After I got diagnosed with MS what I’d change | Multiple experienceS

I guess this is kind of like a part two to yesterday’s blog before I was diagnosed. What I’m not going to write here is…

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Swimming-water therapy for multiple sclerosis | Multiple experienceS

I’ve have a MS fitness trainer that I’ve been working with for about a year and a half now. She would come to the house and get my body to move in ways I personally wouldn’t willing force my body to…

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My disabling MS attack in 2014 | Multiple experienceS

It wasn’t always a battle. I remember at 40 I was still walking pretty good. I’d have a limp every now and then, when my legs were tired, but an outsider would never know. I’d have occasional bathroom…

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My bedroom equipment | Multiple experienceS

My accessory equipment, is far from limited to walking. I’ve been having problems in the bedroom to, and I’m not talking about sex. I’ve been having issues getting on my bed because I can’t get my…

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For the Love of Food: Foods That May Be Helpful For Fibromyalgia Week 3

Reclaiming HOPE

This week, we continue re-visiting the For The Love Of Food posts….

Collage of food with text overlay: For The Love Of Food: Foods That May Be Helpful For Fibromyalgia (And Are Good For Us All)

For the last couple of weeks we’ve started taking a look at some foods that may be helpful for fibromyalgia. If you missed the first two posts, you can find them here and here. I’m highlighting some foods because of the specific nutrients they contain that may help with fibromyalgia, but these are definitely just some of the foods we may want to include in our diets (and whenever I reference diet, I’m just talking about what we eat, not a specific diet). A healthy diet should include a variety of foods. As I mentioned in For the Love of Food, we don’t yet understand how food works synergistically in our bodies to give us all the nutrition we need, and our best bet for getting those nutrients is to eat an array of real foods, foods…

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Circulatory issues possibly Raynaud’s Syndrome

Circulatory issues possibly Raynaud’s Syndrome on Multiple experienceS | So I went to the podiatrist. As soon as he looked at my feet the first words he said…

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Pictures of what makes me happy | Multiple experienceS

I’m happy to say I’m all done with Ocrevus for six months. I just have to deal, of course, with the side effects from the steroids. I have to be honest too, these medicines and these infusions mess…

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No Ocrevus infusion again more insurance issues

I have no words. I’m so frustrated that the only thing I could do was cry. My insurance made some error and terminated me on one of their systems. I knew…

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If There Were Olympics For Chronic Illness

Being Lydia!

The Winter Olympics are just about over and I have been enjoying many of the events from the relative comfort of my recliner.

In a few weeks, Korea will be hosting the Paralympic Games for athletes with various physical abilities. These games are just as challenging as the original games and the athletes are just as talented as their able-bodied counterparts.

I got to wondering what the games would look like for those of us with chronic health problems. I am not talking tongue in cheek here so please bear with me for a bit.

First of all, each participant would be given a gold medal for taking part in the games. After all, that is sometimes more than we can handle. All medals would be gold because of the great effort competing would take.

Secondly, there would not be a host city as few of us can travel any…

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Swollen extremities…now what?

Swollen extremities…now what? on Multiple experienceS | Going to the doctor tomorrow. Let’s see what this is all about. My whole weekend I was away my feet…

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