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Take It Upon Yourself

While my son and I helped dad pack things up, after my dad was mentally and emotionally able to sell the property and mobile home in south Florida where we’d first landed after relocating in 1985 from West Virginia, I found several things that answered some questions I’d had for many years.

Along with several diary pages that mom had written in the 1960s and 1970s, I found an unsigned letter to her that made me question which is more important taking advice from family or from friends.

The statement in the letter that got me was, “I’m disappointed in you that you feel that your friends understand you better than your family (and me).”

I have an idea of who the letter is from, but I am not sure. It was typed, single spaced on one sheet of paper.

As of this moment, it doesn’t matter to me who…

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Things I Have Learned (A Must Read!!!)

Life is a process of learning from beginning to end.


I have learned so much over the past three years and I have shared much of what I have learned on this page. My learning is something that I have come to realize will be an ongoing process. The process goes a little something like…

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August 2016 Reading List

I love book lists!!


It was John Wooden that said, “Drink deeply from good books, especially the Bible.” Nothing can replace the Bible and all of its purity, richness, and treasure. No other book can transform your life like God’s Word. However, we should also be learners of all things, including people, places, and things. My goal is to broaden my scope of reading in the next few months, but here is my list for August. Be Blessed! Be Revealed!

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth. Grit is the number one determiner of success. Gritty people focus on one thing and continue in the face of adversity. They may get disappointed, but do not remain so for long. They continue to practice despite setbacks because they are not only interested but also find meaning in what they do.


Rooted: The Hidden Places Where God Develops You by Banning Liebscher. You…

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Be open-minded

Do not limit your experiences by limiting your thinking. Open your mind, open your world!


Maybe I’m particularly open-minded when it comes to my circle of friends… I have gay friends, lesbian friends, black friends, Indian friends, colored friends, rich friends, poor friends, you name it!!! But it goes beyond “not seeing in color”, I see my friends for what they are, but I ‘accept them for who they are’, and whatever other clichés you wanna chuck in there…

How can you not be that open-minded though?! Like, older generation I understand, but as a young South African, how can you admittedly say you only want to interact with about 2% of the population?! How boring!! Stop mingling with people who think the same as you, study the same thing, come from the same wealth-class, from the same culture… Open your eyes, open your mind, and you’ll realize you can learn a shitload from “different” people.

Further than interacting how do you ever expect to…

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10 Life Lessons We Learned in School

IMG_7061Today’s theme has been about the lessons we learned in school that we should be exercising in our lives as adults.  Now, some of these we wish our friend’s would adopt and some of these I wish you would adopt!  As you read these take honest inventory of yourself and take score of which you identify.


What are your pointers for a college freshman?

Pointers for a college freshman! Appropriate for this time of year!!


For this question, I’m not qualified to answer, so I asked your siblings.

My freshman year of college was a disaster mostly because I was sick, but also because I wasn’t ready or willing to make the most of the situation. My immediate family either took forever to finish school or got married and then took forever to finish school or just never quite got around to getting a degree because of art or the art of laziness, which is still an art, dontchaknow.

piekehok on flickr piekehok on flickr

This list is ranked by most vehemently suggested or most often suggested down to the one suggestion that is so obvious it’s utterly silly to include in the list.

These are their pointers to you and the pointers they wish they had taken to heart before they were freshmen themselves. Your sibs were eager to help because they are adorable.

  1. Take notes and…

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I Have 94% Extrovert Personality

Let’s Learn With Fun discusses having an extrovert personality…


Odd title. Right?? I wanted to write about my extrovert personality from a long time, but I wasn’t sure if I am an extrovert or not. Well, not until I took this personality quiz. This test’s results showed that I am 94% extrovert.


Why I was confused about being an extrovert?? Well, you know some people say that horoscopes do not make up your personality, your personality is the result of the way and circumstances that you are brought up in. Parenting shapes personalities. Now, my mother is pisces and I am a Libra. I know right??? How  can a libra be an introvert. Libra people are definitely extroverts. But being the daughter of a pisces mother, my personality is that of a libra as well as pisces.


I am shy like my mother. I don’t laugh, I smile. I love books. I love to carefully plan everything…

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