first time, each and every one…

Source: The Depression Series Part 4: Prenatal and Postpartum Depression

Turn, turn, turn…

Who's My Favorite Today?

Some of you may be familiar with the Byrd’s song, “Turn, Turn, Turn.” (Lyrics here)  It is based on Ecclesiastes 3.  To paraphrase, there is a time for every season, a time love, a time for peace, a time to be born, a time to die, etc… (full verses listed at end).  Well, this week our time came.  Our time to fulfill one of those rights of passage – dropping off our first daughter at college.

Of course we are extremely proud of Avery and so excited about her future!  We are so blessed that she lives in a country where girls are afforded an education and that she was accepted into a wonderful university.  I know it is a great place and we have been so impressed each time we have visited and know that the staff will “take care of her,” both academically and emotionally.

However, there is…

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A New Superhero is in Town

Maximus Octavian

20170819_082444 (480x640)

That’s right folks, there is a new superhero. Move over Spider-Man, and make room for Spider-Max.

As mentioned before, Nanny works in a school for children with disabilities. She has the opportunity to participate in creative activities with them, so she tends to make things for Max.

This occasion no no exception.

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Today’s Featured Blog…MSnuButterflies!!


A funny thing happened this past Friday. Well I can say it’s funny now. It had been a difficult day already. I wasn’t feeling well. My leg was dragging and my arm just didn’t feel right.

I went outside for a bit but when I tried to come in I found myself stuck. It’s not unusual for me to hold on to the handle of the glass sliding door to aid in helping me raise my left foot over the step. I couldn’t do that this time. It was as if my brain just quit. My legs didn’t know what they were supposed to do. My left arm had gone completely limp. I was standing there just stuck. I could feel my legs start to tremble and knew I was going to go down.

At that time I called out to my son and told him he was going to…

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Oh, my aching ovaries.

Essential Living with Dakota

My husband and I have three boys. I had a really rough pregnancy the third time around. So bad, he said no more kids, regardless of the gender. (We don’t find out! So fun!) I cried for weeks about it. After T was born, hubby backed off his no more kids stand. Now that our youngest is 15 months, he’s very much ready for another baby. But y’all, they drive me a little crazy. These boys are wild, rambunctious, crazy, strong-willed, stubborn. Did I mention wild and crazy?

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Our crazy doesn’t end there. (Shoot, I don’t even know that it’s really even begun.) My sister recently moved home from Florida. Her boyfriend and his two-year-old daughter came with her. They live with us! It’s so awesome. Every day we’re all together. And did I mention, my sister was pregnant? Yep. She recently had her first biological baby. Like 7 days ago recently.


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I am THAT Mum

Tripping Through Treacle

So, it’s finally happened.  I have been waiting for it to happen ever since I noticed that my dodgy legs were getting in the way of me taking the kids to school.

Some background: for the first couple of years that Alex was at school, I was able to to rush out the door with only 10 minutes to spare until the school bell rang – and I would usually still manage to get him there on time (usually with Ava in tow).  The school run was often left to me as Hubs wasn’t self-employed at that time, meaning that he was usually out of the house.  Plus, I would be taking Ava to her toddler activities in the afternoon, which meant we had a good little routine going of toddler group – running errands – school run.

A couple of years ago, when Ava started school, I noticed that…

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