14 of My Random Opinions



My opinions:

  1. It is my opinion that 99% of Americans are not educated enough to ever make a comment on what they think needs to happen to fix the U.S. economy, healthcare and most other complex national problems.  (side note: I actually had a “friend” once tell me they had read the Affordable Healthcare Act.  I was amazed because the damn thing is 27,000 pages.  They were obviously lying.)
  2. It is my opinion that people who talk the most usually have the least to say.
  3. On the other hand, it is my opinion that those that are quiet usually give solid advice.
  4. It is my opinion that fear and manipulation by early leaders created a Christianity that was never intended to exist.
  5. It is also my opinion that more religious people need to live a life of action and example instead of a life of words.
  6. It is my opinion that everyone should be required to work in the service industry for a period of 1 year before the age of 22.
  7. It is my opinion that the vast majority of people don’t care about anyone but themselves and their immediate families.
  8. It is my opinion that the large middle-class in America doesn’t care one-way-or-the-other what happens in Washington, D.C.  Or, better, they don’t care enough to get involved.  If they did, the very, very small liberal and conservative groups wouldn’t be so influential.
  9. It is my opinion that politically correct labels are annoying.  I am not follicly challenged, I am bald.  I had a friend of mine ask me why I call him African-American because he’s never been to Africa; and doesn’t want to go.
  10. It is my opinion that humans are the answer to their own problems.
  11. It is my opinion that we have nurtured and coddled American society so much that everyone has an excuse.
  12. It is my opinion that Star Wars kicks Star Trek’s ass.
  13. It is my opinion that the game of golf is the best sport for kids to participate due to the self-enforcement of the rules.
  14. It is my opinion that stereotypes are funny sometimes.  My friend Dre makes fun of me for eating mayonnaise, my 6″ vertical leap, participating in extreme sports and living where it is really cold.  All of which he considers stereotypes of white people and only one of which applies to me (which is part of the humor).  Nonetheless, he laughs so hard and I laugh and I like that.  He is my friend.

Ignorance is not bliss

Do you believe it is your responsibility to read to educate yourself in order to better form your opinions? Or do you wing it?

this life

It really saddens me to see that there are still so many people out there who are so blatantly ignorant.

As I’ve found that I’ve been doing a lot recently,I happened to read some comments on a news report today on social media. The report was about the anti-Islamic group UPF staging a be-heading outside the local council offices in protest of a mosque being built. For anyone who hasn’t seen this report, see the link below:

Anti Islamic group stages be-heading Bendigo 

This was my comment:

“This is so unhelpful and just fuelling the hate and fear that were trying to get rid of. Morons.”

I am pleased to say that my comment received many likes, which tells me that there are many people who agree with me; believing that this type of behaviour is simply uncalled for and just making matters worse. There were however, many, many…

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Only Points Of View

This is a great post discussing points of view/opinions and life. Enjoy…

The Reflecting Pool

Interesting Point of View Interesting Point of View

What are you sure of in life? What philosophy can you stand behind and not shy away from because you are sure of its validity? We all have some non negotiable items in this cache. The sun will rise, the sun will set. Life is fleeting. You must work hard to be successful. The government is looking out for your best interest. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. There are many points of view which are considered by people constant, unshakeable and permanent fixtures in life and creators of our reality. Yet in reality they are only interesting points of view that you can choose to believe or discard as you see fit.

Our thoughts on things have power. How we perceive is important to the reality that we experience each and every day.  But lets look at the interesting points of view which are not…

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Why Do Folks Do What They Do?

We have been discussing opinions and the difference of being opinionated. This topic is leading my thoughts to what makes us the person that eventually has informed or uninformed opinions. What happens that makes a tick and tock?

Lee Pylant Dot Com

Why do folks do what they do?

Is it because of them or is it you?

Maybe it’s the witness standing by,

Pushing a point, like a poke in the eye.

Ask a question, expect a response,

One comes back like a cat on the pounce,

Dang that hurt, not what I expected,

Right in the eye, a bit of expectorate!

They’ve said they love me, what happened to that?

Three strikes you’re out! Like Casey at the bat.

Is what we have no longer valuable?

Or perhaps our love is a bit too malleable.

Lest I be too quick to judge,

It’s best I simply weave and dodge,

Live to fight another day,

Or forgive and forget, who’s to say?

