2018 Bucket List

(Planner is from Etsy)

Time is already moving so fast and I never really got the chance to sit down and really analyze all the things I wanted to do this year.

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The Sighting of a Lifetime.

The Life of a Safari Guide

Thursday 11th of January. A day I will remember forever.


The morning started off well with standard  sightings of elephants and buffalo, but we were left frustrated when the lions that we had responded to decided to move off into the bush as we arrived. This meant my guests only vaguely saw the ear of a lion which was rather annoying.

Yet as always, when you’re feeling down Africa will always bring you back up, just as it can bring you crashing down after an almighty high. When I drive, I base it around waterholes, often visiting two or three different water points during the drive. My rationale: every animal needs water to survive. On the way to the first waterhole we saw a herd of buffalo grazing quietly, then out of the thicket came a 7.2 tonne bull elephant in musth chasing the buffalo around. You never realise…

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Appreciation post

It's Me Saraa


How are you all?

I decided to start posting Appreciation Posts dedicated to people/animals/stuff i admire and appreciate.

Today… my 1st Appreciation goes to Kash. Kash is my horse. I’ve had him for 4 years now. He’s my therapist, my friend, my buddy… he’s more than an animal/pet.

I Love you Kasho!

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Single-handed Circumnavigation

Write to Inspire

François Gabart: French sailor slashes around the world solo record

Eyemouth Harbour Eyemouth Harbour in the Sixties

When I read this article, it took me right back to my time as a ten year-old when I lived in a fishing village in Berwickshire whose lifeline was the sea. In Eyemouth, everybody was connected to the harbour in some way. We all knew, or were related to, somebody on one of the Seine-netters that made Eyemouth such a busy place.

This is why we admired the achievement of Francis Chichester so much. He sailed around the world single-handed in his yacht, Gypsy Moth IV. It took him 266 days. We watched him cross the line as he sailed into Plymouth. A few days later, he sailed up the Thames to Greenwich and was deservedly knighted by the Her Majesty The Queen.

At the time, which was before man stepped onto the moon…

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2017 Hokkaido Winter Drive – Blog Series

Little Lion's Lifebook


In this blog series, I share the experience of my first winter drive in Hokkaido. Many of you are fans of my Singapore-Thailand road trips. This road trip, however, is a completely different animal, especially for many of us who have never driven in the snow and icy conditions before.

This was also the first time in 17 years I’ve rented a car for a holiday drive. I booked a car from the excellent website Rentalcars.com, a zippy Mazda 2 which is sufficient for two adults and one child. After doing a bit of research, I realised that an International Driving Permit would be required for driving in Japan. This is easily available at the Automobile Association of Singapore. The application procedure was super easy and convenient- I did a walk-in application at the Ang Mo Kio office and it took me only 10 minutes, all you need…

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Favourite Photos–2017


The WordPress Challenge this week is to show our most meaningful photo or photos from 2017. So here are mine:

The first is from London in June and the rehearsal of the Trooping of the Colour.  I love this photo of the mounted band heading up the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace.  I have this photo as my screen saver on my pc and every time I look at it I marvel at the stunning whiteness of the Drum horse’s white feathers.


Next is a detail photo of the braiding of the Percheron horses competing in the six horse hitch at the Royal Horse Show in November.


Finally  a photo that may be my absolute favourite, taken with my phone during the summer. One day my daughter and grandson came to visit and I snapped this photo of  them with my horse Biasini. My grandson is delighted with the…

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It All Started With Love


Sometime during July, I was taking some landscape photos around Brundage Point River Park in Grand Bay. There were two sculptures and I decided to using them as points of reference and scale in my photography. I was just being a tourist, play around with my camera settings.

I had checked out the tourist information office and read on an interpretive plaque that  there had been a fire that destroyed a large number of home in the town in early 1900’s and the dedication plaque was in Unity Park.

Unity Park Unity Park Grand Bay West Field Mullen road

Monument to the 1921 fire On August 1921 A forest fire raged though West Field, leaving 55 families homeless with no loss of life. This memorial placed by the town of Grand Bay Westfield in the year 200

I located the fire dedication, and right beside it was another sculpture. This one was called Love. Now my curiosity was piqued; I…

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Little Clifty Bridge

Madison Indiana Photography

little clifty 1 2017

I was hiking at Clifty Falls State Park near Madison Indiana when I came across this beautiful scene. I caught the sun as it slid beneath the rugged hillside that surrounds Little Clifty Falls and the bridge that spans it. Timing is such a major player in photography and once again I ended up at the right place at the right time !!

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