It All Started With Love


Sometime during July, I was taking some landscape photos around Brundage Point River Park in Grand Bay. There were two sculptures and I decided to using them as points of reference and scale in my photography. I was just being a tourist, play around with my camera settings.

I had checked out the tourist information office and read on an interpretive plaque that  there had been a fire that destroyed a large number of home in the town in early 1900’s and the dedication plaque was in Unity Park.

Unity Park Unity Park Grand Bay West Field Mullen road

Monument to the 1921 fire On August 1921 A forest fire raged though West Field, leaving 55 families homeless with no loss of life. This memorial placed by the town of Grand Bay Westfield in the year 200

I located the fire dedication, and right beside it was another sculpture. This one was called Love. Now my curiosity was piqued; I…

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6 Random Thoughts From My Noggin

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I was uninspired yesterday so I thought I would free associate a few random thoughts I have had lately:

  1. Evelina and I will be attending the MS Bike event in Myrtle Beach for my birthday and I am very excited to attend.  I love the beach in the fall.  The breezes feel cleaner, the beaches are less crowded and the cool air seems to cleanse my soul.
  2. I misunderstood the number of people that will be attending the support group meeting I will be speaking at in November.  The funny thing is I am more anxious about speaking to 20 people than I ever would speaking to hundreds!  Why is that?!
  3. I am hosting the Meet and Greet this weekend beginning Friday morning so be sure to join early to get your blog page at the top of the list!  The last few have produced hundreds of connections!
  4. Halloween is approaching which means giant bags of candy for ridiculously low prices!!
  5. The wife and I, along with our good friends Steven and Wendy, will be attending the Finish the Wall volunteer event this Saturday.  They are finishing up a halfway house for recently released inmates and reformed homeless men.  It is such a great charity and we are excited to help them complete this project.
  6. And last but not least, this weekend brings a tradition is Charlotte, The Festival in the Park.  Since I was a kid I have attended this event.  We look forward to it all year as they have art vendors, crafts, music, food vendors, all surrounding the lake at Freedom Park here in Charlotte.  It is so awesome and we go as a family.  My parents, sister, brother-in-law, nephews and niece, Evelina and myself will all meet and have a great night.  Funnel cakes, carmel apples, footlong corndogs, fresh lemonade….oh my goodness my mouth is watering!!  It is a tradition like no other!

That is what’s going on in my head!  I hope everyone has a great Thursday!