Mahogany Obsidian in the Morning Light


Obsidian is a naturally forming volcanic glass. This makes it neither a crystal nor a mineral, but I refer to it as a mineral. I have a couple of specimens, a black tumbled stone and a sphere of Snowflake Obsidian, but I had never seen Mahogany Obsidian prior to finding this gorgeous piece in a local shop called Mystic Moraine Minerals. The staff is amazing and very knowledgeable. They offer a wide range of crystals and mineral for sale, both raw and tumbled. They also offer classes in wire wrapping and other interesting crystal related things. If you would like to check out the Facebook page you can find it at @MysticMoraine  

Like all Obsidian, this variety can be found anywhere there is or has been volcanic activity, but two nice sources are China and India. It gets its beautiful color from either Magnetite or Hematite inclusions in the molten material. As the lava cools it can form…

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Choose Kindness Today

Aria-Bella Rises


Be kind to all so you can in turn receive kindness.

It’s a no brainer that when we are kind to others that it sparks our own light and causes us to high vibe and feel good about it.

That it causes others to be kind to us in some way because we are sparking that same light in them. That when we are being kind, it means we are happy or at least positively neutral about ourselves.

When we are feeling low or not so happy in ourselves – you will notice you judge more, don’t feel like smiling, pick and moan all the time.

So time to turn it around and be kind to others and most importantly yourself!

Do the world and yourself a favour!

“I choose kind today and Express it in all I do, say and feel. I am kindness”

Till next time… keep walking…

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The 2017 Winter Solstice

EIC Entertainment

Please enjoy this custom meditation based on the frequencies of the chakras combined with binaural audio to help your mind expand its awareness of self.

This winter solstice will bring out the extreme polarization of humanity becomes tangible and noticeable

Polarization and realization – these are the best words to use to explain this phenomenon

The new fifth-dimensional Time line was split off from the original third-dimensional Time line of our chronological history.

A dimension is a layer of reality, which is based on a range of vibrational frequencies. The third dimension is the physical realm. It’s the realm of dense form. The fourth dimension is the astral realm, one of emotion, illusion and distortion. It’s the realm of the sub-conscious mind – our dream world. The fifth dimension, the etheric realm, is a dimension of spiritual truth. And, as a conscious, living being, the planet Earth exists in…

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Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!

It’s a Merry Christmas post on Lucky Otter’s Haven!!

Lucky Otters Haven

Here is my favorite Christmas TV special ever. I’ve watched it almost every year since I was a small child. I always felt like I could relate to Charlie Brown–self doubting, a worrywart, a little avoidant–basically an introvert who tries hard to be liked. He’s never mean to anyone but often seems to be the butt of jokes and pranks, the same way I often was.

Charlie also sees all the commercialism around him every holiday season (yes, it was bad even in the ’60s, when this was made) and yearns to know the true meaning of Christmas. Linus, always the philosopher and deep thinker, has the answer.

It’s refreshing that the story of Christ’s birth is central to this movie, which has been shown every year since it first aired in 1965.

So here’s my Christmas gift to my followers. Enjoy! (This isn’t the entire show, which can’t be…

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“Hark, The Harold Angels Sing”

This is Being Lydia!!

Being Lydia!

Day 15


Ever since the 40th reunion I attended a few months ago, I have been getting in touch with a lot of friends I haven’t seen in, well, up to 40 years! While we all have our FaceBook frustrations, it is great for connecting that way. This person is friends with these friends and that person is friends with those friends and so on!

One case in point is a friend, Cathleen, who has been in and out of my life since we met in grade three or four, I can’t remember. Her Mom had a shoe store next door to my Dad’s pharmacy who there was a connection there as well.

I can’t remember what grade it was but it would have been between 4th and 7th. She and I were doing a duet in the school Christmas concert and we took it very seriously. The song was…

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My Oh My, Things Sure Have Changed

Last night Evelina and I finally watched the Butler and it was as good as the hype it received in 2013.  It is hard to believe that it was only a few short years ago that our world was like the scenes in that movie.  I try to imagine any world that would create the hatred and violence toward another human being because of the color of skin (be careful with whom you surround yourself).

TheButlerI imagine the fact that a white, middle-aged man is sitting typing this in 2015 and about to publish it openly would validate the sit-ins, protests and marches Dr. King advocated so many years ago.

