Hospital for medical reasons, bipolar meds needed – going back on.

Advocate For Mental Illness!!

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

Going off the bipolar meds and anxiety meds most likely caused my hospital stay. My sugars were extremely high, my chest was tight and had painful fluttering, my blood pressure was high and so was my heart rate. I was dizzy and out of breath.

They did all the cardiac tests including a cardiac catheterization. My heart is fine which is good news. I caught a nasty cough from my roommate in the hospital. Still have it and it is almost 3 weeks later.

Went to Endochrinologist for my blood sugars. He left me on most of my oral meds and added Victoza which is a daily injection in my belly. Now I have no appetite at all. Sugars too low and the thought of food makes me sick to my stomach. Friends and family want me to eat and I don’t want to.

Extreme anxiety sent me back on…

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Peace From Panic!

Peace from Panic

I was just watching the news and saw something really exciting, I had to share.

A video has been released of Prince William and Lady Gaga FaceTiming — he in the United Kingdom and she across the ocean, at home in her kitchen. The issue they discussed?

Mental health.

How great is that? These two high-profile people are addressing the need to have conversations about mental health. You can see their FaceTime call here.

Prince William and Lady Gaga are trying to encourage more people to be open about mental illness. Their talk is part of the #oktosay Heads Together film series.

Lady Gaga recently admitted she has post traumatic stress disorder. She’s been speaking out about her challenges and the importance of not being ashamed of having a mental illness.

The royal family — the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry — is committed to improving…

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The Walking Pill


Jo Ann Maxwell

walkingI started taking Ampyra (the walking pill) the middle of August.  Today I read an article in Multiple Sclerosis News Today discussing the merits, advantages, and the efficacy of Ampyra.  As with any medication, it works for some and not others.  A friend was in the clinical trials for the drug, but it didn’t work for him.  I have been very pleased with the results I am seeing.  Here are a couple of entries from my blog that discussed the immediate results.

9.7.16   I told you three weeks ago how the new medication, Ampyra, was working for me. I continue to see good improvement. As living with MS goes, I have good days and bad days, but I definitely see great strides.

However, it’s like learning how to walk all over again. You know how you walk with your heel hitting the ground first and then you roll…

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Still withdrawing from the first medicine.

Give your support to Tessa over at Advocate For Mental Illness!!

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

The pain from the withdrawal is horrible. Hope drug # two isn’t as bad. I start the 2nd drug (anti-psychotic) in 1.5 weeks.

This morning I get fitted for my new diabetes shoes. Don’t ask me what the purpose is, but I can finally get a wide enough shoe. The problem is that there aren’t a lot of places my insurance will cover and I have to drive around 45 minutes.

The wind is ripping through the trees surrounding the house. I worry about a tree falling. Had one fall in another house. You can hear it. I didn’t know where it was going to land so I just covered my head and waited for the noise to subside. It was the neighbor’s tree and was headed for our house and our propane tank (could have gone kaboom). The electric wires bounced it off to the owner’s house and they …

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Time for Me to Flick My Mind Boogers on You

IMG_7127A few of my random thoughts:

  1. I cannot believe I am almost at 6,000 followers.  When I started this blog 11 months ago I never could have imagined!
  2. Some people don’t click and read reblogs.  Remember, a reblog isn’t just another source of information.  It is another connection.  So next time you see that reblog pop up, click the original post and read and comment.  I do it every single time and lots of my online friends I met in this manner.
  3. I wish the Red Sox were in the playoffs.
  4. We are eating dinner tonight at my favorite Chinese restaurant.  I order the same thing every time: shrimp fried rice with an egg roll.  It is the cleanest, freshest fried rice ever.
  5. I wish more people cared enough about the world to volunteer.  I really mean that.  But, I am starting to believe that most people just don’t care.
  6. My doctor has started me on Xanax for my social anxiety.  Anyone ever taken this stuff?  I only take it when I need it, but it makes me agitated.
  7. In the last 2 weeks I have written nearly 10,000 words for my book, all of which I deleted.  I am experiencing the ultimate case of writer’s disinterest/block.
  8. Evelina surprised me with tickets to the 2nd largest air balloon rally for my birthday tomorrow.  It is going to be awesome. I don’t remember ever seeing a balloon in person.
  9. I have never taken a ride in a helicopter and have never wanted to but I think I might next time we go to Myrtle Beach.
  10. I am taking tomorrow off to enjoy my bday with Evelina so it will be a Meet and Greet day.  Yeah!

Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

I love banging the drum of things I believe will help people feel better about themselves.  Integrated medicine is one of those causes.  If you suffer from disease, then I highly recommend you adopt a whole-person treatment regimen: mind, body and spirit.  To simply treat the body with one narrow treatment is not as effective in my humble opinion.  Check out this article I found this morning on US News & World Report:


Big Dreamer

So what is the difference between DO and MD?

Osteopathic medicine is different from the conventional practice of medicine.  Do you know the difference? Read here…

My Med School Antidote

The Best Doctors You’ve Never Heard Of

This article accounts one patient’s experience with an osteopathic physician, Dr. Shadoan, who specializes in manual manipulation. Dr. Shadoan describes the D.O. philosophy as “medicine that treats the patient [and] seeks to understand why the problem is there and resolve the conditions that create that problem.” A major difference between a DO and an MD is that the DO will explore every natural approach to healing the body before resorting to medication and drugs. By doing so the patient is receiving more than simply symptom management, they are being cured. I look forward to learning the methods of manipulative medicine over the next two years of medical school. Although I don’t plan on specializing in manipulative medicine, I do foresee myself incorporating these alternative methods into my practice, whether that be pediatrics, OB/GYN, neurology, etc. A large part of the DO approach involves emphasis on touch…

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