My MS Story: From Symptoms to Diagnosis

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Mixed Emotions

I would like to introduce MSnubutterflies!!


Just two days before  WalkMS 2016.  Beautiful Butterflies has raised $3567 so far. Great job team!

I owe a big thank you to Greg without him this wouldn’t be possible.

I’m a bit torn this time and didn’t expect to feel this way. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still excited and looking forward to it very much. I look forward to it every year. It gives me something to focus on. A goal to reach. It also helps in some way to be in a group of people who I know are brought together by a common thread. When you see everyone there together you realize you really are not alone. I’m touched and inspired by all the strength around me.

With that being said I have been going through a pretty tough time for over a month now. This is the worst relapse I’ve had in two years. The daily…

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Chronic Pain – “Breathe”

Dealing with chronic pain? Being Lydia has some advice.

breatheWhen I went to the follow-up group for our Chronic Pain Clinic a few years ago, they went around the room asking what was the best piece of advice we got for our coping toolbox.

I was the second person to answer and I did so in my very sincere tone and straight face, “How to breathe.” Well, people were laughing and nodding at the same time.

You see, while breathing is something that comes naturally, it doesn’t when it comes to chronic pain. The reflex action when you are doing something through pain is to hold your breath, right? Well, the trick is to actually exhale on the activity, whether it is a stretch, lifting something or even walking.

This simple fact has made my life a lot easier. But there is more.

If I am trying to work through a cramp or spasm, I use the breathing exercise we…

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Rosewood-Did You Know?

I would like you all to meet Len’s Oils!!

Len's Oils

RosewoodDid you know Rosewood essential oil is the oil of sensitivity? Rosewood supports extremely sensitive people that struggle to deal with the stresses that come to them in life. It gives assistance to those who are overstimulated or who experience life as painful due to their unwelcome sensitivities. Rosewood surrounds the excessively sensitive soul with warm nurturing energy.

The wood of this tree is very valuable, and commonly used in cabinet-making, carving building, and essential oil extraction. In the early eighteenth century, Rosewood essential oil was used in the field of perfume making. There was a time when Rosewood was harvested near extinction. As a result these trees have been classified as an endangered species, and the legislation has come up with a resolution that requires the essential oil distilleries to plant a new tree for every tree they use for essential oil extraction.

The benefits of Rosewood essential oil…

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