Take the time to ask questions–you might be surprised by what you hear

I can usually recognize an open-minded person by two characteristics: they listen and they ask questions. Do you do all the talking or are you a listener?

Open or Closed Door?

Being open-minded does not mean you have to change. It only means you are willing to listen and experience a different point of view. Are you open? Or are you closed?

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Are you an OPEN or CLOSED door?

open door at apartment OPEN door

In the world do you show up open to people or are you closed? By this I mean, do you attempt to meet people with an open-mind or a closed one. I have become more open-minded, and open-hearted about others, as I have been learning to love and accept myself more.  As I got older, I also noticed as a teacher that I felt more love and connection with my students, and I learned so much about life from them.

closed  apartment door CLOSED door

There is a real down side to NOT being open with all kinds of people of all races, cultures, and sexual orientations. You miss out on getting to know interesting, intelligent, and fun people when you remain closed in your thinking. You miss opportunities to eat their delicious food or hear different kinds of music. You are also cutting…

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I am right and you are wrong

This is Mick Canning a new blog I am following. Mick adds to our discussion today about being open-minded with his post I Am Right and You Are Wrong. Wonderful perspective!

Mick Canning

I am right and you are wrong (regardless of whatever you are saying).

We are all human; we are all fallible and none of us are all-knowing. Most of us are beset by doubts, and we hold a number of conflicting opinions (which we usually try to pretend aren’t there). Is this a bad thing? Quite the opposite, I think.

We can only really grow in the company of people who challenge our beliefs. We can only really attain empathy for others when we understand where they are coming from. That is why it is, for example, so important to understand the reasons that terrorists carry out atrocities. Understanding is not the same as condoning. Understanding someone’s point of view, understanding why they hold that point of view; what events have shaped their lives, can only help us to a better understanding of how to deal with any conflict that…

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Strive to understand that all things have a counter-perspective. Your view of your world is one small snapshot of a much larger image.

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For many decades I look at people, things and events from different angles.

It allows me to feel and to understand more, to love more and to enjoy life fully.

Below is a photo that I shot several days ago.

Hope that you’ll like it.

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