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The Courage To Shift!



I am a lover of words, this is one of my favorites! My heart skipped a beat when I laid my eyes on this beauty, an old flame from my past. My first thought was of a contest I held on Facebook to come up with an inscription for my new Thirty One organization item! I am as creative as a wet noodle, but I know how to be resourceful and engage others that have the talents I lack (sometimes things are all about WHO you know!).

The winner came up with a phrase she felt described me, a combination of my name and the word tenacity! I was honored! Pronouncing my name (Juan Te) is challenging so I will try to assist. Juan (pronounced like the hispanic name), Te (pronounced like Tay) is my entire first name, although it is two words which confuses most people. Her combination flowed…

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The Value of Perseverance

Step to goal attainment 1. Know what you want. 2. Determine your sacrifice. 3. Develop perseverance!! Notice is say “develop.” Which means to work hard to keep on going no matter the obstacle. Sometimes you will falter, but in the end you wil succeed because you persevere!
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The Life and Times of Ben Weinberg

“The road to the top is paved with obstacles but the view is worth the struggle.”

Perseverance: Noun. Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. (Source: Webster Dictionary)

One of my favorite words in the English language recently is the one I just listed above along with the definition. Perseverance. The innate will to finish what you started, and to become successful despite all of the obstacles thrown at you. Life can be pretty difficult to deal with sometimes and it’s hard to remain committed to your goals, hopes, and dreams. I’m writing you to tell you, dear reader, that despite the long odds, and struggles that you may encounter in your life, you have to push on each and every day to make it one step closer to becoming successful and making those dreams come true. It won’t happen overnight and there will be setbacks…

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Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

Each day of our lives we are faced with decisions.  Some are simple like which way should one hang the toilet paper: sheets over or sheets under?  And others are so important that we can’t find it in ourselves to make a decision one way or the other.  So we float in the middle.  But what we don’t realize is that by putting off making a decision we have already in essence made a decision.

jumpstartWhat is keeping you from adopting Nike’s old slogan and “just do it?”  Is it fear?  Is it laziness?

What is it that you need to address in your life?  What have you been neglecting for years?  Is it your health?  Is it your credit?  Is it disorganization?  What is it?  I’m talking about that thing that creeps into your mind during your alone time. That thing that haunts you during the last moments before you drift off to sleep.  I’m referring to that thing that pops into your head during your morning shower.  I’m referring to that thing that you keep saying you’ll do tomorrow.

How many tomorrows have passed?

Yesterday you said tomorrow.  The day before that you said tomorrow.  I have a saying that I have said to Evelina so often that she now quotes it back to me: “Tomorrow never comes.”  It is a saying that I adopted as my mantra when I was overcoming procrastination.

“Tomorrow never comes.”

Such a simple, yet deep statement.  When tomorrow arrives it is actually today, which makes today yesterday’s tomorrow.  A vicious cycle.

Here is my simple advice: just do it.

Just thinking out loud on a Tuesday morning…

How Do You React in the Face of Tremendous Adversity?

3950078_1429260939_0243_updatesSeveral months ago I remember telling my wife I would give everything I owned to experience one day of relief from the MS symptoms.  Well, the last 2 weeks had been great.  The temperatures here in the greater Charlotte area have been very pleasant with lower humidity and the reduction in heat allowed my body to recover a bit.

It was incredible to experience as it has been so long since I was symptom-free that I can no longer recall what it is like to not hurt.  And as soon as relief came, it left.  So it is living the roller coaster ride called Multiple Sclerosis.

Since Sunday my symptoms have come back with a vengeance.  It is not often that I cry because of MS, but Sunday got to me and I shed a few tears on Evelina’s shoulder.

MS is a very emotional disease.  It causes so much stress in our lives, but we deal with it, move along, keep coping and this little rock keeps spinning.

My relapse got me to thinking: how do you react when adversity presents itself in your life?  Do you shrink in the face of a great and seemingly insurmountable challenge or do you pull yourself together and get to work?

enthusiasm-for-life-jimmy-vI know most will answer the latter, but the statistics show the opposite. This is one reason I would not exchange having MS for being “normal.” It has challenged me in ways unimaginable.  It has forced me to cope. It has forced me out of my comfort area.  My MS has become that little nagging fly that buzzes around and just when you think it’s gone…he lands on your food.

I spend time almost daily taking inventory of myself, my actions, my in-actions, my behavior, my attitude.  I desire to know why.  I must know that I am doing everything possible to give myself the best opportunities in life.  I am preparing for the success that will come in the future.  I am not deterred because success does not come instantly.  I have faith that somehow, some way my work will payoff.

