Pure love – do you need some?

This is Aria-Bella Rises!!

Aria-Bella Rises

​I don’t usually publish what I do on my Facebook page or my services here but I’m really feeling the call too as they really want this getting out to as many people who need it as possible! Sooooo….

The Angels and I are super duper excited to bring a new Healing Meditation to the world! Introducing PURE LOVE!
Now I’ve been talking all this week about choosing yourself, choosing love over fear, loving yourself but it’s not always easy and sometimes you just need a little helping hand to boost you into the love stratosphere!
So what is about?
It’s about filling your love tank up – with pure love from the Angels and universe, to feel love for yourself and others, to see, be, hear and just plain old BE love!
And because we want it out to everyone who needs it – it is going…

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Breath-taking Sunrise

8This is Two Are Better Than One!

Principle Michelle

About a week ago, I took my first yoga class. It was a great experience — taught by a friend and surrounded by good people. The class was part of our school improvement goal of overall health: mind, body, and spirit. The Wellness Committee at our school has done a great job of helping us to focus on Mindfulness, Movement, and Motivating each other through various challenges and activities that have also boosted morale a bit.

What I loved about this class is that it was a judgment-free zone, and we had lots of support — support for old knees, modifications for inflexible bodies, blankets, and lavender-scented eye masks for the final sequence. We stretched, laughed, and wobbled for an hour — always remembering to breathe and to be conscious of every breath.

Remembering to slow down and breathe is a great life lesson. We don’t do it enough in…

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Morning Bliss

This is Aria-Bella Rises!!

Aria-Bella Rises


I have started a new morning routine the last couple of days and I must say I am loving it and really feeling the benefits of starting out my day this way.

I have been waking myself up just as the sky is starting to lighten but is still predominantly dark, rugging myself up as it has been a little chilly here in the mornings as Autumn starts to really take hold and taking myself into the back yard and laying out on the sun lounger with a blanket with my furry sidekick Tex.

I play some soothing noises in the background, just enough to hear it but not drown out all of the natural noises going on around me and I become mindfully still. For a short while I may close my eyes, but otherwise they are open, taking in the beauty around me.

The sun rises and slowly…

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Angelical Wisdoms Nov 27th

I Had Not Realized How Stressed I Had Become

photo 2This past weekend Evelina and I went to the beach house and it was just in the knick of time.  I had not realized how stressed I had become primarily due to the pressure I put on myself to succeed at the newspaper.  One of my faults is to carry my stress internally instead of purging that junk.  I have been saying for years that I need to find a way to deal with stress better, but have not taken any action so I guess I don’t put much value in changing.

I found myself constantly taking in deep breathes trying to get my body to release the stressed feeling.  I hate it because I simply cannot get it out and it feels like knots in my neck and shoulders.  Does that make any sense at all?

Anyone out in the blogosphere dealing with stress by internalizing? Have you found any methods to replace this bad habit?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Meditation Monday

Following Mellix Life is always an adventure. Click Follow and join her journey!


At the end of last summer my father was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. (He just finished Chemo treatments and his scan came back clear!)

My kids were with my parents most of the summer so when we found out I drove down to Charleston right away. I spent a week there while they removed a large tumor from his intestine.

The picture above was taken at the hospital cafeteria. My mother took him down to get something to eat during one of our visits with Papa. Out of nowhere he plops down in this pose. Eyes closed. When asked what the heck he was doing he responds with… “I’m mediatating.”

I blame Splinter. I 100% blame the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

What’s even more interesting/inappropriate is the way he’s holding his hands. Why son? Why are you flipping off everyone in the cafeteria. That’s not peaceful.

Kids are amazing. They…

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KEEP CALM Study: Meditation and yoga dramatically cut our need for health care services

I would like you guys to meet PERMACOOKING!!


Living a healthier life doesn’t have to be hard. That’s the conclusion of a new study, which found that using relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga can reduce the number of hospital visits you might need.


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The Classroom: Interview and Reading with Healer, Jennie Williams

Ever had a conversation with a healer? Ever wondered what they do? I have and now I am more informed!

Destination Enlightenment

I met Jennie when I first started my blog.  I found her to be very insightful and I really enjoy her direct approach in her view of life.  We became friends through our mutual blogs and I thought it would be interesting to see her work in action.  Follows is an interview I did with Jennie, followed up with an actual reading she conducted for me.  Please feel free to comment, I am sure Jennie would be happy to answer any questions.  I have included links throughout this post to connect you to Jennie and the references made.  Enjoy!

Interview with a Healer: Jennie Williams

Brandi: You are a Healer, what exactly does that mean? What would you like the readers to know about you and your process?

Jennie: How amazing? Someone wants to interview me! I guess as a healer one of the biggest things I recognize and want to teach others is…

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