Daily Observations – 9/19/17

DannyOur neighborhood has a rule that all dog owners must pick up after their dog goes to the bathroom.  They provide a dog station with a trash can for waste and bags for picking up poop.  I like the rule because without it you wouldn’t want to walk in the grass and most (most) of the residents adhere to the rule.  But there is one resident who walks her dog behind my garage who habitually does not pick up after her large dog.  And we all know large dog means large piles of poo.

As I observed her yesterday I wondered why someone who knows the rule decides to ignore it and is willing to walk away while she knows someone is watching her!  It is inconsiderate of the other residents to fill up the lawn with your dog’s poop.  The manager at the neighborhood office has asked us to report anyone who doesn’t pick up their poo so I did that.

I can’t imagine how lazy and selfish someone must be to refuse to pick up after their dog.

12 reasons why I don’t like autumn.

Lucky Otters Haven

ugly_autumnIn my neck of the woods, this is what Autumn looks like.

Yesterday was the first cool-ish day we’ve had since May.   While the lower temperature felt nice, I also noticed for the first time that some of the trees are beginning to change colors.  It was also overcast and gloomy, and I realized that my SAD symptoms have kicked in full bore.   I just felt like crawling into bed to escape from the sadness I felt.   After winter, fall is my least favorite season.   Here are 12 reasons why I hate it.

1.  Around here, the “changing colors” just means the trees change from green to brown to bare.  A few turn this unattractive shade of deep maroon or this dirty looking yellow, but unless you go up to the Parkway, we really don’t get the brilliant fall colors you see in places further north…

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Daily Observations – 9/18/17


DannyYesterday I spent the afternoon catching up with an old friend.  Joe and I met in 2003 when he was a restaurant manager for a national chain and I was living in Lake Norman.  I patronized his establishment because they had the MLB package on the television and I liked to go out to watch Red Sox playoff baseball.  Of course over time we became friends.

So yesterday we sat for nearly 7 hours watching football and finding out what each other had been doing for the last 10 years and how quickly time had passed.  I observed how easily we fell back into our friendship.  Our lives have changed and I’m sure the new version of our friendship will conform to our new lives, but the foundation of the friendship is still there.  It is amazing how you can reconnect with someone and it is as if not one day had passed.  It was nice to see Joe yesterday.

Friendships for me are rare; true friendships that is.

Daily Observations – 9/17/17

DannyI was recently in a restaurant which, like many, had a bar.  I observed a young girl (7-8 years old) sitting at the bar with her father.  I have seen this before and it really bothers me.  I’m not going to tell anyone how to raise their children, but why would you want your child to be exposed to grown ups drinking alcohol, cursing while screaming about sports and general adult behavior?

I will never understand people who drag their children into adult settings.  It seems to me that judgement should trump the selfish desire.  What I mean is that a parent should sacrifice their desire to go watch a game and take the child to a kid-appropriate establishment.  I’m not sure where this decision comes from, but in my opinion it comes from selfishness.  This father’s desire to watch a game and drink a beer was more important than using good judgement.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought I would toss this observation out to my readers to see if I’m way off on this or if others hold my opinion.   What do you think?  Am I way off?

Positive Quote 16.09

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

Joyce Meyer

Have a blessed day all. ❤

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Back On The Path To Self-Care

Reclaiming HOPE

Back on the Path

I’m a planner. I like planning things out, making my “to-do” list, and checking things off. There’s only one problem — life (and fibromyalgia) doesn’t care about my planning and “to-do” list. That has become quite evident in the last week and a half.

I spent Labor Day weekend and the first two days of last week going back and forth to the hospital, basically acting as patient advocate for a family member and a go-between for family/caregivers and the hospital staff (I’m the only family member who lives in the area). I was happy to do it; there are so many things I can’t do now, I’m always happy to do the things I can. It does take a toll on my body though, and honestly, by Tuesday, I was completely worn out. The only thing keeping me going was prayer.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we were busy…

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Today’s Featured Blog…The Utopia Universe!!


Illusion time, forget about making that target weight before you do anything, start to take action now and pay attention to how you dress and look, wearing the right clothes and knowing you look good, and being full of confidence go a long way to making you feel attractive.Do you know your problem areas, have you come to terms with them, if not it’s time you did, and start to concentrate on your good points, maybe you have fabulous hair,skin,or great smile, you will have many things going for you than you think, and good points are very much a part of you as well as the one imperfect feature you totally dwell on.

illusion 1 When you learn how to use your body language, it is amazing how different you will feel, when you feel bad about an area, you may well be sending out “keep away” signals through body language…

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Two Unlike Poles… Attracted

Dream Desire Achieve

Searching, pondering,
Where do I belong?

Then I realise,
I belong to You,

Like a magnet we are,
The sinner and the Saviour,

One notorious,
The Other Revered,

Two unlike poles,
Divinely attracted,

Drawn to each other,
By the cords of the Saviour’s love.

Daily Prompt: Magnet, Magnetic

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

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Biasini Speaks: Look At Me Go!


Well, Dear Humans, I think many of you will know that my human, Ma Leueen, is away visiting her offspring, her “son” as she calls him in another country. She has taken my friend David with her.  So, this means that Coach Belinda is riding me and also Trainer Lynsey.  With Trainer Lynsey I do some fabulous stuff; not dressage AT ALL!  Now with Coach Belinda I do dressage and I work VERY hard because I want to show her I can do well. But with Trainer Lynsey we just have FUN!

She takes me up to the big grass field at the back and we warm up and then she canters me out into the forest loop and then back up the hill, onto the grass field and across it to the loop again. Here….take a look!

As you can see in that video at the end I go…

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