Healthy Living Update – October 2, 2017


Some of you may recall this segment from the early days of Dream Big.  Over the last 2 years I have focused on living a healthy life in spurts which has resulted in me gaining a few extra pounds.  As my body doesn’t respond well to carrying around the extra poundage, I have decided it is time to get things under control.

Last Monday I weighed myself and logged 188.4 pounds and today I weighed in at 186.6.  I will only be registering my weight once per week on Mondays.  I have set a goal of losing 1.5 pounds per week which should put me at or around 177 pounds by the time we go to Disney in November for Evelina’s birthday.

My doctor has informed me that my ideal weight should fall somewhere between 160-165 pounds so ultimately that will be my mission.  However, losing weight is secondary to simply eating and living a healthier lifestyle.  I use the weight as a barometer only.

We are also using a simple method to begin.  We will be eliminating all the junk from our regimen: soda (including diet), candy, sugar, processed foods, fast food and the like.  In their place we will be substituting foods we cook and prepare, along with fruit, nuts, veggies and some lean protein.  Eventually I see us eliminating eating anything with a face; a topic I’ll dive deeper into in a future post.

Until then if you would like to join me feel free to create your own post and then leave a link in the comments so others can follow along too.  Maybe we’ll all find some inspiration in each other!

The weight I am

The weight I am on Multiple ExperienceS | I battled with my weight my entire life. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998. My neurologist’s letter…

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Today’s Reblog Winner Is… Wishes.Spardha!!

Today’s reblog winner is…Wishes.Spardha!!

HBF Life

Hi friends ..!!!

Seeming the same like your old teenage days is a dream for almost everyone, when we did’nt have any weight issues or have to undergo strict diet plans. We ate without restrictions. But as we grow , our lifestyle becomes sedantary, our healthy diets changes to ‘eating by choice’. Consequently , obesity overpowers us..And then begins our endless battle with weight , where we are always at the failing end.

So below are a few simple methods to inculcate in your daily routine, to loose weight effectively. Hope they will help.

And yess!!! The important thing is that you need not follow a strict diet plan and punish your self.

Lukewarm Water Drinking Therapy-Drinking a glassfull of lukewarm water early mornings empty stomach, helps in dissolving the extra fats . Also having warm water after meals , prevents the absorption of fats present in your foods…

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Like a smoothie? Try this

Found a great smoothie recipe on Getting Fit For Forty!!

Getting Fit For Forty

Smoothies who doesn’t enjoy them? I certainly do! You can feel the goodness flowing down towards your stomach as you sip away at that glass full of luscious tasty fruit juices and bits!

Well today I thought of ramping it up a bit and added a few cupboard essentials to give it a bit of a zuzz up!

I am a great lover of almond milk so this was a must add along with the following

Spinach (handful)

Oats (handful)

Honey (squirt)

Frozen berries (another handful)

Chia seeds ( spoonful)

Scoop of protein for good measure!

Placed it all in my Nutribullet and boom! Gorgeous tasty and full of goodness! I would recommend because of the oats you have it for breakfast or after your workout!

Give it a go – you won’t be disappointed

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7 Tips to Getting Motivated Again When You’re in a Rut

I know many of us have tried and tried and tried with no success to lose weight. But here is a post to help get you motivated when you just can’t seem to get going.

healthy. hapa. chick.

weight-loss-motivation-tipsTrying to get your motivation back to lose weight can be one of the most difficult things to do.  I know, because I’ve been there.  Several times.  In fact, my longest rut was probably 2 years long (between 2013 and the start of 2015).  I was up and down the same 10lbs and I just did not have the motivation to do anything differently.  I found myself feeling terrible about myself and often times in tears on the way to (and even during) my WeightWatchers® meetings.  It was terrible.

I have put together some helpful tips to help you find that motivation again and hopefully kickstart your weight loss efforts.


