Today’s Featured Blog…A Kinder Way!!

A Kinder Way


I believe that you need therapy. It’s nothing personal because I believe that everyone needs therapy in their life. I’ve never met a person that couldn’t benefit from a little one on one time with someone trained to help you work through your stuff. Because we ALL have stuff.

I’ve been in therapy several times in my life.  The only reason I’ve ever stopped therapy was because of the ridiculous price tag that it comes with.

Several months ago I was watching one of my favorite YouTubers and she mentioned that she had started a new form of therapy that was affordable and that you could do from anywhere.

Huh?  Tell me more oh lovely YouTuber!

This type of therapy doesn’t include travel or couches (Unless it’s yours)…or even getting dressed for that matter.  It’s online therapy!

Now before you click out…WAIT! Hold on! Just give me a little more time to…

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Keep Yourself Full

Pearls Before Swine


Hey, guys! How have you been? I missed you so much and many thanks to those of you who have reached out to me during my time away to make sure I was OK. I appreciate you.

I’ve been wonderful and though I’ve only been gone a few weeks, that time is so much longer in blog days :-).

And I am scheduled for more traveling this weekend.

While I managed to stay away from Facebook, Twitter, this blog and my email until this past Saturday, I broke my Insta-silence when, while walking down the streets of Chicago with my sister, someone recognized me. At first, I was going to just walk away but I noticed the woman was trying to pronounce my name. I finished it for her.

“I have your book!” said the woman.
“Really? Wow.”
“I follow you on Facebook.”

And so we chatted it…

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Fearless Friday


I haven’t felt fearless this week.  I feel like I have gone back to where I was before I took the Ampyra and maybe even worse. Or maybe it just seems that way.  On Monday, I told you about the struggle to find financial assistance for the Ampyra I started taking a little over a year ago that was improving a lot of my MS Symptoms.  I also told you about a bad fall I had that day. 

On Wednesday I told you that I was still unable to find financial assistance. 

My symptoms have regressed in the following ways:

  • my right foot is dragging more
  • it is more difficult to do my ankle and foot exercises
  • my right hand is less able to do the occupational therapy exercises I do with therapy putty
  • my R hand can hardly hold anything and
  • my fatigue has increased probably due to the…

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Happy 86th Birthday Anne Bancroft


This gallery contains 8 photos.

Originally posted on Waldina:
Today is the  86th birthday of Anne Bancroft.  Her list of performances is impressively long and impressively impressive.  Her performance in Great Expectations stole the movie.  I watched it in the movie theater in Seattle and…

Making a Comic- Shattered Mirror pg. 2 preview 

Talking to myselves

Just a little teaser, excuse the photo quality!
Two down, three more to go and then the inking fun begins!
After only two pages in the making it’s become clear just how helpful a reference figurine would be… so I ordered one! It comes with props, a stand, and can even cross it’s legs! Keep tuned to see that little guy in the next few days- super excited!

Bringing this story that’s been so near and dear to my heart for so long now has been an adventure! Such a thrilling yet terrifying thing to follow your dreams. Looking forward to what lies ahead!

Thank you for reading!


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Procrastination as an art form


So – after a period of unproductive procrastination which has compromised of many hours on social media, many hours contemplative navel gazing and an inordinate amount of just plain faffing about I decided to write again.
Let’s face it, for an author procrastination is not so much a hinderance – it’s more of an art form really isn’t it?
Now I should perhaps say that I am waiting for the third ‘Misty’ book to be published, so there could have been a pinch of resting on my laurels thrown into that little mix just for good measure.
So, with my typing finger in hand – in truth it was always there, I was just using it to pick my nose – I set about editing my sci-fi/ fantasy novel.
I never liked the ending, I must confess, so after ten long years of deliberation I decided to change it.

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The last night…

Cyranny's cove


It always ends up happening. No matter how hard I try to stretch time, and how I fill my days with joyous moments, I always get to face that terrible night when the sun has set for the last time on Copenhagen, and I know the next time I’ll see that happening, it will be somewhere where it isn’t half as exciting.

I am sitting by the window, watching the young and young at heart biking by, on their way to some fun evening of eating, drinking, and sharing good times with friends… I can tell by their slighty fancier way of dressing. They are carefree, and don’t have to worry about leaving.

I packed and repacked my bags to be ready tomorrow morning. I enjoyed a fancy meal and walked a bit through the neighbourhood… I recalled all the good memories I accumulated, once more, to sort and…

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Danny’s World: My Neighbors Own a Herd of Elephants

DannyEvelina and I live in a town home community and have now for nearly 3 years.  It is a quiet neighborhood with mostly quiet people.  The homes are well-built and sound proofed to keep each home from hearing the neighbors, vacuum, argue, hanging pictures, etc.  Apparently what the builders didn’t plan for was elephants.

We have new neighbors who moved in around 11 months ago.  Until now we have never heard a peep from the people next door; not…a…peep.  But now everything has changed.  As most of you now I am an early riser, waking at 5:30 every morning.  My usual routine is to get up and go downstairs, make coffee and then sit on the couch with my laptop preparing for the day.

And every morning as I sit and prepare it happens.  At 6:15 am every morning I hear what I can only guess to be a herd of elephants running up and down the stairs.  Keep in mind our neighbors do not have children which makes this event strange to me.  Up and down the stairs, over and over and over and over.  Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump…loud enough that I can hear the sound of every footstep ascending 22 stairs.

I wonder why in the world an adult stomps up and down the stairs for any reason ever, much less at 6:15 am?  Why can you not walk like a normal person?  Why do you need to stomp?   I don’t want to have to say something to them, but my curiosity is beginning to get the best of me.  I have to know.

After all I wouldn’t want to mistakenly accuse them of stomping up and down the stairs when in fact it is an actual herd of elephants.  You never know.

Today’s Featured Blog…Of Cabbages and Kings!


I’ve been scrounging about in my archives from about 25 years ago when I got into some Usenet news groups, in the early days of The World Wide Web.  One of them was on Taoism.  This post was in response to someone’s comment that the participants were the blind leading the blind.  I had some fun with it and hope you all do too.


The Blind Leading The Blind  – YES!

Ah, J______, what a sly one you are.  It’s true, we are the blind, but not leading.  Having gone to take hold of a piece of the elephant, we gather to share what we have found.  As we do so, all gain a greater understanding, a deeper appreciation of the thing-as-a-whole.

More important, perhaps, is another image, that of travelers gathering at an inn along the Way to rest in good company and exchange tales of their journeys.

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Make This Place Great

Good morning, friends! I’ve been away for a bit, but I’m back.  I took a short break to regroup and to reflect on the purpose of this blog. It began as a means to grow more confident about my writing and to spread the love of Christ at the same time. It morphed into a ministry (though I was reluctant to call it that). Then I was reminded that God qualifies those he calls. Titles like pastor and father are not necessary to do his work — just an earnest heart that revels in pleasing him. So, my mission remains the same — to spread the love of Christ through the power of story.

Storytelling seems like a lost art form. Much of our families’ history is passed down in the oral tradition. It was a time of togetherness, of joy, of pride. I want to go back to that…

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