Song Lyric Sunday – “Lydia Purple”

Being Lydia!

First of all, I know it isn’t Sunday; however, my site has been under some behind-the-scenes reno’s and I haven’t been able to add new content until now.

Helen, over at This Thing Called Life One Word At A Time switched things up this week. Instead of a word theme, she gave us a topic. It is a song from an artist/singer who shares your name”.

Now I don’t know any singers or songwriters with the name Lydia, but I do know a song that means a lot to me. My sister is 8 years older than me and she had a real love of music, especially folk, rock, etc. She introduced me to the Beatles, Dave Clark Five, Gerry & the Pacemakers, and many more.

Amid the “more” was a band local to the Candian West Coast. At the time they called themselves the Collectors and they had…

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Walk in Nature

Staycation Atlanta


It was supposed to rain all week, but it’s been sunny and I am not complaining. So off to a trail I went…


Lots of turtles sunning themselves…


Then these beautiful ducks were swimming upstream and then taking the lazy river back down.IMG_1468

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Following My Passion

Peace from Panic

every accomplishment

Last weekend I tried something new, something that pulled me out of my comfort zone. I was the moderator of an author panel — and it was awesome.

Five months ago, I was asked to take on the role. The panel discussion was to be part of Pasadena Mental Health Day, a community event to raise awareness of mental health. The authors and I would discuss their Young Adult fiction books, all of which have a theme of mental illness.

Even though I didn’t know exactly what a moderator was supposed to do, I immediately said yes. As a writer and mental health advocate, I was intrigued. I’m passionate about speaking out about mental illness, to help lessen the stigma and let people know they are not alone.

At times I second-guessed myself about taking on the position. Can I really do this? Absolutely.

Over the next few months…

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