I’m trying not to be shy about drunk texting, convincing myself that it’s no longer creepy but cute and romantic thanks to Sauti Sol. But tonight I’m not in the mood for drunk texting the romantic because my supposed Knight does not really have that flair for the emotional and the artistic things. Maybe he is just into artists because they are the real freaks (when they are not busy giving deep views about the world , which comes out  creepy and twisted) they do not try to copy what is in movies…like everyone else who would rather take sex and dating tips from a page of someone else’s fantasies and imaginations. Tonight I feel like drunk texting the people I didn’t even know. It’s healthy to drop that awkward, “Hi” once in a while.

Did I just mention my supposed Knight? I guess I left out the shinning armor…

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Danny’s World: I’m a Little Disappointed


My early morning face is also my disappointed face.  We had plans to attend a party tomorrow being hosted by some people with whom Evelina works.  We were both looking forward to getting out a bit and meeting some new people and enjoying a day poolside.  Now the party is cancelled and we are both sad.

Favourite Sean Connery Film?

Celebrate Sean Connery’s 85th birthday!

Favourite Sean Connery Film?

To celebrate Sir Sean Connery’s 85th birthday, I thought I would do a blog post celebrating his filmwork and finding out what film of his is your favourite in the comments section below. An Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe winner, knighted by the Queen and a Kennedy Centre Honours recipient, not to mention the enviable titles of “The Greatest Living Scot”, “Scotland’s Greatest Living National Treasure”, Sexiest Man Alive and Sexiest Man of the Century, Sean Connery is one of Britain’s most decorated actors of all time. I will go through some of his films, trivia facts and quotes.

Sean Connery

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Chocolate Covered Popcorn

ThePartyPlanning page has a recipe for chocolate covered popcorn!!

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the pARTy planning

Sweet and salty is one of my favorite flavor collaborations.  I usually get my fix through salted caramel, chocolate covered peanuts or the always delicious French fry dunked in a malt (don’t knock it until you have tried it, at which point I’ll be shocked if you still knock it).  I recently saw a recipe for chocolate covered popcorn – yum!  I could taste it already.

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