My Daily Observation: 1/14/18


Evelina and I started planning our big vacation for 2018 this morning.  We are going to go down and spend a week at the condo in Naples.  If you recall we spent last year in Naples as well and highly recommend visiting if you get a chance.

This June we will spend nearly a week relaxing on the beach, eating at Grouper and Chips, riding bikes and maybe a little shopping for Evelina.





We love it there and are so excited to go back.  When we leave there we are going to cap off our trip with a couple days at Disney World (imagine that!), but we will not be staying at the resort this time.  Honestly, as much as I love Disney I do not love the prices.  So to conserve money we will be staying off property and commuting to the parks.

My favorite thing about vacation is the planning and anticipation.  It is an awesome feeling to be preparing now for a big trip in June and gives me motivation each week as a little more is added to the trip itinerary!

Are you planning a vacation for this year?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

My Daily Observation: 1/11/18



In my opinion “self-help” fails in one major way: it focuses on improving your shortcomings instead of directing you to simply be the person you want to be.  I hope that makes sense, but just in case it doesn’t I’ll clarify.

Almost every self-improvement blogger I know espouses a basic premise that you can eventually be and achieve all the things that will make you fulfilled, but for now you need to improve yourself.  In order to get what you want you must change something.  I’ve even said it in the past.

Stop wasting time, stop procrastinating, stop eating junk food and on and on and on.  The list never ends.  We are all familiar with the language.

But doesn’t this approach put more emphasis on the negative instead of the positive?  It seems like self-improvement focuses so much on what I lack; on my deficiencies.   And aren’t we always going to have deficiencies?  So it hit me that one could get caught in this ridiculous loop of constantly focusing on faults and this doesn’t feel right to me any longer.

What if you simply determined what it is that you know you do really well and focused on those aspects of your life?  If you are a people person then find things to do that will allow you to highlight that ability.  If you love being creative then be creative.  If you love numbers then be content with playing the numbers game in some fashion.

What if your focus became to simply become the person you desire to be?  Full of deficiencies, faults, mistakes, shortcomings, etc.  The path of “I must fix this problem now, then I’ll fix this problem and after that I’ll be happy” will lead to frustration and misery.  The journey promises to be full of adventure and insightful experiences, but creates an unreachable, ever-moving destination; a destination that never existed in the first place.

It seems to me that focusing on the positive is much more effective and enjoyable than constantly focusing on the negatives.


Not Everyone Understands How To Struggle

DannyThere is a key element to success that not all people understand: struggle.  Struggle is a key element of getting ahead.  It exists in quitting smoking.  It exists in losing weight.  It exists in getting a promotion.  It exists in building a business. It exists in making more money.   Any time you look to advance yourself you can bet that struggle will play into the equation at some point.

For Mark Cuban it was living in an apartment with 6 other guys eating ketchup and mustard sandwiches.  For some it might be living without pay television, internet and not eating out for a year or more.  For others it might involve walking to work instead of driving.

I have joked in the past that anyone can work a home budget of $5000 per month, but it takes talent to live for a couple of weeks on $20.  You know you’ve lived the struggle when you can live in a major metro area and have the skills to stretch that 20 bucks to its max!

Most people are afraid of the struggle and they don’t know how to handle it.  Which explains why more people don’t reach their personal goals.  It’s not laziness.  It’s not lack of motivation.  It’s not lack of education.  It’s fear.  They fear the struggle.  They fear the ‘what if’ part of success that says ‘what if it doesn’t work out?’.

A New Mindset

Peace from Panic

A few weeks ago, I watched a vlog by Danny at Dream Big, Dream Often that inspired me. I keep thinking about it and have been trying to incorporate it into my life. So I thought I’d share it here, in case you hadn’t seen it.

The main point is simple: Instead of focusing on what you need to stop doing, focus on what you need to start doing.

Danny said, “We don’t have to focus on quitting anything. Just keep doing enough of the right stuff and the negative will not have room in your life.”

The positive changes will eventually push out the negative behaviors.

It’s important to make a plan and stick to it. Here are some ideas:

Instead of Saying: 

  1. I have to stop eating junk food.
  2. I need to quit watching so much TV.
  3. I should spend less time on social media.
  4. I need to…

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Live Like A Monk: Cut Out The Noise – Level Up Stud

Level Up Stud

If a tree falls and no one is around to hear it, does it make a noise?

Only if you let it. Only if you acknowledge it’s existence.

Because everything and everyone can make noise.

But not all of it is going to be useful to you.

Some will be downright bad for you and you must…


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I Believe If You Can See Something In Your Mind, You Can Hold That Something In Your Hand

Danny's iphone 1754I believe strongly in visualization.  I learned this fact of the universe when I played golf professionally and worked on my pre-shot routine.  In golf my sports psychologist worked with me on seeing the shot in my mind before I hit the shot in real-time.  I would imagine the height of the shot, the spin, where the ball would land and where the ball would come to rest.  And when I was locked-in the ball would often times fly close to the exact path I had visualized in my mind.

If you can see something in your mind, you can hold that something in your hand.  In my current role I visualize myself being the top marketing executive.  I see myself in meetings with huge companies.  I make myself feel the nervousness, excitement and anxiety of big meetings before they happen.  I imagine myself experiencing all the perks of being the top dog.  I see myself with all of the things that come with being numero uno.  I see the office I want to have.  I see myself giving presentations to massive corporations.  I visualize every aspect of the position I eventually want to attain.  In my world I already possess all these things; they just haven’t manifested themselves yet!

If you can see something in your mind, you can hold that something in your hand.  There are some people who do not believe in this principle and that is a shame.  Every successful person I know practices this principle daily.  Top-level athletes.  Hollywood actors.  Rock stars and musicians.  Writers and authors.  They all saw themselves being ultra-successful long before they obtained said success.

If you aren’t practicing this principle, then I highly suggest you read a little and educate yourself.  It will change your life.

Mere Accountability – Kingdom Living (Sean Mungin Ministries)

kingdom living mungin

Accountability is something that many of us wish did not exist for obvious reasons. The main reason is that accountability exposes us and makes us vulnerable to others. With this type of exposure and vulnerability, we are granting others access into the very deep and secret areas of our lives. In addition to this, we are also…

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Live Like A Monk: Get Deep Sleep

Level Up Stud

Most fools think that sleeping for 8+ hours is quality sleep. They are absolutely wrong.

Quality sleep has less to do with time spent asleep, and more to do with how deep a sleep you get.

Live to sleep and sleep to live. One prepares you for the other.

Although it seems like common sense, at least…

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5 Books That Will Guide You To Greatness

Level Up Stud

Love Yourself is a book that teaches you to come into terms with yourself and your situation. Written by someone who has fought depression and suicidal thoughts, Kamal tells you how he…

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Always Remember This

2 R Better Than 1

Good Monday morning, friends! I pray that the sun is shining wherever you are today. Even if it’s overcast or storming, know that storms don’t last for long.  I woke up with a grateful heart and a silly grin on my face this morning. All night long I dreamed about the eclipse. In this dream, I was in charge of purchasing safety glasses for all 1,500 kids in our school. Some might call this a nightmare. I guess that falls under “other duties as assigned.” I started this project months ago and had acquired 1,500 NASA-approved eclipse glasses so that our kids could enjoy this once in a lifetime event.  Way to go, Michelle! Right? Wrong. What I realized toward the end of the dream is that I didn’t buy any for the teachers. Epic fail! Can you imagine 1,500 teenagers running around in dark glasses with no supervision? Thank…

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