Why continue to exercise with multiple sclerosis

“Exercise is essential not just for overall well-being, but also to help manage symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). In fact, exercise might even slow…

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Dizzy, MS and possible redundancy…

Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS

Me and Dizzy had abit of a stressful week last week. For the first time we’re facing possible redundancy and it’s got us thinking about employment and MS.


Having MS has always made me feel vulnerable when it comes to work. I’m one of those people that worries far to much about letting people down and I’ve always worried what my employers would think. Would they think I was too unreliable? Not fit for the job? This is partly why I kept my condition a secret at work until recently. As it turned out they’ve been amazing about it! 🙂

Loads of positives have come from this and it’s made me feel so much more secure in my job. Until this. First I sat and worried about whether my condition would effect their decision and then I also started worrying if I am made redundant what do you tell people at an interview?! I know it’s illegal…

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I have issues

I have issues on Multiple experienceS | My daughter stepped on the scale and was 5-6 pounds lighter. My daughter, who is normal and not obsessed with the…

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Dizzy on a mission for MS Awareness Week

Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS

This week is MS awareness week and Dizzy is on a mission to help raise awareness of the condition!

If you would like to know more about what MS is then please visit our previous post on What is MS? 🙂

Dizzy has decided that the best way to spread awareness is to give people little post it notes reminding them off the week (in some cases even when they don’t want them) and then telling them four facts about MS!


Dizzy MS fact number 1: Early symptoms of MS can often include tingling, numbness, vision problems, weakness and fatigue. A 100 people are diagnosed in the UK every week!

Dizzy came across this little house first this morning. Whoever it belongs to wasn’t in though….


So Dizzy left them a little note! She was very proud of her work. 🙂


Dizzy MS fact number 2: Everyones MS is completely different. No two people with MS will have…

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Counting My Spoons

Tripping Through Treacle

Many people with a chronic illness will have heard of the ‘spoon theory’; the idea that you start your day with X number of spoons (i.e. the energy needed to complete a task) and that every activity in your day uses those spoons up. It goes something like this :

Start my day with 12 spoons

1. Wake up and have a shower uses 1 spoon

2. Getting dressed, doing hair, putting make up on uses 2 spoons

Showering and getting ready is exhausting; for many people with MS, including me, the warmth of the water exacerbates symptoms. I love baths but they are a distant memory for me now, due to the adverse effect they have on my legs. My shower stool is my friend.

I usually try and rest for 5-10 minutes after my shower to allow my legs time to rest. Obviously, this is not always possible…

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Dizzy Kissing Goodbye to MS

Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS

Dizzy decided last week that she would love to take part in the MS Society’s  Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign! She’s been inspired by all the photos of people kissing goodbye to MS to raise funds for research.

Dizzy can’t resist brownies.

She’s usually munching on brownies whether they’re her brownies or not. So we thought this would be the perfect thing to kiss goodbye to!


Dizzy has been finding this a challenge but has discovered 3 top tips to help her succeed!

  1. Find a replacement for what you are giving up!

Dizzy loves snacking on brownies so when she started to get near snack time she wanted brownies! I was hoping we could go for a healthy replacement.

But she wasn’t having any of that…


…. so now Dizzy is on the gingernut biscuits.


2. Count down the days!

Dizzy (with abit of my help) has created a calendar so she can cross off the…

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A tale of never ending sleepyness…

Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS

Today our post is on fatigue!

We thought we would do a post on this as it’s something that seems to come as an added bonus with most chronic conditions. It makes you sleepy all the time and just thinking about doing anything makes you even more sleepy! For me it’s also the one that’s just never ending…


So what is fatigue?

Fatigue seems to be experienced differently by people. For me it comes in two forms:

  1. Complete lack of energy! It’s as though all of my energy has just suddenly drained out of me and simple activities such as moving feel impossible.
  2. My bones feel so heavy it’s as though they are made of lead and if I try to move I feel as though I’m trying to move through a swamp. This one likes to appear mostly in the mornings. I feel I should be given a medal sometimes just for managing to get out of…

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What I’m liking now

Tripping Through Treacle

April 2017

One of my guilty pleasures is watching You Tube videos of women younger, prettier and more successful than me extolling the virtues of various make-up items, homeware and foods that help to keep them younger, prettier and, well, more successful then me.  Joke.  I do watch them but I am under no illusion that buying the products they recommend is going to make me a new person.  I just like getting ideas for my home and tell myself that I can make myself look a bit more awake if I follow their tutorials… alas, ‘spoonie’ fatigue means I very rarely have a go.

My spoonie fatigue has  led me to consider what I would put into my favourites list though.  I am currently off work, due to my MS struggles, and it has allowed me to spend my days resting and ‘putting myself first’ – much needed as…

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Turning Negatives Into a Garden 2


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Originally posted on MSnubutterflies:
It’s been a few weeks since the first post about turning some of the negatives I have been dealing with into something positive. I am still struggling physically and with speech or finding words. It has…

Bears hibernate in the winter, MS patients hibernate in the summer

Got a wake up call the other day. We went from a comfortable 60° in New York up to  82° overnight.  Silly me, didn’t think anything of it and opened all the windows.  I have roughly 7 windows in my apartment that I…

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