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Beyond The Bounds

Hey there and welcome back!🙃🙃

Another new year, a start to many new things… I wish this year brings smiles and happiness for all of you…😃

I thought of starting this year with a post that helps us manage our time efficiently… So, let’s start!⬇️

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2018- This is the year that was!


2018 has been a good year in my life. There have been some inevitable ups and downs but c’est la vie! In the end the downs all came up ok and the ups were very good ups. Here are some of the blog posts that highlight my year.

In Florida, during the winter season there, I made my debut at the Intermediare 1 level. This is an FEI level and was a step up for Biasini and me. Here is a link the blog post about our journey.

In mid April we came home to Canada. Biasini shipped home arriving on the day there was an ice storm. The horses could not be turned out and it was a dramatic change in temperature for him. Here is a link to my post about what happened when he got sick and had to go to the equine hospital…

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The end of a blessed year!


Ah! I am so excited 🤗 Nope, not for the new year party, but for getting a job to die for, exactly aligning with my passion. The year’s indeed ending on a good note. So, I would love to take up this opportunity to be grateful for all the moments of 2017, which has helped me grow as a person that I am today.

So, I came across this photo on pininterest and I would like to mention some of my memorable moments.


  • First highlight was my birthday, it’s always special with my family and friends 🎂
  • Trip to Shirdi, a valentine day wedding, lonavala, Alibaug and other places with my short and sweet family ❤️ Travel is love.
  • My first vote
  • As I mentioned in my first post ( check out first blog post here) about the hair cut, it was kind of a new start in…

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Cloudy and I Know It

Introducing Nicci Kelly!!


Last year was a bit “cloudy” for me. I went through a lot of transitions and experienced some high points and low points. Dreams were put on hold and others came to reality. My faith was tested and my walk with God wavered. Many people believe this myth that because you are a Christian, you won’t have struggles or you do not wrestle with your faith…this couldn’t be further from the truth. I say all of this to say that there were moments I was on Cloud nine. I was blissfully happy and nothing in my surroundings could move me in a negative direction. I saw clearly what life had in store for me and I was ready to dive headfirst into the vision I know that God has for me. Then there were other moments…

…life situations that I allowed to happen and life situations that.just. happened

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When was the last time you…

I would like all of my readers to meet The Purple Almond!!

Purple Almond Wellness

As we cross over into 2017, I reflect on the past year, and the troubles in our world. We focus so much on what is wrong, we seldom take time to slow down and notice just how beautiful our world actually is. I will not make a resolution, but a vow, this year, to “Come alive,”  to slow down and pay attention to the beauty, the miracle that is our world. When was the last time you…well you’ll just have to watch this short 1:00 video to find out. Are you alive?

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A new year’s limerick…

This is A Hansen Chronicle!!

A Hansen Chronicle

These twelve months weren’t easy to handle

From obits to fake news to scandal

One thing that’s clear

Is we *need* a new year

We’ve had about all we can standle!


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