Sunday haiku – library

mexi minnesotana

This Saturday’s fun:

Walter Science Library

Yes, I am a geek!

Walter libraryUniversity of MN – Walter Science Library

There is such joy in spending time researching in libraries! Endless information and treasure. I am grateful for my medical writing project which brought me back to the place where I earned my Master’s degree 12 years ago.

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Daily Addictions: Muse and MLMM Saturday Mix 11-10-18

The Bag Lady

It used to be simple

You were my muse

Delighted in every vowel you used

Telling me how you loved me

Does love ever last?

Can it really be without ending too complicated?

I used many consonants trying to keep you near

But the two vowels I remember most are


Over and end.


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Fun Foto Challenge: Tools


This week’s Fun Foto Challenge from Cee’sPhotography is for the topic:


Here’s my take on it:

My songs of the day are:

”Paint The Town Beige” by Robert Earl Keen

”Brushed” by Paul Weller

”All Canadian Surf Club” by The Tragically Hip

“Birmingham” by Shovels & Rope

“Dog Paddle” by Modest Mouse

”Surf’s Up Tonight” by Midnight Oil

”Brush Away” by Alice In Chains

”Paint It Black” by The Rolling Stones

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Oh Precious…

Cyranny's Cove

My love for you
is well beyond
lips touching,
and sweet little
nothings, whispered
to a shivering

Beyond sacred
promises, oaths
and vows…
It has no
no timeline,
knows no rule!

My heart sings
a song of its own…
Your name, perfect
chorus to my Gaelic

Oh Precious, my
Love is immortal and
fears not the afterlife…
For you were
the one I sought,
are the one
I need,
and will always
be the one I cherish.

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1958 was a great year for producing men ⋆ LORIEB (Lor-ee-be)

1958 was an awesome year that included the birth of five best friends who have remained closer than many biological brothers since early childhood.

Source: 1958 was a great year for producing men LORIEB (Lor-ee-be)