People Want To Sell You Success

People want to sell you success.  Millionaires on YouTube and Facebook want to show (code for sell) you how you too can make a billion dollars flipping houses/investing/Inventing/modeling, etc.  They convince you to buy by showing you big houses, flashy sports cars and beautiful vacations.  The truth is it’s 10% of the story.  Could everyone become millionaires?  Yes.  Will they?  No.


What these baited infomercials leave out is all the hard work which goes along side of knowledge and guts.  My wife and I have owned and operated several businesses and are currently building a brand new enterprise from the ground up.  It will take approximately 2 years to see a return.  In that time it will also require extremely long hours and tenacity.

And the tenacity is what most people lack to get them to their goal.  Anytime someone tells you something will be easy it will probably not pan out to be worthwhile.  Why?  Because success in any area of life is never, ever easy.

So the next time you see an infomercial touting how great you can be if you buy their program/system/product, just remember the truth is you can be great, but it is going to require a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work; which is why the vast majority of people stay on the porch.

Be More Than a Dreamer in 2016!

I think back to just a few years ago, when my life seemed to be empty professionally and personally, and think about how far I have come.  I am no longer working my retail job which, at the time, seemed like a prison. I have married Evelina and we have moved into a new townhouse.  Although my symptoms are tough to deal with right now, my neurologist believes the medical community is on the brink of terminating MS altogether!  Life for me is as good as it has ever been.

And I don’t believe it is by happenstance.


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I understand the frustration of all you dreamers out there.  Feeling you could do so much more and wondering why things just don’t seem to work out or why you don’t have a better job making more money.  Or why you can’t seem to meet the right partner.  Or why others have it better than you.  Having lots of great ideas, but never quite seeing them through to fruition.  Always, seemingly, throwing things against the proverbial wall, with nothing sticking.  Having a vision, but lacking direction.

I can tell you from my experience that looking outward for your direction or vision or motivation is only going to keep you frustrated.  You will always feel less-than.

My journey as a dreamer changed dramatically when I realized that a big part of being a person of action comes from inside.  I was dreaming of doing great things and having all the cool stuff that came with success.  The greatness was in me and I had to know that more than any wish, hope or belief.  And once I knew I was capable, things changed.

I started to take baby steps to achieving my goals, to buying my freedom.  The one thing that self-understanding and confidence can overcome is fear.  As all doers can attest, fear creeps in at every step of the journey.  When you develop a business plan, fear will be there.  When you seek capital, fear will be there.  When you plan for opening day, fear will be there.  When you wake in the morning fear is there.

And it is fear that can be the greatest detractor to some and the grandest motivator to others.  It says things like: “what if no one comes?”, “what if I fail?”, “what will others think?”, “what if I don’t meet projections?”, “what if I don’t make the team?”

Some listen and decide the risk is too much.  Others say I am going to out work every human being on the planet; work an extra job at night if need be because I know I can do this!

If I could say one thing to my readers it would be, “you are capable of so much more than your current place in life.”  If you identify with my posts I challenge you to pick one aspect of your life that needs attention and make a change in 2016.  Get the ball of positive forward momentum rolling.  You must take action to create a positive flow in your life!

Do not wait any longer, today is your day!  If you don’t know how to change I advise you to research the internet for information relating to your situation.  It is not as hard as you think…


My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 189 … Singing in the Rain!

Having a positive attitude does have a direct impact on your life. “We may be losing control of our body, but we are in charge of our attitude!” What an amazing example Fred Phillips is setting for the world to see!!


singing in the rainSinging in the rain! A great movie, a great song and a great metaphor! No matter how dark the clouds, no matter how much rain falls, we can still sing!

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More thoughts of dealing with depression…



Have you ever felt this enervating and weakening breeze blow on you and it’s like the whole day, week or moment is totally ruined . Whenever you feel this overwhelming sadness, pain, hurt or loneliness clouding you,then you are in a state of depression.

It’s a normal thing to feel depressed, even that person you think that has a perfect life feels depressed sometimes. So I can tell you with no doubt it’s OK to feel depressed atimes, but never let it control your life or influence your decision. 

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The reality of denial

We are all in denial about something, right?! I love the analogy at the beginning of this post.

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Similar to how we adjust the mirrors in our car to capture the specific line of sight for safety, we adjust our point of view to find a safe haven.

As we age, the reflection in the mirror changes and somehow we manage to adjust our perspective to digest this inevitable reality. Some opt for expensive treatments or products. For others, it’s a matter of adopting a different take on it. I don’t look my age…It’s just the lighting. No matter how you slice it, it’s denial. I came to this conclusion after some recent photos of myself. The camera is truth. Only after much practice at the art of editing – iPhone’s most prized feature in my opinion – do I upload and send.

A friend forwarded me one of those comic emails, which was a story about a woman who ran into an old classmate and couldn’t believe how old he…

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Are You Living in Denial: Dr. Amy Johnson

IMG_7125I launched my YouTube channel yesterday and will be posting a new video each day at 12:30pm est.  I hope all of you enjoy them and any feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Check out this article I found on Huffington Post:

Barriers to Personal Growth – Do you refuse to see them?

The question still stands: what are you denying exists in your life that you need to deal with?

YOU University Online

Are You Keeping Your Head in the Sand?

ostrichLook around. Denial is everywhere – about being in a lousy relationship; about how you treated someone; about how much money you have.

Are these barriers to personal growth? Being human means we are all pretty much subject to this state of mind. I’ve been told it is a protective construct. I’m sure it is and it is also appropriate to take my head out of the sand and look around when I don’t need that protection any more.

What I need to fully take my head out of the sand and keep it out is about frequent exercise .  This is my barrier.

I’m 72. I have definitely arrived at the “use it or lose it” stage of my life. I’ve been warned and exhorted and the day has arrived. I am no longer get away in the no-exercise-but-my-body-works-pretty-well-anyway stage. Today…

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True Grit

I have known people that were gritty. They simply refused to be defeated and fought through failure and adversity like a warrior. Do you have grit?


“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t- you’re right.”

– Henry Ford

This is my first blog post in a while because my wife is finally in California with me.  We have had the misfortune of traipsing around the Bay and hanging out in Napa and Sonoma.  In the words of Annie, “It’s a hard knock life”.  Someone has to live it though, you know?  Something that I reflect on a lot and read and study a lot about is the idea of overcoming adversity.  I like to read about people who overcame great obstacles and accomplished something great.  A lot of time and trees are spent on whether or not leaders are born or bred and the kind of character and emotional makeup great leaders possess.  My opinion is that there is a character trait that leaders have that is sometimes underrated and even overlooked.  They…

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