Motherhood Isn’t Always What You Expect – Being Lydia!

One of my least favourite days is fast approaching – Mother’s Day. Even though I have come to terms with the relationship I had with my mother and the fact I never became one, it is sti…

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Happy Mother’s Day


I was talking to my mom the other day. She asked me how things were going and we were talking about some of the difficulties with daily activities and ways we have adapted.

I mentioned to her that I have to remind Greg when we are out to walk in front of me. The reason is I use him as a guide in crowded places. Being out in public crowded places can be so mentally tiring. Constantly watching for others, watching my feet, anticipating balance issues. Fearing bumping someone or their child. It’s easier for me if I have him in front to kind of guide me through crowds. Also I am more at ease if I know he’s in front so I can reach out for him if I am having balance issues. I said to my mom he always forgets. Now I know he’s trying to do the…

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One More Week….and THEN….

Meet The Momhood!!

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Prompt Stomp Begins!

A week from today, officially, Prompt Stomp will begin.


What is Prompt Stomp you ask?

Prompt Stomp is a weekly event, held every Saturday. A new Prompt will be shared via The MomHood and of course, you respond in the way you want to.

What kind of Prompts will you see?

The Hood will highlight different prompts for writing, photography, poetry, art and drawing and more! From one word prompts to entire phrases or quotes, picture prompts, themed prompts from movies and television to music and theater. The possibilities are endless for publishing a GREAT post and you have an entire week to produce whatever it is you want to share!

Another great feature you will see is the opportunity to see your very own Prompts pop up. Maybe one of the prompts used will be yours and trust me, you will get the recognition for sharing…

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