What do you want to do? What do you want to be? What do you want to have before you die?

Self inspection is the beginning of rediscovering your true passion…

Chasing Pesto


It was most certainly this existential exercise, which led me down the rabbit hole of self-inquiry. I found myself simultaneously both awestruck and dumbfounded. A year ago when I was working with my life-coach she posed the following questions, “What 30 things do you want to be, have, and do before you die?”

At first I thought it would be an easy exercise…after all, I knew – that I knew – exactly what I wanted out of life. After all, I had all the answers; well at least that’s what my ego would have me believe.

So I sat down with my journal and began with all of the things that I wanted to do before I departed this beautiful life. I sat down and realized for the first time that I’d never really thought about what I wanted to accomplish over the long term (or short term)…

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Ikigai – A reason for being

I have never heard of Ikigai, but I am now off to research. This post complements my post today about reawakening your true life’s passion. I hope everyone enjoys.

Realize Beauty


Ikigai – the place where passion meets mission, vocation and profession.  A place where we sit, contented and ‘right’ with the world, a place of where the energy flows freely, beautifully, productively. A place where we have purpose.

When this diagram appeared on my personal Facebook feed last week I just had to share it. I also promised myself that I’d take some time out to give form to what each arm of the diagram means to the ‘Realize Beauty’ me. I guess in doing this it will be a sort of business ‘sanity check’ or review….

Here goes.

  • That which I love.
    • PASSION: Chemistry/ science/ the scientific process/ seeing detail and beauty.  I have ALWAYS been fascinated by the natural world and turned that love into a passion for science early on – a passion that was nurtured and indulged by my parents and my Uncle Raymond, a loveable uncle…

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About Passion and How I Found It…

I would say that 99.9% of people that lack passion in their life, simply need to stop and remember. The passion is somewhere deep in the recesses of our soul waiting to be rediscovered.
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I’ve been asked to write about my passion.  We hear this word thrown around a lot.  We’re all expected to have at least one passion, right?  Sometimes it’s not that easy to know what it is.  So today I’m going to talk about what passion feels like for me and what I am passionate about and how I found it.

So, as a little girl I think I was passionate about kitties.  Holding one evoked such a feeling in me, in my heart, in my brain, in my body.  One time in particular I remember being frantically told not to hold the kitty too tight (I may or may not have had a choke hold on the little fur ball). An adult, delicately but with purpose, tried to pry my surprisingly strong fingers from its little body.  I felt overwhelmed with something that I just had to act upon…I was so IN…

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Unleash the fire within!

Do you need to fan the flames of your life passion? Has negativity and cynicism dulled your passion?


cropped-passion7.jpgIt lies inherent in all of us. Slowly smoldering under our skins waiting to be fanned into a big roaring flame. For some of us it lies more on the dormant side, after being continuously doused by negativity, criticism,mockery and a lot more that makes us think that its never possible to enjoy life.

But for others it reigns supreme. Setting our souls on fire,motivating us to take the next step even though we cannot clearly see the stair ahead of us, its keeps our bloods boiling and our engines revving ready to inject a suitable amount of nitrous into our lives and give us the ride of lives!

That is what Passion does to us!! It gives meaning to our lives and keeps us chasing after our Purpose. It oxidizes and energizes us to be who were created to be.

In collaboration with Passion I take this opportunity to…

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Follow your heart’s true joy-fulfilling passion

I love the last line of this post. What a great way to summarize a great post!!

One unending love.

You may or may not have known, but I spent the past year serving with AmeriCorps at a Boys & Girls Club. Above all else, this experience has taught me about true fulfilling joy.

IMG_1876In sum what I have discovered is that true joy is not found through anything that you receive. You find true joy through what you give. It is found in celebrating the successes of others and in feeling a fulfillment you only experience when you embrace someone else’s reason to smile.

I have discovered a type of love that I have termed need-love. It is a love that can be directly connected with joy. When someone counts on you and you are willing to protect them and support them with all that you have. When a child loses a friend or family member, is struggling with who they are, struggling with their home life, there…

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12 Tips to Live a Passionate Life

imagesThese are some fantastic tips on learning to live a life full of passion.  You must develop an open mind and welcome new experiences.  It is through new experiences that we learn about ourselves, the world and those around us.  It will change your perspective.