My Daily Observation: 12/1/17


Bloggers email me asking for help.  They either want to figure out a way to get more people to follow their page or they want more interaction.  I think bloggers who want to grow their page are missing one crucial fact: they fail to build a tribe.

What does this mean and why is it important?  Building a tribe is a concept first introduced to me by Seth Godin.  If you are unfamiliar you can find plenty of great content on YouTube and I recommend you doing so after you finish reading this post.  Building a tribe means you take the time to associate your page with people who believe the same things you believe or care about the things about which you also care.  Basically it’s a way of bringing like minds together.

One of the challenges of building anything successful is to get others to care about what it is that you are doing.  If no one cares then your efforts could flounder which is the case with most bloggers.  My view is you don’t need everybody, you just need the right bodies.  Make sense?

Why is this important?  Many bloggers spend their efforts trying to appeal to the masses and for some there is nothing wrong with this strategy.  But when people simply aren’t engaging I think it is important to ask yourself what it is that you believe.  What is it that you care about?  Are there others who will care?  Are there enough people caring to help you reach your goals (if you have goals)?

You don’t need millions of readers to be successful.  Sometimes a tribe will be small, but effective.  I recommend spending time finding and connecting with people who believe in the same things in which you believe and then building a community of those types of people.  When people care about what you are doing, then and only then, will you find power for your cause.

Simon Sinek references this basic notion in explaining his Golden Ring concept.  People don’t buy, engage, follow, like for any other reason other than they buy-in to what you believe.  They believe the same as you.  And when people believe the same as you they don’t show for you, they show up for themselves.  They engage because they get something out of the relationship that helps them or reinforces their passion for what they believe.  It’s not forced labor, but a situation in which people will give their blood, sweat and tears.

The key is that in the situation I just mentioned, it isn’t about you, but about them.


My Daily Observation: 11/28/17


Why does it seem like life knows exactly what my weakness is and puts me under constant testing?  Do you ever feel this way?

I am not a patient person; I want everything and I want it now.  I like the process of success, but I don’t like having to wait.  And because the universe seems to understand I don’t like to wait around, it is as if I am constantly tested with situations that require the most patience.  I want to yell at the world sometimes.

I wonder how I would be tested if I were a patient man?  Typing that last sentence made me laugh for some reason.

So even though I don’t like to wait around, right now I am being tested to the utmost with a situation that is contingent on other people making things happen for me.  It is out of my control.

I sure hope there is merit in the old saying “good things come to those who wait!”

My Daily Observation: 11/27/17


Yesterday was 3 years since I began this blog and what an incredible ride it has been.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this ride would end up how it has ended up.   Blogging is such a huge part of my life now and I cannot imagine waking up in the morning and writing a post or reblogging someone to help spread the love.

When I first began I didn’t realize the personal fulfillment I would receive in return.  I’m sure most bloggers can say the same.  I cannot believe 3 years went by so quickly.

Well, here’s to another 3 years and more!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.  I’m out sick from work today dealing with the remnants of a cold and sinus headache so I’ll be around to talk.


My Thanksgiving Day Observation: 11/23/17


I want to wish everyone in the U.S. a Happy Thanksgiving!  I have been on vacation for the last week and haven’t been posting as much of my original stuff so I thought I’d pop in and say Thank You to all of my blog friends for supporting me and allowing me to be a small part of your life.

As a blogger I understand that no one owes me a view, share or like so when they happen I am grateful.  The last 3 years (November 26) have been amazing and I cannot believe the community we’ve built here on WordPress.  It has added so much to my life and I love the arguments and conversations.  I love the diversity of thought and I appreciate learning about other cultures.

So to all of you I say a huge “THANK YOU!!”  Happy Thanksgiving!

My Daily Observation: 11/15/17


The types of people you allow to have influence in your life is one of the most important decisions you can make.  I’ve heard parents tell their kids “you are who you hang out with” and it is true for adults as well.

Yesterday I sat down with a gentleman who owns an IT business with 2 offices locally.  We spoke about his business for a couple of hours and then wrapped up.  Standing in the lobby of one of the downtown Charlotte high-rises, we began to talk about life in general, the power of words and the power in having a positive mindset.  Our conversation recharged me for the afternoon and filled my emotional and spiritual sails!

The people you allow to have influence over you will steer your life in particular directions.  This is why you must be selective and choose wisely.  If you have people surrounding you who focus on great habits, practice being positive and focus on being productive people, then that reinforcement of those values will have a positive influence on your life.

On the other hand, if you surround yourself with people who practice negativity, people focused on material things, liars, manipulators and the like, then those values will have a negative influence on you.  It will be incredibly difficult to fight that current.

I like being around people who remind me, teach me, coach me and encourage me to remain focused on making sure my mind, body and spirit are aimed in the right direction.

I spent years walking the negative mindset avenue and I have no plans of returning to that route any time soon.


