How to make nut butter slices

Meet Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS!!

Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS

Another foody type post today! I always find by Boxing day I have completely forgotten what day of the week it is and am spending way to much time in front of the telly, so today me and Dizzy decided to make stuff in the kitchen instead!

I discovered these nut butter slices a while ago. I love them because they are super yummy but also super simple to make! 🙂

Nut butter slices:



  1. Nut butter of your choice (I’ve used peanut butter and triple nut butter before, both have worked really well!)
  2. Honey
  3. Oats
  4. Any extras you would like too add. 🙂 I add lots of ground ginger and/ or cinnamon as I love the flavour of these but you can add pretty much anything. Nuts, chocolate and spices work really well.

Amount wise is up to you! You can add the same amount of honey, oats and nut butter but I love…

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Physio and Brain scan

I would like everyone to meet Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS!!

Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS

This week was my first ever physio appointment. Having never had physio before I wasn’t sure what I expected. In my mind I was imagining some sort of fast paced exercise routine that left me feeling ten times dizzier than when I arrived. Thankfully it turned out to be much gentler. The most strenuous part was arriving at the wrong entrance and a trying to be helpful man marching along the corridor to take me to the right place. I felt like saying something but ended up going for my usual approach of not saying anything while trying to shuffle along at a reasonable pace and not topple over in the process. Then it was an hour of questions and gentle pushing on limbs. I was so impressed with how lovely everyone was and the location. This is the garden and they even had sheep!


I am also so grateful to the MS Society for funding the treatment here as otherwise the wait…

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The Blogger Q&A Tag

I would like you to meet MSnubutterflies!!


First of all thank you to Jen from Tripping Through Treacle for nominating me. Like Jen I think these are fun because it gives us a chance to get to know each other better.

Jen also writes about her journey with MS. She is among one of the many chronic illness blogs I enjoy. Please stop by and visit her.

As much as I enjoy participating in these types of post I feel I should apologize in advance that my answers may be short or may seem not to be well thought through. I’m in a bit of a fog today and finding it difficult to find words and put thoughts together. It would seem smart to wait for a better day right! Honestly I don’t know when that will be and knowing me I would forget about the post all together. Lol. So it is what it is. I’ll…

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The Beginning of Change

Introducing MSnubutterflies!!


In no way do I feel sorry for myself or do I feel like why me. I am no different to anyone else though there are times that are hard. It is how we choose to face that and our attitude that makes all the difference. Life is constant change, self growth, acceptance, and adapting. This is just another one of those moments in my life.

As the physical and mental drain of the past few months set in I find myself having some difficulty adapting. For some this is probably hard to understand or relate to. Not only am I faced with a body that no longer works the way it once did but the mental drain is taking a toll on me. For me this was harder than the physical aspect.

Your mind is overloaded with constant thought and awareness of what you are doing and those around…

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The Decision to Act

Maybe it is time to learn to overcome your fear. That’s right I said learn. Taking action is a habit that can be developed.

JAM with Mike

Thursday July 23, 2015 #743

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.”

~Amelia Earhart


You probably know this from your own experience:  The real challenges in life aren’t the challenges themselves.  It is the difficulty of making that decision to act to make a change that can get you beyond that challenge.  Once the decision is made and that first action is taken, it is almost always a pleasant surprise just how easy it is to take the next and the next action until the challenge is overcome.  It is human nature to fear the unknown, but it is also our unique human ability to decide to move beyond our fears and…

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The reality of denial

We are all in denial about something, right?! I love the analogy at the beginning of this post.

Gail's Blog


Similar to how we adjust the mirrors in our car to capture the specific line of sight for safety, we adjust our point of view to find a safe haven.

As we age, the reflection in the mirror changes and somehow we manage to adjust our perspective to digest this inevitable reality. Some opt for expensive treatments or products. For others, it’s a matter of adopting a different take on it. I don’t look my age…It’s just the lighting. No matter how you slice it, it’s denial. I came to this conclusion after some recent photos of myself. The camera is truth. Only after much practice at the art of editing – iPhone’s most prized feature in my opinion – do I upload and send.

A friend forwarded me one of those comic emails, which was a story about a woman who ran into an old classmate and couldn’t believe how old he…

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Day 6: Denial

I like that this post discusses the options about knowing there is a problem in your life: something gives or something changes. Change before life breaks!

You Don’t Have to Believe You’re Not Good Enough

Channel_Art_Template_(Fireworks)[1]Starting today I will be uploading a video segment to my YouTube channel discussing my daily Dream Big Original post.  Each morning I post a thought of the day and then back that thought up with other blog posts and article shares.  In my video posts I will include an expanded view or discussion on the daily topic.

So, back to today’s topic and this article share…

The beginning of overcoming any obstacle is the belief that you are good enough or that you are capable.  Often times doubt creeps into our mind causing us to ponder whether or not we can overcome a particular obstacle or difficulty.  Believing in yourself is essential to climbing the mountain.  Click below for a great article on TinyBuddha:

It’s Up To Me

I love the ending to the post…”It’s up to me.” How do you deal with tough times? Do you run away and hide? Or, do you stand tall and figure a way to overcome and become a better version of yourself?

The Moments Between


So, my life hasn’t turned out the way I hoped or expected it to. I grieved that for awhile. Sometimes I still do.

But, I realized it was up to me to create a different life for myself that could still be good. I took stock of my circumstances, and decided it was time to clean some things up. I knew I had work to do on myself and work to do in terms of some practical problem solving.

I attended regular counselling for the first few years after my marriage ended. This helped me look at myself and take responsibility for my part. It also helped me to NOT take responsibility for his part, which I had been prone to do. I set some personal goals for self improvement and worked hard at making some changes.

I have been learning to identify, value, and ask for what I need…

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