What is your favorite part of fall? I will leave comments open today to read what you guys like about this time of year.

Fantastic Em

Welcome October! My favorite month out of the year. The leaves are changing, humidity has dissipated, and it is prime time for cider mills. I absolutely love going to the cider mill, and in Michigan there is no shortage of amazing ones to check out! Our all time favorite is Westview Orchards, located in Romeo, MI. I remember we discovered it when I was about 11 years old, before it became super popular 🙂

Unfortunately, we may not get to do our annual cider mill day this year. things have been tight financially, we have something going on every weekend this month, and I am about to start my job which I am VERY excited for!

So, if we don’t make it, here are a few photos showing why we love Westview and all of the goodies they have to offer 🙂 (2012)




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Favourite Sean Connery Film?

Celebrate Sean Connery’s 85th birthday!

Favourite Sean Connery Film?

To celebrate Sir Sean Connery’s 85th birthday, I thought I would do a blog post celebrating his filmwork and finding out what film of his is your favourite in the comments section below. An Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe winner, knighted by the Queen and a Kennedy Centre Honours recipient, not to mention the enviable titles of “The Greatest Living Scot”, “Scotland’s Greatest Living National Treasure”, Sexiest Man Alive and Sexiest Man of the Century, Sean Connery is one of Britain’s most decorated actors of all time. I will go through some of his films, trivia facts and quotes.

Sean Connery

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Mickey Mouse Cake

The Party Planning gives tips on making a Mickey Mouse cake. Gotta love all things Disney!!


the pARTy planning

I’ll start this by saying, I am NOT a baker.  I’m not even close.  I love to cook, but I just haven’t mastered baking.  Perhaps it is because exact measurements are not needed in cooking.  Often I make a recipe my own by playing with the measurements and sometimes I add an ingredient or two to fit my tastes.  Baking on the other hand requires a lot more precision.  I feel less experimental and more tied to a recipe when I bake.  Although the baking process itself may leave me feeling uncreative, the decorating process can be so much fun!  Based on the fact that I hate spending the time on exact measurements, I generally use a box mix.  My theory is if I have to do the measurements exactly, I would rather just let someone else do the measuring for me.

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