Oh, my aching ovaries.

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My husband and I have three boys. I had a really rough pregnancy the third time around. So bad, he said no more kids, regardless of the gender. (We don’t find out! So fun!) I cried for weeks about it. After T was born, hubby backed off his no more kids stand. Now that our youngest is 15 months, he’s very much ready for another baby. But y’all, they drive me a little crazy. These boys are wild, rambunctious, crazy, strong-willed, stubborn. Did I mention wild and crazy?

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Our crazy doesn’t end there. (Shoot, I don’t even know that it’s really even begun.) My sister recently moved home from Florida. Her boyfriend and his two-year-old daughter came with her. They live with us! It’s so awesome. Every day we’re all together. And did I mention, my sister was pregnant? Yep. She recently had her first biological baby. Like 7 days ago recently.


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I am THAT Mum

Tripping Through Treacle

So, it’s finally happened.  I have been waiting for it to happen ever since I noticed that my dodgy legs were getting in the way of me taking the kids to school.

Some background: for the first couple of years that Alex was at school, I was able to to rush out the door with only 10 minutes to spare until the school bell rang – and I would usually still manage to get him there on time (usually with Ava in tow).  The school run was often left to me as Hubs wasn’t self-employed at that time, meaning that he was usually out of the house.  Plus, I would be taking Ava to her toddler activities in the afternoon, which meant we had a good little routine going of toddler group – running errands – school run.

A couple of years ago, when Ava started school, I noticed that…

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You’re Crying at What?

Who's My Favorite Today?

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Two nights ago, I had to work late.  When I got home, I went around the house to see the girls and find out how their days were.  When I found Brooke (our 15 yr. old), she was in her room.  As I walked into her room, she was sitting on her bed crying.  I don’t mean just a small tear running down your face crying – she was CRYING.  Mascara was all underneath her eyes and running down her cheeks.  Her face was visibly wet with tears.

Our exchange went a little something like this:

Me: Hey baby…are you crying?

She nods her head yes.

Me:  Oh no!  Honey why are you crying?  Are you okay?……(then I see that she is watching something on her phone)  Are you watching something sad on Netflix?

Brooke:  Yes (sniff, cry, sniff, cry)

Me:  What is it?  Are you watching a…

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10 Reasons I’m Rocking Motherhood


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When I saw that Jen from Tripping Through Treacle had tagged me in her post about Rocking Motherhood I was a little surprised to be honest. Maybe even wondering what I could add to such a wonderful tag.…

Rocking Motherhood in 10 different ways – despite chronic illness


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When I saw that Natalie from?Surviving Life’s Hurdles?tagged me in a post about ‘Rocking Motherhood’, I felt both flattered and a bit nervous. ?If you ask my husband, one of the biggest things that…

Children’s Parties for Spoonie Parents

Tripping Through Treacle

So, we have survived my daughter’s 7th birthday party!  A couple of months ago, I decided to mistakenly  ask her what she wanted to do for her birthday: a lovely family day out at the beach?  A trip to see Disney on Ice?  Going to a pottery studio?  No! A pizza party at home with a few of her friends, party games and, most importantly, a pizza cake!

‘Can we handle that?’, I asked myself.  The stress of sorting out the house, organising food and entertainment for a group of sugar-fuelled, Katy-Perry-loving girls?  In the past, it would have been easy, but nowadays things are trickier due to how quickly tiredness creeps up on me and stops me from having the energy to shop and organise.  But yes. I was going to do this – with the help of my husband and some clever planning.  The more that I looked…

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Today’s Featured Blog is…What’s For Dinner Moms?!

What's for Dinner Moms?

Last night was the first time since sometime in March that we were all home before 8 pm. It was so nice to have all four of us sitting down around the table to eat together. We know it isn’t going to happen again for a few weeks but it was so nice to be together for one meal.

Now, I am real, so as you can see in the picture below, I pulled out our finest paper plates last night so no one had to do dishes. After dinner the only clean up was the pizza stone, pizza cutter, and the cheese grater. I am all for easy dinners with super simple clean up!


When I first presented this meal to my family they all thought I was crazy. Egg, that is not scrambled, on a pizza? Ewww. But, then they tasted it. I over cooked the egg…

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Interesting Things Kids Say – The A to Z Challenge 2016

Life of a Busy Dad

Living with a child at a young age can be entertaining and fun to watch as they try to explain things to you.I have three kids that are under the age of eight.

There is not a single day that goes by I don’t hear an interesting thing one of my kids say.  It Iis normally one of my girls because they are only six years old.

There are way to many of them the remember and there are some that I even forgot.  Kids can say the most interesting things so keep you ear open for them.

Please feel free to leave comments below on your experience with kids that say the most interesting things.

If you like what I’m writing then please feel free to vote for my site by clicking on the “Top Daddy Blogs” banner to the right.  It is free and you don’t have to…

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