Where Do You Get Your Oxygen From?


She is the embodiment
of the questions we pondered
on a sunny afternoon.

Knowing the hype of the
newest workshop and buzzwords
would all have their moment in time
we asked each other, What Comes Next?

What is…
The driver of contentment?
The reason to try one more day?
The song we sing to our inner-self?

With quiet wisdom, and wonderous curiosity
she asked, “Where Do We Get Our Oxygen From?”

Today I danced as if it was warm and sunny outside
As if the world can someday be just, fair and peaceful for All
Believing that alone and collectively we make a difference
to ourselves, our neighbors, and our world.

Smiling huge and with a nod to the snowbirds
soaring above me on this winter’s day
my thoughts went to my teacher, my friend
I thought back to that moment when she asked
“Where do we get our Oxygen…

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Dissociative Identify Disorder: A Sliver of Grief

Art by Rob Goldstein

It was easy to get lost in a virtual reality; I’ve always lived in one

My experience of dissociative identity disorder is unique yet part of
a pattern of signs and symptoms expressed by different people in
similar ways.

Each person is unique but our bodies are variations on a theme
shared by all animals.

I like to give a clinical context to my discussions of life with DID.

People with DID are not crazy, I use reason to cope with a chaotic
inner world.

I’ve addressed the experience of psychological regression in earlier posts.

Digital painting of a child weeping in a pool of blood

Regression: n. a return to a prior, lower state of cognitive, emotional, or behavioral functioning. This term is associated particularly with psychoanalytic theory, denoting a situation in which the individual reverts to immature behavior or to an earlier stage of psychosexual development when threatened with overwhelming external problems or internal conflicts. —regress vb. —regressive adj.>>>>

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Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 122

But I Smile Anyway...

As I said yesterday, the challenges are back on after a month off!

Today it is Colleen’s turn, with her Tanka Tuesday which is not just about Tankas, but rather a chance to use different syllabic poetic forms.

Usually, she gives us two words which we need to use synonyms of within our verses… but on the first Tuesday of the month, we get free rein, and this month, the suggestion was to think of love related poems, as Valentine’s is so close…

Colleen recently introduced us to a new form, called a Haiga, where the words, usually a haiku or senryu, are echoed by an image, traditionally painted, but nowadays, can be a photo too.

I thought I’d try the traditional way, and even painted my own quick watercolour to go with it! It’s simplistic but effective, I hope!

A senryu for you all.

My words are Together and…

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Another card idea!

Elaine’s Digital Artwork ❤️

I really don’t know where I get my inspiration from regarding my paintings, believe it or not I never have a plan until I sit down at the screen. Today I thought mermaids but somehow they turned into fishes!

It’s my sister in laws birthday soon so I’m going to send her this one. I hope she likes it. One thing is for sure she won’t find another one the same. 😉

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Country Egg and Sausage Breakfast Casserole

What's for Dinner Moms?

The cold has broken and it was over a 90 degree temperature change between yesterday and last week. Things are getting slushy so we are trying to get everything up and off the driveway and sidewalks so that it doesn’t freeze. At least it is warm enough now to do this.

End of the month and finding a last package of country sausage at the bottom of the freezer is a great find in our house. I had a coupon to use for the local grocery store and potatoes and eggs were on sale so we able to get those things for $1.37. Yes! It is the little joys when you get towards the end of the month when  you are only paid once a month.


We love breakfast for dinner. I love making all the pieces of the casserole the night before so I can put it all…

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Nominations are Now Open!

The Annual Bloggers Bash

Now in its fifth year, the Annual Bloggers Bash returns bigger and better than ever. The venue is booked, the date is set for Saturday 15th June 2019 and the committee is busy working behind the scenes to ensure the day is full of fun, learning opportunities, networking, and, of course, the Blogtastic award ceremony. For more information about events on the day AND TO BUY A TICKET FOR THE EVENT, click here!

The Awards

The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards are open to bloggers from all over the world, and are nominated and voted for by the blogging community and general public.

This year, we have changed a number of the categories and the process in which the nominations happen, so please read the information below carefully.

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Spiritual Disciplines – Day 1

Principle Michelle

Glorious Sunday morning, friends! As I look out my bedroom window, there’s just a hint of snow remaining from Friday’s weather event, but the chilly temps are still hanging around until later today according to Siri. I’m really starting to embrace winter. It has never been my favorite season because it takes time and effort to prepare to go out. My morning routine works best in spring and summer — hair still wet from the shower, no jacket, no socks, no sleeves.

Winter requires layers; and if you’re a diva, those layers must coordinate well. I’m not a diva, but I can relate. I’m learning to pull a few items together the night before, praying that everything fits. My default winter wear mantra? Ifitstretches,itfits.I also remind myself that if it doesn’t fit, a duster or jacket can cover it. Sorry, not sorry. I just have to own it–whatever “it”…

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What do you see? Willow Poetry

Tessa Can Do It - Positivity is Everything!

What do you see? Willow Poetry


visions whirl

through my head, senseless

who am I


Write a poem, tanka, haiku or short story about what the photo means to you. Willow Poetry!


Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also a devout Christian

Author – http://www.finallyawriter.com (this blog contains my old work mostly although occasionally I do add something new here), new work is mainly on this blog http://www.tessacandoit.com

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Embrace your magic…

Ramblings of a wallflower

From the glorious days of our childhood, we are taught to fit in to a frame that is considered the norm by everyone. “Be more like that girl/boy in your class” , “Why aren’t you more like your sister/brother?” , “Take up this subject because everyone is doing that these days”. These are but a few comments I, and you for sure have heard, growing up. Ever since we are considered old enough to choose our paths, the artists, writers, and the musicians are taught to go easy on their “hobbies”, and the queer, peculiar and the whimsical are forced to be “normal” just so they can more like everyone else.

Well, I’m here to tell you to be less like everyone else. Be the least like everyone else. Listen to the depths of your heart and embrace your true self. World has enough normal people who haven’t done the…

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