ColourPop Ultra Metallic Lipstick Swatches!


Hey everyone! I hope you love makeup as much as I do because I swatched some shimmery lipsticks for you all. These retail for only $6 and I absolutely love them. Check out the collection and please subscribe if you haven’t already.

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Why Are So Many Indian Arranged Marriages Successful? The upsides of relinquishing choice, deciding quickly, & lower expectations: Utpal Dholakia Ph.D.(Posted Nov 24, 2015)


While conducting personal research on qualities to look for when choosing a partner, I fell into this article on arranged marriages. I first learned of this practice as a young adult and immediately dismissed it as ridiculous and empathized with women who didn’t have a voice in choosing their partner and were forced into marriage without love being a part of the equation. Thirty years and a different mindset later, I’ve learned that a major disadvantage is lacking knowledge of what love really is, and choosing partners for the wrong reasons based on skewed value systems. Of course, if the family background is one of dysfunction, like mine, it’s possible you still might do a little better in your choices than your parents based on what you saw growing up. I automatically ruled out the absence of a job and a lifestyle that increased the odds of jail time. The…

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8 Fall Lipstick Colors You Haven’t Tried Yet


Hey, loves! Fall is upon us, and I can’t think of a better season to rock those bold lip colors you’ve always wanted to try. I typically wear bold colors year-round so I’ve had enough time to test out the quality of each of these lipsticks. Here’s a list of my favorite fall shades, and the best part is, most of these are under $10!

Click to watch my swatch video of these lipsticks.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 1.50.25 AM1. Sephora Collection: Coral Sunset

My favorite fall lipstick has to be this terra-cotta shade that looks stunning on all skin tones. Coral sunset lasts all day long, not to mention it smells like vanilla!

Shop: $14 Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain

more2. ColourPop: More Better

Nothing screams “fall” like a berry lipstick. More Better is my go-to bold shade for weddings. I constantly get asked what shade I am wearing, so it seems like this one’s…

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Remember in September Post #29 – God Saves From Suicide

My Loud Whispers of Hope

How God Saves From Suicide

God saved my life. God saves and heals.

I am living proof of that. ~Susan Walz

Please don’t give up. Suicidal thoughts can end. There is hope. Recovery is possible and it happens. I am living proof of that.

The next video is another beautiful testimony about how God saves people’s lives. The christian rapper/hip hop artist, Sevin, is another example of that.

On the following video Sevin says:

I always had suicidal thoughts as a kid… I fell into an abyss and started self medicating. Anything to numb myself.

I walked into my room and put my gun to my head. In the moment I had the gun to my head, the holy spirit fell on me. I felt an overwhelming peace and acceptance. It literally went through my body and it changed me.

God came off the pages and jumped into my real life…

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#CKBeauty: Favorite Lipsticks For Fall

Chantel Keona

Happy Beauty Wednesday! Lately I have been enjoying creating new makeup looks. So today I am sharing  three looks featuring lip colors from e.l.f. Cosmetics in Wine, Berry Sorbet, and Praline and all of these hues are perfect fall colors and can be paired with neutral or dramatic eye makeup. Keep reading for all the deets and to see my favorite lipsticks to wear for the fall season.

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First Impressions: Eylure

New Lune

Apart from loving a dewy base, I love having defined brows and long lashes. During the days I don’t wear foundation, I mainly focus on my brows and lashes, it makes me feel put together without having the need of wearing loads of makeup.

So I was very excited when Eylure sent me a couple of their products to test them out, Eylure is a very popular brand in the UK and they’re mainly known for their brow products and false eyelashes. In addition, they’re very affordable and easily accessible. I’ve never tried their products before so if you’re interested then keep on reading!

En plus d’aimer une base de rosée, j’adore avoir les sourcils définis et de longs cils. Pendant les jours où je ne porte pas de fond de teint, je me concentre principalement sur mes sourcils et mes cils, cela me permet de me sentir bien sans…

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Diy: Tie Front Crop Top

Slices of Aple

Hi guys!! Happy sewing everyone!

How’s everyone? What sewing projects you’ve been doing lately?

I’m into ribbon thingy lately. The fact that the pattern is so easy makes me want to sew this tie front crop top for everyone. If I could.

So yes, I want to share my latest diy pattern. The fabric is from my old project the rectangle skirt remember? It was one of oldest projects I made and I only wore it once or twice so I refashioned it and turned into something I would wear more than twice.

What do you think guys?


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