When you face adversity I want you to stand bravely and proclaim to the world that you are not afraid any longer to succeed.  Prepare yourself.  Do not shrink. Be strong, have faith and plan your future.

Then with determination and perseverance move forward to take your destiny and reach your objective.

A simple thought for a Wednesday morn…

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Week 1 Weigh-In

Keep up the good work! And it is good to allow oneself to eat something tasty once in a while. I go with the 80/20 rule: eat heatlhy 80% of the time, while not breaking the calorie bank the other 20!

Decisions Are the Moments That Shape Your Destiny

As we have been discussing today, there are moments in time where a moment of decision can change your life forever.  I found this article this afternoon on SelfGrowth.com.  It is a very comprehensive article discussing our topic of the day!

Decisions Are the Moments That Shape Your Destiny



Big Dreamer

Personal Journeys

A moment of decision can change your life forever!! This is my favorite story of success I have read on WP. Change your thinking, change your life!

Ramblings and Musings

It took me a while to figure out that I didn’t want to become an old lady who was crippled with infirmities.  Once I’d figured that bit out, it took a little longer before I decided that I really needed to get my fat arse off the sofa every evening and do something positive towards that goal.  I tend to think about some things for a while before taking any concrete action on those thoughts and this was one of those times.

Another factor that played into this decision was the fact that, in order to be an effective horse rider, you really do need a decent level of fitness and core stability.  And I had neither really. Poor Obi.  I have to say that making things easier for him when I rode was a big part of my motivation.

I’ve been overweight for nearly all of my adult life. …

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The Width of An Eyelash

Very poignant and thought provoking post.

Misifusa's Blog


Sometimes the difference between what we want

and what we fear is the width of an eyelash.

~Jay McInerney

This was a great quote from the movie, The Second Exotic Marigold Hotel, but when I looked it up, it was quoted by Jay McInerney.  The quote touched me deeply and I wanted to share it with you.  For like many people, I have stood in fear, wanting something and yet frozen as to how to proceed.  I think it’s something we all deal with in our lives.  We make millions of different decisions a day, some small and some enormous and our lives reflect the decisions we make.  I’ve heard people lament that they don’t have what they want and yet I observe that they don’t fight the fear to push through to make their wants a reality. It’s hard to do.  I know.  But this quote gave me hope. …

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Time For Me To Change!

I originally posted this December 1, 2014, but I thought it would benefit a few to read about how I have changed my thinking about goal attainment and changed my life!  This is the “formula” I use to achieve any goal in my life.  I hope it helps you too!

I have talked in previous posts about the unspoken “laws” of the universe.  That if you determine what you desire and ask for it, determine what you are willing to sacrifice to achieve, have faith, persevere, get organized and execute, you can reach any goal and live your dream(s).  I know this formula works because I have experienced it for myself.  And now I need to apply it once again.

In recent months I have not been as mobile and I’ve been a little lazy, which has resulted in me carrying around a few extra pounds.  So I decided to use my recent weight gain as an example of how to take action to bring about change.  For many people, starting with something easily attainable is the first step in creating positive forward momentum.

Imagine a homeless person.  They may dream of living in the penthouse of a luxurious downtown high-rise, but achieving that dream probably starts with getting a bunk in a permanent shelter and finding steady employment.  For some, the first step might be getting your finances in order and stop wasting money in order to pay down debt (and the one I recommend if you are frivolous with your resources)!

For others, it might be learning to read and write.  For others maybe learning a second language.  You get the point.  Start with something that will help you get the ball of positive energy moving.  Okay here goes…