I am my harshest critic and having been around a number of people trying to lose weight, I know the same to be true for them.  The way we…

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These four breakfast mistakes may be behind your failed weight loss attempts

Breakfast is the most important meal for people who are trying to lose weight. And eating the wrong type of food for breakfast is digging a hole before the day even begins. Don’t make these common mistakes!! Give yourself the best opportunity for success. Read this article and educate yourself, don’t assume you know it all.

Love, Cands

Is your excess weight just not budging, despite your hard efforts? The reason for this might be because you’re making mistakes at breakfast. A morning meal kickstarts your metabolism for the day, so you don’t want to mess that up!


Here are four common breakfast mistakes people make that prevents them from reaching their weight loss goals, and how to fix each one.

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Four common breakfast mistakes and how to fix them

#1: You skip the meal as a whole to save calories

Forgoing breakfast may seem like a calorie-saver, but it can actually be a fat trap (gasp!). Researchers at Imperial College London found that when people went without a morning meal, their brand reward centres lit up when they were shown images of high-calorie foods. That means turning down treats becomes harder, and you’re likely to make up for the missed calories with junkier choices later…

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Fat Loss Diet Tips from Expert Dietitian in Delhi

You might think these 9 weight loss tips are too simple to make a difference but I am here to testify to using every one of these, excluding the walking 1 mile. My MS makes walking a mile nearly impossible, but I do try to park a ways from the door of stores to force myself to walk more. This post is great!!

NutriAdvice by Nidhi Sawhney

Losing weight has become a very big issue in every individual’s life. As dieting is the most difficult task for a foodie. Many of us are deeply concerned in losing weight and some of us are even started working. People feel happier when they lose weight and look perfect. We try to find out easiest ways to lose weight faster. Some of us start with high intensity exercises while others start with a new diet chart. We feel more disappointed and irritated if we do not lose weight.

Weight Loss tips

It is important to lose weight as it can directly affect the body. Most of the problems arise due to extra fat that is present in the body. There are many problems that arise due to fat i.e. heart problem, kidney failure, stomach cancer, thyroid, diabetes etc. unwanted fat that is collected in the body can create many problems. One’s overall body…

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Twelve things you can do to take back your health and lose weight at the same time

So far this is my favorite reblog on living a healthy lifestyle! You must read these simple tips!

Love, Cands

Are you looking to take back your health and lose weight at the same tips? Then I have just the tips for you. Prepare to sleep better, for your energy levels to climb, for your skin to glow, and to enjoy your meals, all while your excess weight melts away!

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Twelve effortless ways to melt away excess weight

#1: Start your day with a mug of warm water with lemon

This will help keep your digestive juices flowing. It also aids in morning hydration. To kick it up another notch, add apple cider vinegar for compounded health benefits like improved blood pressure and regulating the pH of your skin.

#2: Tune into your body and listen

Tune into your body and listen to it. Only eat when you feel hungry.

#3: Keep hydrated throughout the day

I recommend glugging down lemon water with a pinch of cayenne pepper. It’ll…

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My Tips for Weight Loss

Anna Does Life on a Blog has some very simple, common sense tips for helping us lose weight. Losing weight isn’t brain surgery, but it does take commitment and desire!


I am no expert, just a regular person who perhaps like you, is on a mission to lose weight. I have learned a lot during my journey and still have a lot to learn. I would like to share with you my tips so that if you are someone just starting out, you will know how to begin.

1. Water oh and… water!

You must be drinking enough water per day. For the average female this is around 2 litres. There are some great apps out there, one that I use is called Waterlogged.

2. Never eat back your exercise calories

It’s great when we all go to the gym and burn 300 calories. I used to come away thinking ‘yes i can eat some more food’ but dont. Just DON’T! It will not help you lose any weight at all infact you will just maintain the weight that you…

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Fight Fat With These Weight Loss Tips

I like these tips to help keep you on track once you decide to begin a healthier lifestyle. I would advise using the Lose It app to track food intake. It changed my life and kept me on track!