– Wint

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“So Here’s the Thing…” Episode 1

In attempting to find a reblog to continue our talk about opinions, I found this eloquent diatribe on Scott’s World (all of his points I agree with AND curse about daily). He deals with traffic, but also is a microcosm of society. We’ve been discussing informed and uninformed opinions and how a person’s life experiences influence his or her ability to form well thought out and informed opinions. Sometimes people stop abruptly to let other’s into traffic. Why?? I never do that because I was taught better. But so do and will continue to do so. And some in society will have opinions on a certain politician because they like his dog. I guess we have to live with this fact.

Scott's World

“So Here’s the Thing…” is a recurring column here on Scott’s World in which I address a particular topic that is either a source of frustration for myself, a controversial subject in society, or a current event on which I have a strong opinion.  Let me stress again that if you won’t be able to handle my occasionally-polarizing commentary then you should probably skip these posts.  Today’s column is on:


It’d be easy for me to fill pages and pages with the things that bother us all about traffic and specifically other drivers. I’m not going to do that. We’ve all been through those things a thousand times already when we complain to our friends or family about some idiot who cut us off on the way home from the office yesterday. Instead I’d simply like to clear up a few things for everyone, because I honestly feel that…

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For the Love of God, Educate Yourself or Be Quiet!

It is my opinion that the sky is green.  Go!.  This was the challenge given to me in a debate class in my first year of university at Charlotte.  I had to defend the argument that the sky was green and I must say I defended my opinion with gusto! Doesn’t mean I was right, it only means I found a rational way to defend my stance.

The earth is flat.  Go!  (side note: the “Go!” is how the instructor would begin the debate.  He would place the victim in front of the class, surprisingly announce your opinion to defend and then yell “Go!”)



I do more arguing via email with readers that are so quick to defend their opinions.  Opinions that are not based in fact. This is not to say that I dismiss them, on the contrary, I allow them to vent.  Then I ask questions.  I ask questions until they can’t stand it any longer.  Why?  Because I can tell with most people that they are being opinionated, not informed.  And by asking questions I am forcing them to use their intranet machine to find this new invention called Google and find the answers.

I studied religious history at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  I took Hebrew, Greek and German.  I studied the Dead Sea Scrolls, Josephus, Tacitus, Origin, the Gnostic Gospels, etc.  I have spent the last 25 years post university reading everything I can find on early Christian origins, and most of those books I have read multiple times.  I have opinions on the history of the early Jesus movement; I am not opinionated.

On the topic of early Christian origins I can have a somewhat educated discussion.  I cannot do the same as it relates to politics.  Or space travel.  Or gun control.  Or healthcare.  Or economics.  Or homelessness.  Or immigration.  And for this reason you will rarely, if ever, hear words come from my mouth talking on these topics except to say we need to help people. This is not to say that I am not educated.   I am very educated.

I have read Darwin’s On the Origins of Species, twice.  I have read most of the classics.  I have spent hours reading up on topics of which I have very little experience.  I spent 3 1/2 years studying higher mathematics at one of the top math programs in the country.   Dr. Wicnefsky (my Abstract and Linear Algebra professor) was the first to explain to me “Mr. Ray you have a mind for mathematics, but you are a very lazy student.”  (in my best thick Polish accent.)   I still laugh about that today!

And I am still lazy and ignorant on many, many topics.

My least favorite thing to hear someone say is “what we need to do is…”   As if to say that some random person I know has figured out how to solve the immigration problem.  Or medicare.  Or social security.  Or gun control.  Or healthcare. You sound foolish, because you are not educated enough to spout, in any form, an educated opinion on the topic.  You are being opinionated.  

Descartes announced, following an epiphany, that he would no longer assume that what he had learned in life was truth. But, he would seek out and doubt all things until he found genuine truth.  And, more importantly, he would shut his mouth on topics he had no particular knowledge and listen.

In today’s world people are quick to speak, quick to spout, quick to offer their opinionated stance.  But how many are genuinely educated in their opinion?  How many of us actually know what the hell we’re talking about.

I know the answer: very few.

You and I cannot begin to understand the complexities of the United States budget and market.  You and I cannot begin to comprehend the intricate details of the Healthcare Reform Act.  You and I do not have the information necessary to form an educated opinion on the details that make immigration such a problem.

