Forlorn porcelain…

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Daisy bloom,
Pretty one,
Kiss on your cheek
From the evening’s gloom.
Porcelain skin,
Soft carnation, you sound
Like a boy’s dream
Come true.
Still the smell of
Sorrow runs in your thin hair.
What is it, in your eyes?
Doleful doll, melancholic darling,
Your silent pout
Is deafening…

Via today’S Word of the Day; Doleful

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You are not alone

Hello The World reminds us that although life can be difficult sometimes, we are not alone. What a great message!

Hello the world!

First of all, I would like to send thanks to Julia for inviting me to join Red Echo Date Event.



It’s the first time I’ve taken the writing challenge since I started this blog. Indeed, WordPress is a good place to share stories and connect to others.

Every new day comes to me with different stories from all over the world. Thanks to blogging, I know more life stories.

Stories of different lives.

Some are happy, some are not. Life is hard, and might be slippery.

But if life was easy, where would all the adventures be?

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Everyone has difficult times at some point in life.

Family. Health. Employment.

Being turned back against. Broken trust. Broken heart.

Trying to be kind but being seen as weak and being walked over. Being insulted. Being looked down on. Being laughed at.

Fear. Pain. Alone in your battle.

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3 Way to Find Fulfillment

So many people are looking to the future saying “one day my life will be better.”  Fulfillment has to do with being okay with who you are, where you are and where you are headed.  Finding fulfillment can be difficult for some, but there are habits you can practice to help.  Read this:

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image credit: shutterstock

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