  1. The first step is to determine what I desire and to state it with exactness.  “Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything”, Napoleon Hill.    So my desire is to lose 15 pounds by January 31, 2015.  Losing 15 lbs will put me in my target weight and is an attainable goal.  It is specific and has a specific timeframe assigned to it.  To simply state that I want to lose weight is not good enough, not specific enough and sounds too much like a hope or wish.  On the other hand, to say I want to lose 45 pounds by December 31 is not only unattainable, but also unhealthy.  In this step it is crucial to state exactly what you want while also being fair in the timeframe.
  2. Step 2 is to determine what I am willing to sacrifice to achieve my goal.  As we learn in life, nothing comes free and so it is with achieving goals.  So for me to reach my goal I know I have to give up sweets, soda, fatty foods, junk, etc.  Also, I must sacrifice some of my time and add to my daily schedule some element of physical activity.  So I am willing to sacrifice eating sweets, drinking alcohol, miscellaneous junk food and will sacrifice time twice per day to walking to what distance I am able.  It does not matter if I only walk a tenth of a mile, twice daily.  It only matters that I do it.  You must know what you will give up in order to get.
  3. Now, having faith in this instance is a little easier than most as I already understand the science that if I burn more calories than I consume my body will do its job and burn fat.  Faith is not hoping, believing or wishing, but knowing beyond doubt that somehow things will come to pass.  You may not know how, when or where, but you know it will happen.  So even though I don’t know all the particulars about physiology, I do have faith that if I burn more than I eat I will lose weight.  And I know this no matter what anyone says to me and I focus on the process and know that my body will do its job.  In other instances, with more lofty desires, faith will be of utmost importance.  Imagine if your desire was to become a millionaire or own a home and live in the Caribbean or travel to outer space!
  4. Next is perseverance.   Dictionary.Com defines Perseverance as “to maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue steadfastly.”  As we have all experienced it can be difficult to make good food decisions when you are not at home.  When I am out-and-about and Wendy’s is calling my name to stop and buy a #3 Combo Super Sized with a sweet tea, I must persevere.  When the donut shop has the “hot and now” sign flashing, I must keep on driving!  Developing an all-consuming, persevering attitude can be a challenge for some, while it may come easier for others.  Nonetheless, having a burning desire to achieve your goal and persevering is a must to finding success.   
  5. The next step is crucial: get organized!  To help me reach my goal I have determined that I am going to consume 1600-1800 calories per day and use an app to track my intake.  I am going to use SkinnyTaste recipes to ensure that my food is well-balanced, low in fat and healthy.  This will also help me develop a shopping list so I avoid buying the wrong types of food.  These recipes will also help me cook healthy meals that taste good.  My research revealed that tasty recipes will be crucial to my success.  I have determined through online research that I need to eat three meals per day and have 3 snacks per day, with nothing consumed after 7:00 pm.  I also need to drink between 7-8 bottles of water per day.  My exercise schedule will consist of 2 walks per day, one in the morning and the other in the late afternoon.  I have decided that I will clean out the refrigerator on Sunday evening and fill it with the items from my shopping list.  My plan will be implemented on Monday, December 1.   I gathered all this information by simply using search engines.  Once I had the information to help me reach my goal, I formed it to my needs and wrote it down in the family log book (Evelina had the idea to have a book with a pen, so that we could write shopping lists, cleaning lists, thoughts, etc. for the family.  It is kind of like our family sticky note).  If you notice, the “get organized” part takes a lot of background research and work.  During the planning stage I must anticipate any obstacle and determine a way to overcome.  This is the part that a lot of people are too lax and it plays a major part in failure.  Ever heard the old adage, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail?”  I would dare to say that most failures can be traced right back to the “get organized” stage, followed secondly by “perseverance.”  So during this stage of work, take your time, do not rush through, cover all grounds and leave no stone unturned.  Do not begin to try to reach any goal until you have a specific, well researched, well-developed plan.     



  1. Now that all the prep work is done, it is time to execute!  Now I take all my planning and I write it down in a short paragraph and I will commit to reading my mission statement every single day.  This step is vital!  It will become my personal mantra for the next 2 months.  It reads as follows:

My desire is to lose 15 pounds by January 31, 2015.  To reach my goal I will sacrifice eating sweets, junk food, fatty foods and sodas.  I will also sacrifice my time twice per day and commit to walking around my neighborhood.  I will eat 1600-1800 calories per day, consisting of 3 meals and 3 snacks and will never eat after 7:00 pm.  I will track my caloric intake each time I eat with a mobile app.  I know that if I execute this plan and consume fewer calories than I burn that my body will do its job and burn fat.  I will commit to this plan no matter how bad the junk food cravings get nor what other people say; I will persevere!

This mantra becomes my mission statement for the next 2 months and I will read it everyday until then.  In order to achieve your goal you must develop a burning desire for what it is you want and refuse to quit no matter what!!  Remember, “desire is the starting point for all achievement.”

Big Dreamer


Setback2success presents a great perspective on perseverance!


What makes you think you can help people? Who do you think you are? Your daddy couldn’t do it, your brothers couldn’t do it, nobody in the neighborhood ever did it, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN DO IT? Why are you wasting your time?

Have you ever been dogged by these questions? I mean you tell the people closest to you what your intentions are and they basically laugh in your face. They want you to quit so they can be right about you. They’ll say, “see I told you it was a pipe dream, stop wasting your time and get a real job like everybody else!!”


Question: How do you do it? How do you find the strength to keep moving forward?


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