Whispers of the Starkin: The Io Incident, #1

(The following material is intended only for SolFed military personnel with Class 10 Clearance presently working on Project Precursor. If for whatever reason you have viewed this material, whether accidentally or otherwise, without said clearance, submit yourself immediately to your nearest Data Oversight Center for immediate memory scrubbing. Failure to do so will be counted as high treason, punished by on-site summary execution, when discovered.)


Shut this debacle down. I no longer care whether you demote and replace me for insubordination. We are, at best, a matter of weeks from another equal or worse catastrophe. Exactly how long do you think you’ll keep all this hidden?

The following is my attempt to piece together, as best as may be, the events of this past June 17th, 3909, culminating in the total destruction of Project Hub B-2 on Io and the loss of all personnel.

If you still care to…

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