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Last night was a rough night. I was in tremendous pain. Getting comfortable at night these days is almost impossible. The pain and stiffness in my legs have made finding a position to sleep almost zero. When I do finally fall asleep I toss and turn. Between the pain and tossing and turning I only get an average of two to three hours of sleep a night. I’m up usually by 1 am unable to go back to sleep.

That’s not what this post is about though. I’ve become kind of used to this nightly process.

This morning I thought to myself poor Greg! It doesn’t only affect me. It affects his sleep and his day as well.

I toss and turn not only moving the entire bed but most of the time I am unable to turn myself. This means I have to grab him and even wake him…

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Job hunt update, plus probation…

Joe Writes His Wrongs might be one of the most interesting blogs I follow. I have followed this blog since Joe was incarcerated and his life and posts have become incredibly interesting post release from prison. Don’t be fooled, this dude can write and his stories are real life and intriguing! If you are not following I highly recommend getting his posts coming across your Reader today!!

Two sides to a leaf, two sides to a story

I want everyone to understand that there are always 2 sides to every story. You see a dirty, smelly homeless man. I see Steve, a former stockbroker who lost his money and wife and gave up on life. Steve is more than bad smells and dirt in his beard. He’s a guy trying to find a meal or a shower. Two sides to every story.

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Let me tell you a story about a leaf, and two different perspectives of the leaf. To one person the leaf was just a leaf something that starts on a tree and ends up falling to the ground, the leaf didn’t mean anything to him, just a useless leaf among the thousands of other leafs he has already seen. To another person this leaf meant a lot it provided shelter, clothing and protection, he depends on the leaf for many different things……moral of the story is that which perspective do you see things in? and in which perspective do you get shown stuff in?……there’s always two sides to a story or maybe more; sometimes its good to be a little open-minded and see things in a different perspective it will help you understand life a little better 🙂

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It’s A Balancing Act

This reblog is a bit off topic, but I liked it so I thought I would share. Enjoy!


Life is a balancing act. It has to be. It is up to each and everyone of us to know when to say when. Enough of this, time to move onto that. I grew up a perfectionist. I never believed I had an option to leave anything in my life unfinished or incomplete. There was never a choice for me, nothing to even think about. If there was something that needed to get done I was going to do it, period. I see now that people are pushed beyond their limits. School, work and responsibilities will demand and take until you are exhausted and have nothing left to give. I realize it’s time to reevaluate how to spend each moment of time. If there is more work in a day to finish than there is time to complete it then something has to give. You have a choice to kill…

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I like these thoughts on opinions and how to voice yours…

That's Another Story

Opinion Quote Photo Credit:

There is the popular expression that proclaims that opinions are like assholes, in that everyone has one.  The difference is that while everyone has one, they generally don’t feel compelled to share it like they do their opinions.  In today’s day and age of instantaneous information and being connected with the world at large 24/7, opinions are being served up everywhere by everyone in every form imaginable.

When a hot topic, like the recent refusal of a county clerk in a small Kentucky county to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, takes center stage, opinions become absolutely overwhelming and, disturbingly, vicious and malicious in their delivery.  This phenomenon is not limited to this most recent highly publicized issue, either, as the same vitriolic speech being spewed by otherwise seemingly rational human beings can be heard whenever any hotbed issue is broached.  From to race relations to foreign policy, there…

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A Thank You To The “True” Friends.

“Friends are like stars, they come and go. But the ones that stay are the ones the glow!” Such a great quote. I thought I would share this perspective on friendship to close our conversation tonight. Enjoy and have a great evening all!

21 Reasons

We can never be too thankful. And we can never say thank you too much. We should probably be more thankful more often!
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Jack V.

It is a Sunday evening as I write this piece, and I can’t help but think of tomorrow’s need for a productive day. The schedules, the deadlines, the never-ending list of to-dos.

And so, this is my reminder to be thankful for the small things; they are the things that keep me motivated. It is my how-to-remain-grounded list so I won’t become overwhelmed; and I’m sharing it with you.

  1. Good music: Pearls by India Arie, Can’t feel my face by The Weeknd, and Venus by Luka Bloom deserve a shout-out.
  2. Cat’s soft fur and their I-don’t-give-a-shit-attitude- test-every-glass-surface-with-face.
  3. Mondays: Yes Mondays. Mondays can motivate people to grab a fresh start on the week. To quit the bad habits and begin the good ones. They are also the days you can slack off at work because you’re got the rest of the week to recover.
  4. High-speed country road drives: Just…

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Nothing for Granted!

We need to take time every day to appreciate those in our lives. Life can throw a curve ball at any moment…
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Not for granted

It is not Father’s Day, Husband’s Day, my beloved’s birthday or even our anniversary. It is an ordinary day. I worked all day at the boutique.

And like every other day the last almost four years, I have come home to a clean house, completed laundry and a delicious dinner. No, it is not a “maid” or someone trying to impress me or win me over.

It is my husband of 35 years.

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In the Blink of An Eye the Life You Know Can Change Forever

In the blink of an eye the life you know can change forever.

I read a post last night on Alicia Keller Coaching that inspired this post.  Her challenge was to take inventory of how we spend our lives and how the trivial matters we waste energy on become insignificant if today were our last day alive.

It is human nature to take life for granted.  We live under the guise that everything is always going to be okay.  If not, we would be in a constant state of paranoia and fear.  That would not be healthy.  So our mind protects us as it always does.

The sad part of life is that someone, somewhere is getting a phone call right now that will change their life forever; not in a good way.  A husband is dying in a car accident as I type this.  Someone just took their last breath.  In the time it takes me In-the-blink-of-an-eye-everything-can-changeto type this post 10 women will have died from heart disease related problems.  Someone is leaving their home and will never return.  Somewhere in this world someone is hearing their name for the last time.

I understand we cannot live every moment in complete appreciation.  Some amount of time will slip past us without us being able to recall what we actually spent it doing.  But there are those moments.  The touch of a gentle fall breeze.  A certain smell from our past.  The sound of children playing.  The beauty of the mountainside.

Take those moments and guard them.  Cherish and protect them.  Appreciate and love them.

Love your family and live to show them how much they mean to you.  Don’t assume they know, tell them every day.  Be present in their company.  Pay attention to the details.  The way their brow crinkles when they’re mad.  The wrinkles from life’s experiences.  The way their eyes seem to change color for that split second the light changes.  The annoying laugh. Stare into someone’s eyes until they become invisible leaving only their soul to be seen.

In the blink of an eye the life you know can change forever.

Just a thought for a Monday morning…

25 Romantic Ideas to Surprise Your Special Someone

loveSo we now understand that we must pay close attention to nurture our personal relationships.  If we focus to heavily on work we might just find ourselves all alone one day.  Relationships take work and lots of communication.  Now that our attention has been drawn to not neglecting our relationships, what can we do to nurture the flame of romance??

I have found a few more suggestions that you can use to surprise your special someone.  I know that the times I come home with flowers or a card or ask Evelina out on a date, she smiles bigger than life.  You owe it to each other to show your love and appreciation.  Connect and enjoy each other’s company: