Disagreement Isn’t Closed Minded

I love this post by Dave Dubay. Disagreement doesn’t mean closed-minded and listening to another point of view does not mean one has to sacrifice their ideology. Great post!

Fratres Estoics

Years ago a coworker told me that she and her fiancé visited his Lutheran pastor because they were to be married in his church. The pastor asked her if she believed in Christ. She said no, she was raised Christian but is now a Unitarian-Universalist (most UUs believe in God but not the Trinity).

The pastor asked her why she was so closed minded. And that pissed her off. Not believing what he believes doesn’t make her closed minded, she told me. She respected his beliefs, and in the process of rejecting Christianity she had taken the time to educate herself about Christian belief.

Too often, when someone tells you that you don’t understand or that you’re not being open minded, what they really mean is that they want you to agree with them. But it’s entirely possible to understand a situation yet come to a different conclusion.

Religion and politics are where charges…

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Be open-minded

Do not limit your experiences by limiting your thinking. Open your mind, open your world!


Maybe I’m particularly open-minded when it comes to my circle of friends… I have gay friends, lesbian friends, black friends, Indian friends, colored friends, rich friends, poor friends, you name it!!! But it goes beyond “not seeing in color”, I see my friends for what they are, but I ‘accept them for who they are’, and whatever other clichés you wanna chuck in there…

How can you not be that open-minded though?! Like, older generation I understand, but as a young South African, how can you admittedly say you only want to interact with about 2% of the population?! How boring!! Stop mingling with people who think the same as you, study the same thing, come from the same wealth-class, from the same culture… Open your eyes, open your mind, and you’ll realize you can learn a shitload from “different” people.

Further than interacting how do you ever expect to…

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10 Powerful Quotes from Steve Jobs and What They Teach Us About Leadership

dream_big_superman_by_wolfaddictIt is a well-known fact that Steve Jobs was a pioneer in technology.  His vision and romantic view of the world reminds me of Walt Disney.  Both men saw life with child-like eyes.  They refused to believe in limits and disallowed people to place them in a box.  We could all learn from them.

Remember, you must get busy working toward your dreams or you will spend your life working to build someone else’s.