My Week 195: It’s The Allergies That Are Annoying, Not Me


The other day at work, I was just standing in the kitchen, thinking about nothing in particular, like LITERALLY minding my own business, when the guy who oversees the kitchen things came in and said to me, “Is that your toast in the toaster oven?” And while this may seem like a perfectly innocuous question, like something you would say just to make conversation, there was an insidious undertone to it that you would only recognize if, like me, you work in a place where you are NOT ALLOWED to leave toast unattended in the toaster oven. “Because I came in earlier,” he continued ominously, “and there was no one here.”

I was a little freaked out and didn’t want to be blamed for the toast insurrection, so I immediately said the first thing that came into my mind, which was “No—I don’t eat gluten” to which he replied, “There’s…

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A hug for Saraa…

Cyranny's Cove

Dear Lovelies,

Today I break my blogging-pause silence for a good reason. Not a happy one, but something worth a mention…

As you all know, blogging is about sharing thoughts and stories, but it is much more than that. The Bloggosphere is a community, and a place we come to when we need some support.

This morning, terrible news awaited me when I turned on my tablet.

You might already know Saraa, from It’s me Saraa. If not, you should really get to know the bubbly, witty, sweeter than sugar girl! This bright young woman always manages to put a smile on my face, but not today.

To make a long story short, Saraa’s little brother took his life yesterday. Knowing how important family is to her, I can hardly imagine how painful it is to go through life for her at this moment.

So if you have…

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Day 29 – Green Light

2 R Better Than 1

A few days ago, I was searching for inspirational quotes to give to a young lady who doesn’t know the Lord. She has lots of struggles — including depression. As a strategy for countering some of her dark thoughts, her counselor recommended going on Pinterest to find inspirational quotes and memes. I was inspired to help her create a scrapbook to keep at school that she could pull out whenever she feels unsafe. It will serve to remind her that she is loved and valued. In her case, irrational fears and unbelief are keeping her stuck in a scary cycle that’s hard to break without a strong foundation of trust in the Lord.

We are like this young woman in some respects. We want to do what’s right, but we question whether the choices we make are the right choices. So, we ask others for their opinions and ask God…

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How do we deal with bullying?

Living My Life In 321


Bullying can happen in any number of places, contexts, or locations. I am much conscious of Bullying because I know how it feels to feel the way that you do not wish to. It is a very dangerous thing to go through and people need to realise this, unless you’ve been there yourself some do find it hard to understand. 

Types of bullying: 


  • Hitting
  • stealing
  • Tripping
  • Pushing
  • Hair Pulling


  • Name calling
  • Offences
  • Threatening
  • Comments (sexual, racial)

Social Bullying

  • Laying and spreading rumours
  • Leaving someone out on purpose

Cyber Bullying

  • Online threats
  • Spreading / making of rumours
  • Hate comments / texts / sharing via social media

You’d think that bullies would have disappeared by time we’ve reached adulthood, but some people never grow out of being a great dick. Bullies can still harass you, put you down, and even undermine your work.

There’s so many adults, out there that don’t…

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For Love of the Game: Our Broken Health-Care System

Leon's Existential Cafe

“And tonight, he might be able to use that aching, old arm one more time to push the sun back up in the sky, and give us one more day of summer.” -MLB Broadcaster in For Love of The Game

Several decades ago, Hollywood released a film that, despite not being noteworthy by any standards, left a significant impression on me: For Love of the Game, starring Kevin Costner. In the movie, Costner played aging pitcher Billy Chapel, who was in his final season, and final game, as a baseball player. In it, Chapel grappled with the end of his baseball career and the significance of losing something so intertwined with, and so a part of, his identity that its loss could have engendered an existential crisis, a complete loss of a sense of self; that was how much Billy loved baseball, and how much baseball meant to him.

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The Innovation Project: Our youth tackling sustainability and innovation – Over The Andes

Unlocking the creative and innovative potential of our youth is really the way forward for our world. Look at the these projects: inventing a new kind of water recycler. growing food with 90% less …

Source: The Innovation Project: Our youth tackling sustainability and innovation – Over The Andes

It is worth it

Lifting Taboos

Each day that ends, I have the hope that I have impacted the people I love in some small way or another. I am part of a small family, so it should be easy to do.

Today I did laundry. If you know anything about doing laundry in the Dominican Republic, it is NOTHING like doing laundry in North America. For one, our washing machine does not really qualify as a washing machine.

The time it takes to do laundry here is ridiculous. There is no actual “washing” process. It is more like clothing sitting in soap and water and moving in a circle for 25-30 minutes at a time. The best part of it all is that only 10 articles of clothing is allowed in the washer if you want the spinner to actually spin. If you put 11 in, the spinner will get stuck.

Today I experimented with…

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At Fate’s End – Prologue-

Haise's Haven

Now now, here comes what I have been waiting for. The plot of the story had been in my mind for a very long time, and now I have decided to write about it.

At first I was wondering, what if it was not a good story? So I hesitated to write it. But then after I watch and read more fantasy-based materials, I have decided that I should really work on this. This story is about duty, responsilbility, love and lots of emotions.

People usually say that emotions are weakness for a human being. Well, I might as well exploit that then. It is going to be a hard ride this one. So, stick with me and join me on this long journey, and I will bring you, into my fantasy world.

With my cup of coffee and my handy laptop, let me type away into the midst of…

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