Is it Possible to NOT Lie?

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Hi there,

Today I got Busted. With a capital B, for ‘lying’. Not outright lying, or pathological lying, but white-lie lying. And when I tried to defend myself, the reply I received was ‘you lie all the time about this stuff’. I was gobsmacked. I mean…REALLY?! I’ve always considered myself a rather straight forward person, with no time for lies or games. So how did this happen?

I spent quite a bit of time thinking about this after this discussion. This is how my lying evolved. You see, I used to be brutally honest. Like Tourettes – type, couldn’t stop myself, HAD to say what I thought. I’d been raised better than that, but I didn’t have time for bullshit. Better to just say it and get it out there. Surprisingly, I had many friends and they just accepted it as part of my personality. Although…

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OO: D Day

Meet Two Guys No Lies!

GlobeTrotters: When Pigs Fly

Yes, that’s right.. D Day…. Domino’s day at work! Hu hoh, I am crafty with my play on historical events… Yes, the NFL draft brought dough based glory to our office and what can be more symbolic of Americanism than people stuffing their faces with greasy pizza whilst the minority went out and exercised? OK, a slightly unfair stereotype and probably a bit of envy as I went out for a run whilst the vast majority of the Dom’s were demolished.

Personal bests! 6 minute mile target Personal bests! 6 minute mile target

Short, sharp runs is my cardio at the minute along with football and tennis. Even got a sexy little shiner from this weekends game (.. you should’ve seen the other guy, completely unscathed).

Been working on my hairstyle a lot recently...... Been working on my hairstyle a lot recently……

My new job is awesome it has to be said AND this is coming from somebody who wants to be who will make…

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Breaking up with a friend

Sometimes friendships are not salvageable. Friends that lie are on my list of 11 and should not be allowed to consume your energy. This is a story of a friend with a bad habit of lying.

Dear Deception,

“Indeed you are deception, a lie that is made to look like the truth.” Magnificent!

The PBS Blog

You try to hide, but I know your there. I can hear it when they walk, and smell it in their smiles. The truth is that you inebriate them with lies. Overflowing their very presence like air under pressure. Shame that some of them can’t even stand up straight, staggering through social media unaware that their ignorance is showing. You have taught them to expose their nakedness. Now their heart is blackened with the scars of falsehood, and their minds poisoned with comfort. Sometimes they are even unaware of the stench they carry like walking viruses and destructive pestilence. They sit among graves and befriend the first corpse they see smiling. You think you know wisdom, but foolishness is bathed in your shadow, and kindness is a game you play on the minds of the weak; snickering behind the concocted words of flattery and the secret winking you perform under…

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Ways you create a miserable life.

This article goes hand-in-hand with today’s topic. Pay attention to #s 1 and 2!

Miserable Life


By David Joel Miller

Are you making yourself miserable?

Miserable Life
Ways you create a miserable life
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Life can be hard, things happen that are out of your control. The things you do in response to life’s ups and downs can make things better or they can keep you stuck in a downward spiral. Bad life habits can create more misery. How many of these misery creating habits have you drifted into?

You believe one thing and do another.

Discrepancies between what you believe in and what you are doing cause a great deal of misery. If you find you are not practicing your religious or ethical values take another look at your life. How much unhappiness are you creating by excusing your failure to do the things you believe you should be doing?

You lie to yourself.

If there is one person on earth you need to…

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How Do I Know When I Am Lying to Myself?

IMG_7131Continuing our conversation from this morning about lies we tell ourselves…Psychology Today is one of my fave websites to visit as I can always find a great article to help me better understand human behavior.  Self deception is an interesting behavior and I found another great insightful article to explain:

Just Stop It

Self deception can create the mindset that you must pretend like everything is okay in life. But, sometimes we need to be honest and ask for help!


What’s the one thing we all seem to do?

Do you know what it is?


Well I shall tell you.

We lie to ourselves and to others about how we feel all the time.

If someone asks us how things are going, we all turn around and say yeah it’s all good or fine and we also say it to ourselves.

You know what I mean, we turn around and tell ourselves its ok, we are fine it’s all good.

When realistically there is a very strong chance that everything is not fine, that we are not good and we just don’t want to admit it to ourselves.

We seem to think that not being ok is a weakness, that is shows us as being vulnerable and that is a bad thing because that means we can be seen as weak and a failure.


It is ok to…

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One of Those Days

This is a very interesting post on telling ourselves lies and telling ourselves truths.

Awesome By Association


Had one of those days when the truth would have made us all feel better if we had heard the lies than the truth, because the truth was too brutal. Because the truth sounded exactly like what I told myself when I was left alone with my thoughts and the voices in my head; the voices that reflect my own thoughts about my own self. Because the truth made me feel like I wasn’t nearly good enough, or pretty enough, or thin enough, or loved enough. Because the truth made me feel like I wasn’t smart enough… smart enough to admit it to myself and stop the imminent train of pain that would crash into my body of emotions, crushing each and every figurative bone in that body to smitherines. Because the truth made me aware of the fact that I lack honesty with myself. Because the truth unveiled my…

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