Frozen Waterfalls and Other Snowy Beauties


Here in the NC mountains we have been experiencing colder than usual temperatures for extended period of times. As much as I detest my face hurting when I walk outside, the frozen beauty the single digits bring is almost worth it. My hubby and I started the year off with a couple of chilly hikes. It was so cold my phone stopped working mid-hike and had to be warmed up before I could take more pictures. So these aren’t my best work but I risked hand frost-bite to get them! I’ve coupled the pictures with some motivational quotes to get the year started right!

“The most successful people are those who are good at plan B.”~James Yorke

frozentombranchfalls photocred:cperciaccanto             Tom Branch Falls

“If you want your dreams to come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.”      ~J.M. Power

snow trees photocred:cperciaccanto…

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Friday evening drive into the mountains.

Lucky Otters Haven


I was bored and needed to clear my head, so I headed into the mountains again.  I took the same route I took on Memorial Day.   It was later in the day though, so there was this wonderful late afternoon golden light that was just magical.

There was no one at the overlook where I stopped to take photos, and no signs of civilization at all, not even any cars on the road.  I felt like the only person in the world, and realized these mountains looked exactly this way thousands of years ago.   This is what the native Americans would have seen, long before there were any paved roads.


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Fashion in the mountains

Here is another new blogger I am following: Melanie Toye!!

Melanie Toye - Inspiring, Creative, Writer

2015-07-25 18.54.49

This is me. I am wearing jeans from Top Shop, a white singlet underneath this really light and breezy blouse from ASOS. (A great summer top and for this occassion, winter too!)

It’s winter in Australia right now but you wouldn’t guess it! With beautiful blue skies and the warm sun beating down. For the first time, I went exploring with my family to the Glass House Mountains Lookout in Queensland. What I loved about the visit was the mountains were not too high to drive up. I hate driving up mountains, so driving to get here wasn’t really bad at all. Thank goodness!

I told my husband, I want to go visit the mountains today, so off we went to find a place we had never been before. I was very surprised to find the car park to the lookout was full! Such a popular place this hangout. The…

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Climbing Up A Misty Mountain

Climb every mountain…!!

Potential Doctor

When I was growing up in Kenya, I had the opportunity to climb Mount Longonot, a shapely, dormant volcano sitting quietly on the bottom of the breathtaking Rift Valley escarpment. The mountain was not all that difficult to climb and no special equipment was required. It was more like a hike if you compare it to an intimidating mountain like Mount Everest. But what I remember most about it was the mist that swirled around us as the guides stealthily led us up the mountain.

Every so often, we would hear the crack of pebbles rolling down the steeper areas of the mountain which had been eroded over time. It was hard to get our bearings. The guides instructed us to stay close together and if we ever lost sight of the person in front of us due to the mist, we were to speak loudly enough to regain contact…

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