My Daily Observation: 11/14/17


I love the anticipation of an upcoming vacation.  As of Thursday I don’t return to work until 11/27 and I cannot wait to be in Florida!  For me the fun of vacation isn’t only in the days off, but in the time leading up to the time off.  I love the planning aspect.  I love the online research.  I love watching videos of the places we are planning to visit.

The planning and research build a wave of anticipation that crashes into the reality of heading out-of-town the morning of the vacation.

Thursday I will be headed to Disney to celebrate Evelina’s birthday with her in the most magical place on Earth.  I feel like a kid at Christmas!

My Daily Observation: 11/13/17


Often times the dread associated with doing chores is way worse than actually doing the chore.  In the past I would sit around and procrastinate when I didn’t want to do something.  Dread, dread, dread.  Then when I would begin the work I’d realize it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated and wished I had started much sooner because I could have been on to something else.

Dread, dread, dread.

Procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate.

We all do it sometimes.  But what if we just got into the habit of doing things the moment they come to mind?  What if you retrained your behavior?

Imagine how much more productive you’d be if you simply trained yourself to start and finish tasks right now.

Three years ago I retrained my mind and eliminated procrastination from my life.  How?  I began making my bed first thing every morning without fail.  It was the only thing on my personal to-do list and that one simple act changed me forever.

You should try it for 3 months.


My Daily Observation: 11/7/17


Have you ever watched water run downhill?  It flows toward the paths that offer the least resisted route to the bottom.  The type of energy in science that defines this is mechanical energy which has to do with the movement of objects.  It got me to thinking about how much energy I use when I move through my life.  That thought then led me to ask myself how much energy do I waste on unnecessary people, situations, worrying, etc.

So I’ll ask you: how much of your energy do you use thinking about others?  How much energy do you use spending time dealing with other people’s drama?  How much of your energy do you allow other people to steal from you?  How much of your energy do you allow worrying to take from you?

What if you stopped wasting your energy and put it to good use?  What if you stopped wasting energy and started applying it to something positive and productive?

My Daily Observation: 11/6/17


When life feels complicated or things are not going as you had hoped, sometimes it is best to reduce things down to the bare bones and get back to the basics.  I’ve always said this in the past to golfers in golf instruction: “Go back to the fundamentals when everything seems to be falling apart.”

This past weekend I did this with my blog.

For the last few months I would say I have been struggling with blogging; I felt like my page had become a little stale.  So on Thursday I told everyone that I would be returning to some of the types of posts that I published in the beginning days of Dream Big and boy did you guys respond!  The Share and Meet and Greet posts were wildly visited and it reminded me of the simple principle I mentioned above.

Life isn’t always super complicated.  Often times we compound our problems by lumping many problems into one so that it appears as if things are really worse than they might actually be.  It helps me to do a few simple things:

  1. Stop and breathe.  This might sound silly to some, but the point is to stop thinking for a moment and take a quick second to collect yourself.
  2. Stop asking others for their opinion or advice.  Too many voices is never a good thing so eliminate the exterior noise.
  3. Reduce the situation down to its basics.  So many times issues can seem much bigger and much more complicated so try to cut through all the “what ifs” to see the problem for exactly what it is.
  4. Look at the problem as an outsider and try to give yourself the same advice you might give a friend if they were going through the same issue.  This is one of my favorites and I use it often.  That is, right after I remind myself of step 1!
  5. Sometimes you don’t or can’t have an immediate solution so don’t think about fixing the problem.  Instead, try to determine what the next best step might be and focus on that.  Problems sometimes can seem overwhelming or frustrating and focusing on “how am I going to fix this” only makes things worse.  The better question is “what is my next best step?” and I find it reduces a lot of stress and anxiety.

I used these when thinking about my blog page over the last week and I was able to realize it was time for me to get back to the basics of my early years.  Guess what?  It worked or is working so far.

Try not to be your own enemy is these situations.  Turn the brain off and reduce things down a bit.  I think you might find that most problems are made worse by our brains!

Just a quick thought for a Monday morning!  Hope you have a great week and be sure to say hi.  I’d love to know some ways you make complicated things simple.



My Daily Observation: 11/2/17


“You cannot make people want to be great.”

Someone once quoted this to me as I was voicing my frustration with some people’s work ethic.  This quote has stuck with me ever since.  When I see sales people not responding to emails or not returning phone calls promptly I think of the quote above.  When I see people throwing trash out their car window I think of the quote above.  When I watch people neglect their health and fitness I think of the quote above.

The quote is actually a great personal mission statement or at minimum a great reminder for everyone who wants to be better-than.  It makes me wonder how many people have as their goal to be great at something.   When I started this blog I set as my goal to have over 100,000 followers and then figured out a plan to achieve my goal.  When I started my marketing career I set a goal to be the top producer in my company and then designed a plan to get their.  I want to be great at whatever I do.

Maybe not everyone is geared this way.  But why shouldn’t they?  Why shouldn’t every employee believe they can be the best at what they do?  Why shouldn’t every person understand they can be the best version of themselves?

Maybe I’m just way off here…it just seems like there are a lot of people accepting less-than.