Halloween Havoc!: EARTH VS THE FLYING SAUCERS (Columbia 1956)

Or maybe your passion is like Gary’s at Cracked Rear Viewer: a love for classic films!

cracked rear viewer


UFOs have been spotted across the globe. Dr. Russell Marvin (Hugh Marlowe) and his wife Carol (Joan Taylor) are on their way to the secret headquarters of Operation Skyhook when they’re strafed by a saucer! They tell Carol’s dad, General Hanley (Morris Ankrum) what occurred. The General in turn reports all the satellities they’ve sent up have been destroyed by mysterious forces. When Marvin and his crew send up the next one, the base is attacked by saucers, and the rocket launch incapacitated. Soon General Hanley is captured by the aliens, and Marvin learns to communicate with them. The alien’s intent: destroy Planet Earth! Our weapons are useless against their superior technology! CAN EARTH BE SAVED FROM THE FLYING SAUCER INVASION?!?!

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If you’re a fan of 50s sci-fi…

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Autumn Bucket List – Week 3 Update

I think writing a Bucket List can help find or develop passion. Lessons From My Daughter is leading by example!

Lessons from my daughter

Earlier this month, I sat down and wrote my first ever bucket list.

You can find my post here:  Autumn Bucket List

The last 2 items on my list are:

39. Document my bucket list with pictures
40. Blog about my progress weekly


This is my third update… what could we have possibly done over the last week?

#6 – Schedule fall family pictures with Lise. We didn’t just schedule them… We went today. It was freezing but I think we had some good shots. Can’t wait to see them!

#17 – Go on a fall foliage drive to Fundy with Jon and Em.

#18 – make puzzles with Jon and Em.

We started a 1,000 pieces puzzle… During week 2 and finished it this week…

#31 – Dehydrate apple slices

#34 – Change my hair color.

I dit it!

Here’s before

And after. Straight and curly… 

 #37 –…

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What do you want to do? What do you want to be? What do you want to have before you die?

Self inspection is the beginning of rediscovering your true passion…

Chasing Pesto


It was most certainly this existential exercise, which led me down the rabbit hole of self-inquiry. I found myself simultaneously both awestruck and dumbfounded. A year ago when I was working with my life-coach she posed the following questions, “What 30 things do you want to be, have, and do before you die?”

At first I thought it would be an easy exercise…after all, I knew – that I knew – exactly what I wanted out of life. After all, I had all the answers; well at least that’s what my ego would have me believe.

So I sat down with my journal and began with all of the things that I wanted to do before I departed this beautiful life. I sat down and realized for the first time that I’d never really thought about what I wanted to accomplish over the long term (or short term)…

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Ikigai – A reason for being

I have never heard of Ikigai, but I am now off to research. This post complements my post today about reawakening your true life’s passion. I hope everyone enjoys.

Realize Beauty


Ikigai – the place where passion meets mission, vocation and profession.  A place where we sit, contented and ‘right’ with the world, a place of where the energy flows freely, beautifully, productively. A place where we have purpose.

When this diagram appeared on my personal Facebook feed last week I just had to share it. I also promised myself that I’d take some time out to give form to what each arm of the diagram means to the ‘Realize Beauty’ me. I guess in doing this it will be a sort of business ‘sanity check’ or review….

Here goes.

  • That which I love.
    • PASSION: Chemistry/ science/ the scientific process/ seeing detail and beauty.  I have ALWAYS been fascinated by the natural world and turned that love into a passion for science early on – a passion that was nurtured and indulged by my parents and my Uncle Raymond, a loveable uncle…

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To Be Read By Those That Don’t Believe in Santa and/or Peter Pan

I had a discussion with a friend on Thursday about life and eventually our talk came around to finding passion. Many talk about finding passion and even I have suggested that in order to find passion in your life you need to try new experiences. But when we talk about someone’s true life passion we are referring to something completely different.

I can be passionate about Red Sox baseball.  I can discover some hobby that will awaken passion in me.  But when I talk about finding your true life’s passion you need to look no further than you.

Deep down inside of you is your passion.  You identified with it at some point in your life.  Maybe when you were a child you liked to draw stick pictures, which turned into drawing comic book heroes.  Maybe your passion was playing the violin or piano. Your passion could have been singing.  Painting.  Biking.  Swimming.

It’s inside of you right now lying dormant.

from the movie Hook.

from the movie Hook.

Life was simple when we were children.  We were told there was a tooth fairy and we believed because a quarter appeared under our pillow after losing a tooth.  We made a friend because we asked a simple question: “would you like to be my friend?”  We loved because that’s what came natural.  And we forgave instantly because there was more important things to do in life, like play and laugh.

You see what we forget is why we wanted to be what we wanted to be when we were children.  Doctors, astronauts, police officers, fireman, nurses,etc.  Kids want to do things when they grow up that will make a difference in this world.  Number one answer from a kid about why they want to be a fireman?  Because fireman help people. Because doctors and nurses help save lives.  And astronauts, well astronauts are just super cool.

Somewhere between being a kid and dealing with being too cool as a teenager, life changed a little.  It then changed a little more when we went to college.  And eventually we find ourselves as an individual trying to making a living in this world, instead of trying to make a difference in this world.  And that’s the point when most people forgot/forget their passion.

The good news is it is not too late.  Your true life’s passion is still inside you, waiting.  Waiting patiently like Buzz, Woody and Slinky Dog waited for Andy to play with them again.  All that is required of you is to remember.  Think back to those days when you believed as a little girl or boy.  Believed in the magic of life.

Your true life’s passion is there deep inside you.  Don’t worry even Peter Pan had to remember how to fly again.

10 Wealth Attributes That Will Change Your Life

Take a look at these 10 attributes I found on Underdog Motivator. What separates regular people from those that achieve their goals? Life habits are definitely a part of the equation.

Tips, Tools, and Motivation for the entrepreneur, artist, and underdog seeking to maximize personal development.

Everyone has the dream of becoming rich and successful.  If you ask anyone on the streets if they wish they had a million dollars in their bank account, I would submit that 100% of the answers would be a big fat “YES!”  Okay, so it’s obvious that people want to accumulate riches.  But what are the actual attributes needed to actually make this happen?

I grew up in a very working class household.  My parents did their best to support my brothers, sister, and I.  I love them for that.  However, there were very deep issues financially.  As I grew older, I came to the realization of why this was so.  It wasn’t because my parents didn’t work hard – my parents were very VERY hard workers.  What it came down to was the limitations of a preset belief system.  Unless you can break pre-existing patterns, it’s very difficult to…

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About Passion and How I Found It…

I would say that 99.9% of people that lack passion in their life, simply need to stop and remember. The passion is somewhere deep in the recesses of our soul waiting to be rediscovered.
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I’ve been asked to write about my passion.  We hear this word thrown around a lot.  We’re all expected to have at least one passion, right?  Sometimes it’s not that easy to know what it is.  So today I’m going to talk about what passion feels like for me and what I am passionate about and how I found it.

So, as a little girl I think I was passionate about kitties.  Holding one evoked such a feeling in me, in my heart, in my brain, in my body.  One time in particular I remember being frantically told not to hold the kitty too tight (I may or may not have had a choke hold on the little fur ball). An adult, delicately but with purpose, tried to pry my surprisingly strong fingers from its little body.  I felt overwhelmed with something that I just had to act upon…I was so IN…

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