Top 10 Must Have Fishing Gadgets 2018 – Awesome Fishing Gadgets

Fisherman like to have some fishing gadgets to make it easier to catch that big fish. Here is our list of the Top Fishing Gadgets that you MUST have.

Source: Top 10 Must Have Fishing Gadgets 2018 – Awesome Fishing Gadgets

Apperception. (tanka)

Rusted Honey

photo of green data matrix

Any given world,
self-aware super structures
claim God’s sweetened breath;
hubris, just zeros and ones
programmed for simulations.

© Nancy Botta, 2018

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A beary good day.

Lucky Otters Haven


I took a drive out to Lake Logan, about 30 miles from here.  The lake’s surface was so still it was like a mirror.  There was no human activity at all (this is a very isolated lake, but in the summer there is still quite a bit of activity from people camping in the area).


There’s a definite fall feel in the air even though the days are still hot and most of the leaves haven’t really begun to turn yet.   Summer is definitely over.

Driving back home along some back roads, was I in for a surprise!    This black bear was standing in the middle of the road and at one point was quite close, but he quickly lumbered off before I could grab my phone to get a closeup picture.   I managed to snap this photo before he disappeared back into the woods.  I guess he found…

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I had this in half yearly exam paper, but this is something that needs notice.


Yesterday I had my english paper and one of the comprehension passages, brought to my notice this thing that is to be known if you havn’t yet. I have writen down the passage that came in my paper word by word and attached the concerned video. Please have a look.

“I took photographs, and Paul recorded video. As the bear approached the empty fuel drums looking for food, I could hear my colleages sobbing.
When Paul posted the video on Instagram, he wrote, ‘This is what starvation looks like.’ He pointed our that scientists suspect polar bears will be driven to extinction in the next century. He wondered whether the global popularion of 25,000 polar bears would die the way this bear was dying. He urged people to do everything they could do to reduce their carbon footprint and prevent this from happening. But he did not say that this…

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