The movie got me thinking about how much the world has changed in the last 60 years.

When I was a kid in elementary school there were no pick-up lines.  You got dropped off and then eventually you were picked up.  Sometimes by mom or dad, sometimes by a neighbor or relative and sometimes we walked.  But, if I recall there was no direct communication with the school about any arrangements.  No one was concerned about us getting kidnapped and they had very little reason to be.

My elementary school was in my neighborhood only a few minutes from the house and in the summertime it provided ample imagination material for play time.  There were creeks, woods, a huge field, a playground and a sewer system!  Yes, I said a sewer system.  Now we didn’t realize that playing in the sewer was not the best of ideas, we only knew it was an adventure and away we went!!  We would be gone for hours with no way of calling home.

I remember pumping gas as a kid.  I thought getting to pump the gas was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Anyone from the states remember the question the attendant would ask??  That’s right: regular or unleaded?!  Believe it or not, there was a time in life that you could buy leaded gas, but the use of this fuel was banned in the 1990’s.  Oh and it cost about 30 cents per gallon! (see how ads have changed).

Roads have changed the landscape of Charlotte.  We now have a beltway around the city that has made it easier to get from one side of the city to the other without having to traverse the uptown area.  I remember as a kid leaving Charlotte and visiting my grandmother in Pineville, the town I live in now, about 20+ miles south of the city.  Back then it would take us about 40 minutes to make the trip whereas it only takes 15-20 minutes now.  No more back roads!

The size and weight of cars has changed incredibly.  Very little steel is used in cars these days, but back in the day cars were built like Sherman tanks!  Huge metal bumpers, massive chassis and armor-like panels were the norm.  I remember being able to jump around in cars like there was no tomorrow while driving down the road.  After all, seat belts were not required to be worn; not even by children!

I remember when I was in my first year at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte my girlfriend’s mother bought this thing called a Word Processor.  It allowed you to type a document and save it for editing!!!!  Prior to this I had to type out my work, edit the page, then retype the document.  It took hours!  The word processor changed my college life!

But I would say the two huge technological developments have been the mobile phone and the internet.  Back in the day you could only speak to someone on the phone if they were at home or at work.  Other than that, you simply had to wait. Man it is hard to remember those days.  Parents waited up worried sick when kids had not returned home from playing all day.  People could get disconnected from their “world” by simply going for a bike or car ride for a few hours.  No one had a clue where you were.

Remember waiting on the newspaper or nightly news??  Before the internet there was one time each day to catch up on the news: 6:00 pm!  And if you missed it, you missed it.  Reading the paper and watching the nightly news was the way you kept up on current events.  Now we have information at our fingertips, literally.  The iPhone has more technology in it than the computer that put a human on the moon!  Imagine that!  We are inundated with information and receive updates on events as they happen; real-time!

Change Your Mind, Change Your World

Change Your Mind, Change Your World

But as you can imagine, the biggest change in our world has been the change of the mind (read about being Open-Minded here).  Our world is different now because we no longer spray other human beings with high-pressured hoses, attack them with German shepherds, burn them in buses, string them up in public, tar n feather, skin them alive, oppress on plantations, etc.  I understand we have a long way to go, but comparatively speaking, we have come a very, very long way.

We are much more accepting, compassionate and understanding than we were 60 years ago. Hopefully the next 60 will show the same.

I live by a saying that I picked up a few years ago: “err or the side of inclusion and you will not look like a fool in 50 years.”  I would say those white folk in The Butler looked very foolish with their vile name-calling, violence and world views.  And it is this reason that I err on the side of inclusion.  In the year 2055 I do not want my kids or grand kids to look at me as a fool as I see those people from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

“Err on the side of inclusion…”

A thought for a very, very hot Monday morning…

Big Dreamer

Self Assessment

I have been reading a lot of poetry posts lately and this one fits perfectly with the theme of my blog. Enjoy!

MKE Literature Flowing

Where this all greed come from,

When the Mother love is all i saw in my childhood.

Where this selfishness come from,

When I saw my father always for good he stood.

where this cheating come from,

when to bee honest is what in school I learned.

Brain! don’t be a fool,

Don’t let this World to rule.

Honesty is what I should speak,

Love is What i should seek,

Peace is what I should preach,

To help Brothers is where i should reach.

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