Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow Colors (Must Have 4 Colors)

Sentidos Gastrobar, Starhill Kuala Lumpur


Hello lovelies…

Anybody here is a foodie like I do?

Living in Malaysia?

Well…this post might be perfect for you!

A few weeks ago, we were wandering around Kuala Lumpur City without any mission. Something that we rarely do as we hate the idea of being stuck in traffic jammed and be in the middle of the crowds at the KL malls.


After a few hours of walking in the mall, I started to feel hungry.

And of course, most of the restaurants were full house. It was lunch hours anyway…everybody’s getting hungry.

From hungry to hangry…that was how I felt at that time. So, we decided to go to Starhill, KL which is located next to the mall I went.

Less peoples came to Starhill, KL because there were limited stores in that mall and those stores are luxury brands (which cost a few month of my salaries…

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After Eight Moments…

Cyranny's Cove


Life sometimes is cruel

and hearts can suffer
May fate one day bless us
bringing our souls again closer
I don’t mind loneliness
if we can be alone together
Side by side, my hand in yours
sharing the afterlife forever!

If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here.

Description for the visually impaired: Close up on two dead white moths, side by side.

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Danny’s World: Last Night I Rocked Out Like I Was 21 Again!

Uh, negative Ghost Rider!  Last night I fell asleep before 9 pm and didn’t wake up until 7 am this morning!  I rarely ever sleep this late, but it is Sunday and it seems my body needed the rest.  We don’t have big plans today, but I would like to get to the park for a little walk.  Have a great day folks!

Danny’s World: I Think It’s All Coming To An End

I’m not sure what is going on, but there is this huge fire thing in the sky.  I keep seeing it peek through the clouds and I am concerned for all of humanity.  I believe the end of the world is at hand and this giant fire is here to purge the world.   Now I’m sad.

It’s the Simple Things In Life That Make Living More Enjoyable

I like getting something new every now-and-again; it’s exciting.  There is something about getting that package delivered to the house and unpacking it to see the surprise.  I don’t buy a lot of things, but when I do I am like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.

I believe it’s the simple things in life that make living more enjoyable.  And it is the simple things that many take for granted.  I try to be aware of these small moments and breath them in; savor them if you will.

dreambig3Some of my favorite small moments are the silence of the world early in the morning. The sound of water running.  Laying in the grass and watching the clouds.  Noticing how blue the sky can be on certain days.  That moment at the beach when my feet touch the sand for the first time in months.  The refreshing feeling of taking a cool shower in the summer when the heat spikes past 95.

If you blink you might miss some of these moments so be sure to practice awareness and give yourself time to experience them.  What are some of your favorite small moments?

running after God

take a walk

It’s daunting, how easily we are gripped by fear; without even knowing it our minds are hung up by the lies of our dismayed hearts. Our feet walk one direction as our eyes look another. We desire and crave as silently as angst commands. It tends to lie naked and confident; longing to demolish any chance of ignorance left inside our bodies and holds us as stone-

The disheartening matter, though, is the deadly lull. How can you fight something you’re not quite sure exists? I have found a way to desperately love something, and recently caught a glimpse of the terror that comes with it. How is that possible?

I believe I am wired around a love for the outdoors; the fresh air, raging rivers, bouldering cliffs, dirt, mud, rain, everything that makes up nature because that is where I feel God moving. But the destination, the road to…

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Is It Time for You to Find Your Inner Spectacular?

I was thinking today and a question came to mind: Why aren’t there more amazing and spectacular people?  Before you get your feathers ruffled, I am not referring to being a great person but to accomplishing great, amazing things.  Why are there not more Steve Jobs, Michael Jordans, Muhammad Alis, Thomas Edisons, Edwin C. Barnes,  etc.?

I believe that every single human being has in them the potential for great and amazing things; a light, a spark.  Bill Gates was once quoted as saying, “I don’t believe there is anything unique about human intelligence,” and I could not disagree more.  I know as sure as anything I’ve ever experienced that human intelligence is what makes each of us so incredibly unique and special.




It allows us to experience the exact same world in 7.125 billion different ways.  But, with that said why do so many of us sacrifice our uniqueness and allow “life” to squeeze us through a sieve and mold us into individuals that, all to often, fear being different?  If you believe and understand that there are no two human beings that are the same, why do we teach to conform?

We should be teaching the individual to celebrate and announce his or her uniqueness from the mountain top!!!

But as we learn quickly in life, the norm will move swiftly to extinguish any hint of creativity or originality.

Take for example how teenagers learn (I’ll use my teen years as example).  If you don’t wear a Members Only jacket or glacier glasses, you are out.  If you don’t own a pair of Vans, you are out.  If you don’t like Break Dancing, you are out.  I realize I am dating myself, but if nothing else maybe it got a couple laughs.

From a very young age we are conditioned to go with the norm and to keep our uniqueness to a minimum.  After all no one wants to be different lest they be branded the “weird kid.”

After college it is expected that you will get a good job, pay taxes, buy a car and that is the path to becoming a contributing member of society.  Then get married, start a family, raise your family, retire and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.  And I guess there’s nothing wrong with that, but what about living a life that is spectacular?

Is that not possible for us all?  Are we supposed to believe that all there is to life is paying rent or mortgages, bills and hoping one day to have enough to retire?  There has to be more.  If not, I’m checking out.

I challenge each of you to try something new and different.  Find something that is so outside of your “world” or comfort zone and participate.  What is one thing you would be afraid to do?  Sky dive, public speaking, hold a spider?  How about something you’ve always wanted to do but have not?   Guitar lessons, enter an open mic night,  join a poetry club, start up a band!, take a class at the community college, join a theater group or VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME AT A LOCAL CHARITY!!

I want you to challenge yourself.  Show yourself you are capable.  This world is here for us to experience and it is time for more of us to do so!  Get uncomfortable and reignite that spark that makes you, YOU!  It is time to break the mold that life presses us into and spread those wings and fly!



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This amazing photo is by a fabulous photographer, Joshua Weinfeld at

As you can see from this majestic photo, Angelic beauty is everywhere and looking at this photo I can feel the peace, the tranquility, the even flow of the Angels above looking upon the land and the minions below as well as the love we all feel for mother earth.  When gazing upon such a vast and open natural beauty such as this, it make me want to just sit silently, view my surroundings of the natural wonder, breath in and out, and just relax and meditate.  Ah, what peace that would be and what peace this photo brings.

Happy Friday my Angels and may you all have a great weekend!


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