Yet, some stand on their Facebook rooftop and vomit out their ignorant opinionated views as if they have it all figured out. When in fact they haven’t conducted enough research to help an immigrant understand which office they need to visit to get their I9 form.

I am so sick of people throwing up all over me with their ignorance and ill-formed thoughts.  I have said this to several friends, “you are not informed enough to talk about what you are talking about.  So zip it.”

Better to remain silent and be assumed the fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.”   Socrates

If you really want to learn, ask questions.  And then listen.

Your thought for the day

Changing opinions only requires a sharp blade and a surgeon with a brain donor! Great line. Opinions, opinions everywhere…

C.T. Curio

Throughout our lives our experiences and social interactions shape our modes of being and our opinions. For some of us these opinions become rigid, mentally isolated from the flux of being which originally gave them form. This inflexibility will cause conflict to arise in this shared world of ours – but do not fret. It is not difficult to change somebody’s mind. All you need is some patience, a little time and a mad surgeon with some serious blades and a co-operative or sufficiently restrained brain donor. Never give up on people. And if you’re really ambitious you can follow Ghandi’s advice and “be the change”. Change a mind, change a life (or two).

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I like these thoughts on opinions and how to voice yours…

That's Another Story

Opinion Quote Photo Credit: http://www.kristendukephotography.com

There is the popular expression that proclaims that opinions are like assholes, in that everyone has one.  The difference is that while everyone has one, they generally don’t feel compelled to share it like they do their opinions.  In today’s day and age of instantaneous information and being connected with the world at large 24/7, opinions are being served up everywhere by everyone in every form imaginable.

When a hot topic, like the recent refusal of a county clerk in a small Kentucky county to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, takes center stage, opinions become absolutely overwhelming and, disturbingly, vicious and malicious in their delivery.  This phenomenon is not limited to this most recent highly publicized issue, either, as the same vitriolic speech being spewed by otherwise seemingly rational human beings can be heard whenever any hotbed issue is broached.  From to race relations to foreign policy, there…

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Are You a Jack of all Trades but Master of None?

I have a challenge for everyone.  I want you to make a list of all the topics of which you are an unequivocal expert.  No ifs ands or buts…expert as in, could testify in court as an expert witness.

For me it would only be golf.  I could testify in court as an expert witness about the game of golf.  I know the rules and have served as a tournament rules official having been trained by the USGA to do so.  I am a certified, card carrying member of the PGA.  I have given over 5,000 golf lessons in my career and conducted over 500 corporate and private golf outings and clinics.

I have taught women, men, seniors, children, politicians, celebrities, etc.  I played professionally (although not very well. lol) for many years and competed in over 300 professional tournaments over a 20 year career.

quote-to-know-is-to-know-that-you-know-nothing-that-is-the-meaning-of-true-knowledge-socrates-174070I have also managed public, private and resort golf course properties, handling a staff numbering in the hundreds, formulating and executing budgets and managing crisis situations.

This is the only topic on the planet that I could testify in court as an expert.

I try to remain quiet around people that have specialized knowledge in other fields so that I can learn.  I don’t jabber on about politics because I am at best an amateur.  I don’t talk about healthcare because at best I am an amateur.  I don’t pretend to understand the U.S. economy because I am an amateur.


The sooner you realize you don’t know as much as you think you know the sooner your life will turn for the better.  

p.s. by the way, if your list I mentioned above has more than 1 (in rare instances, 2) item, you are delusional.  When you speak you are repeating what you already know.  When you are silent you may learn something new.  D. Lama

Watch your toes..they might get stepped on

My opinion, your opinion, their opinion…everyone has an opinion. Here’s another perspective on opinions.

Life as Lex

The absolute dreaded topic of today!

I have debated back and forth to even post this one. To even blog on it. Because this topic causes so many dang issues. But, I’m going for it. Because, I want to.

Plus, who doesn’t like stirring things up from time to time. Am I right?!

Just kidding(kind of).


oh boy.

I have lost so many friends over this very word.

I stated in one of my past blogs about how I am not into politics and have no care for them.

Here’s a little back ground.

I use to love politics. I thought they were so super fun to keep up with. I just knew when I got older I would still adore politics as much as I did then.


Big negative.

My views were those of very conservative.


Those dang conservatives are what you’re thinking right? Me too…

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