Are You Starting a New Nursing Job? Tips on Negotiating Salary for Nurses

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Have you received a job offer for a nursing position, but not comfortable with the salary? The initial salary of a new position is important because it could make a huge difference in your decision to accept the position or not. 

interviewNegotiating salary can be intimidating for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be.  It’s in your own right to negotiate salary just as it’s the employers own right to choose the best nurses for their healthcare facilities.

Click on the following link for more info, and to watch a short video of Kelsey, Relode Account Executive with tips on Negotiating Salary for Nurses.


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Have You Landed a #Job Interview Yet? Check Out 10 Common #Resume Writing Mistakes to Avoid.

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Are you wondering why employers are not calling you for job interviews?  Well, the writing on your resume could be the problem.  Maybe you’re not being detailed enough on your resume, or you’re being too detailed.  You may also have typos or other errors on your resume that you’ve overlooked.  The following are 10 common resume writing mistakes to avoid.

pexels-photo-265036.jpegLying: Lying about your work history, education, etc. can have serious consequences. Employers conduct background checks.  And even if you are hired after lying on your resume, that doesn’t mean you’ve gotten away with it.  You can get terminated once your employer figures out you weren’t truthful.  So, be honest.

Spelling & Grammar Errors:  Make sure you review your resume for spelling,  grammar or any typos. Have your resume proofread by a couple of friends or relatives if possible. 

Taking a One-Size-Fits-All Approach: Make sure that your education, skills…

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Sometimes You Gotta Put Your Head Down and Work Hard(er)

I am a hard worker.  By this I mean that I develop a plan, analyze my progress, challenge myself daily and put the time in; basically I show up every day to succeed.  I know not everyone does this because I watch people’s actions.

Living in the world of sales and marketing affords me the opportunity to watch a lot of business people and compare and contrast.  Living in the world of sales also allows me to watch other sales people and compare and contrast what I do against what they do.  I have learned that if you aren’t doing it, then one of your competitors is doing it; so get busy!

Image result for how many everest attempt have been made

I see a lot of mediocre habits.  I watch people go through the motions every day.  I hear people talk as if they want to be the best, but then watch their actions say otherwise.

Hard work.

I’m not so sure people these days want to work hard.  I’m not sure people in our age understand what working diligently means.  I am convinced that people have tricked themselves into believing they are doing their best when in fact they are operating at 60%.

The vast majority are coasting; flying under the radar.  They live in a world below the top 10%, but above the bottom dwelling 10%.  Flying under the radar isn’t a compliment. It means you put effort into not being noticed; going undetected.  Those living in the world of the 80% do so because they are comfortable there.  The expectations are lower when you live in the middle.

The funny thing is those who live in the top 10% never think about it because they are too busy working.  And most times those who think they are a top producer are not and make excuses.   Those who say “I’m an asset to the company” or “they couldn’t run this place without me” are the ones who have tricked themselves into believing they are a top producer when in fact they are not.

They are living in the realm of “good enough”.  I’m not sure what “good enough” is, but it isn’t okay with me.

The real question is where do you stand?  Have you tricked yourself into believing you are functioning optimally when in fact you are coasting at about 60% efficiency?

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The Courage To Shift!



I’ve never been interested in climbing the Corporate Ladder. It’s not that I’m unmotivated, fraternizing with the enemy has never appealed to me.  I dislike the image of trying to pry the grunge from my soul at the end of each day, only for it to resurface on next. For me personally, the amount of money received is not always worth the emotional investment. Don’t misunderstand, I know management is often forced to make decisions they might not necessarily agree with, and often have no choice but to be the conductor of bad news. The longer I live, the more I value the presence of peace in my life and as such my decisions are shaped with that goal in mind.


There is, however, a thrill associated with climbing my own personal ladder! I’d been marinating in the same position for a while, afraid of the unknown and the…

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I Started a New Journey!

I have received a few emails asking me about how the job is going so I thought I would take a quick moment to update everyone.

For those who are not aware, on June 20th I started a new journey by accepting a position at a local newspaper.  Thus far the job is going great and I am enjoying every moment.  I am working as the Digital Specialist in the sales department.  My position focuses on helping current and new clients find more success in their digital portfolio by providing products that our company sells.  We are one of 34 companies in the country having received Google’s Premier SMB (small/medium business) Partner designation.  It means a great deal when analyzing customer’s online needs and I am proud to have that badge on my cards and on the company website.

So far I have gone through an extensive training program demanded by Google’s designation.  I will not be writing code any time soon, but I do have enough knowledge to explain to our customers how the ad bid process works, ad quality ranking and such.  I will not bore you with the details.

I have a week of training to complete in Boston mid-month and then all my training will be complete…finally!  In the meantime I will be participating in ride-along sessions with the print media reps to get to know them and meet some of their customers.  I am the only rep in my department, besides my manager who handles other jobs besides selling.   Because of this, I have a massive territory which creates a ton of opportunity for me.

I love my new job.  I have been on a few sales calls thus far and love knowing what I am selling truly helps small-to-medium business owners get found online.  In a way, I am protecting our local SMB from extinction and helping them protect themselves from the bigger corporate-type businesses.  This statement might seem a bit dramatic to some, but to me it is the truth.  Without the ability of being found online, small business struggles.

It is funny how life works out sometimes.  I never would have thought I would be at a newspaper selling digital products.  All of the self-education about SEO tactics, growing a blog, online presence, etc. was crucial to me getting this job.  And this whole time I thought I was learning only for my blog’s growth.  It just goes to show that you must keep an open mind and give consideration to all possibilities.   Once you close your mind, you close your world.  Keep an open mind and you open your world!

I hope everyone has a great Saturday and for my American friends, Happy 4th weekend!!






It’s A Balancing Act

This reblog is a bit off topic, but I liked it so I thought I would share. Enjoy!


Life is a balancing act. It has to be. It is up to each and everyone of us to know when to say when. Enough of this, time to move onto that. I grew up a perfectionist. I never believed I had an option to leave anything in my life unfinished or incomplete. There was never a choice for me, nothing to even think about. If there was something that needed to get done I was going to do it, period. I see now that people are pushed beyond their limits. School, work and responsibilities will demand and take until you are exhausted and have nothing left to give. I realize it’s time to reevaluate how to spend each moment of time. If there is more work in a day to finish than there is time to complete it then something has to give. You have a choice to kill…

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