Partisan politics? Or right vs. wrong?

Lucky Otters Haven

Before this blog changed its focus, a few times I said that religion and politics were subjects I wanted to avoid.  I was afraid of putting people off who may not agree with my political and religious beliefs.    It’s ironic that now those two things seem to have become my main focus.

I feel called to write about them now because they are both so intertwined and both have been corrupted by unbridled greed and narcissism.   This isn’t just partisan politics as usual.  It’s not liberal vs. conservative.  It’s not about transgender bathrooms or gay marriage or whether abortion should be federally funded or not.

We’re not in the same world anymore, when people could fight over whether George W. Bush or Barack Obama was the better president or had the better policies.   Both men, in my opinion, were at heart moral men.  Both made mistakes, sometimes…

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Today’s Featured Reblog is…Don Massenzio’s Blog!!

Don Massenzio!

Author Don Massenzio

This is a reboot of one of my most popular posts from 2016 in my blogging incarnation. The words in this post are just as true today as they were when it was posted. I’ve made some updates based on what I’ve learned along the way.

indieIf you are like me, you are aware of the thousands of other authors that are in the indie-author universe on social media platforms. We all belong to groups on Facebook and we promote our books, blogs, giveaways, and events. We start to see the same names over and over relentlessly touting their work.

As I first entered the indie author world, I viewed all of these authors as people that were competing for my readers. I wanted to out-promote and out-sell all of them. Over the past two years, however, my view has changed. Instead of viewing my fellow authors as competitors, I have come to…

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Rearview Mirror

Great perspective on Aria-Bella Rises!

Aria-Bella Rises


Spider showed me today about the joys and need for looking in your rearview mirror.

It is so important to see where you have come from, how far you have come, what you have done.

We get so caught up in chasing the next thing, not being happy where we are at, needing to know what is coming – that we forget the simple pleasure and need to see just where we have come from.

It is not an exercise in beating ourselves up, if you have only come a tiptoe forward, that is okay. If it has been a side shuffle kind of time lately, that is also okay. If you have come forward in leaps and bounds, that is so okay as well!

Having a check back in with yourself can be really handy to see that actually you have done more than you thought, you have managed…

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I am right and you are wrong

This is Mick Canning a new blog I am following. Mick adds to our discussion today about being open-minded with his post I Am Right and You Are Wrong. Wonderful perspective!

Mick Canning

I am right and you are wrong (regardless of whatever you are saying).

We are all human; we are all fallible and none of us are all-knowing. Most of us are beset by doubts, and we hold a number of conflicting opinions (which we usually try to pretend aren’t there). Is this a bad thing? Quite the opposite, I think.

We can only really grow in the company of people who challenge our beliefs. We can only really attain empathy for others when we understand where they are coming from. That is why it is, for example, so important to understand the reasons that terrorists carry out atrocities. Understanding is not the same as condoning. Understanding someone’s point of view, understanding why they hold that point of view; what events have shaped their lives, can only help us to a better understanding of how to deal with any conflict that…

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If I Could Save Time In A Blog Bottle

This is YadaDarcyYada!!


1gone46There never seems to be enough time
to do the things you want to do,
but there might be,
if I stopped blogging…

But I like blogging…

Yet it’s time-consuming…

Once you’ve let that blogging genie out of the bottle, there’s no turning back. I keep trying to get away, but blogging keeps pulling me back in.

I also like making people laugh, I’d be the one cracking ‘love at first bite’ jokes, running from vampires, or during the apocalypse: “Knock Knock.” Random guy, “Who’s there?”“Zombie.”“Zombie who?” Me running, yelling, “Zombie, behind you, run!”


Then again, too much time isn’t always good, when I have time to think, I often feel like an alien in this world. Not the rubbery, gray, tall, skinny aliens, more like the ET-hey-I-landed-on-your-planet-I need-to-phone-home-wow-your-long-distance-plan-sucks-at-least-the-snacks-are-yummy-does-this-dress-make-me-look-fat-type alien.


Going out on a limb, I’d say I’m not the only one who’s ever felt they’re waiting for…

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Strive to understand that all things have a counter-perspective. Your view of your world is one small snapshot of a much larger image.

(please be mindful to give the original page a view and comment. I only hit a share button, they did all the work. You would want the same done for you!)


For many decades I look at people, things and events from different angles.

It allows me to feel and to understand more, to love more and to enjoy life fully.

Below is a photo that I shot several days ago.

Hope that you’ll like it.

TILTED by JF TILTED                                                                                                               by JF

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The Writing Lifestyle: It’s a Juggling Act

This is my friend Wallace and his page Thoughts, Musings, and Storytelling. He is a very talented writer and great conversationalist with wisdom and perspective.

Writing in Real Time

I’m still trying to find a middle ground between juggling a Day Job and making more time for working on my writing projects. It’s not easy and it often involves lack of sleep and some weeping and gnashing of teeth. Okay, I’m exaggerating a little about the weeping and gnashing part but you get the point. This particular article was inspired by Danny over at Dream Big, Dream Often. He’s got a great blog so you should really check it out.

Unfortunately, our modern society often preaches, subliminally, about instant gratification and an emphasis on end results instead of the in-between parts. Let’s face it, hardly anyone goes from Point A to Point Z without dealing with the 24 points in between. It’s a fact of Life that is often glossed over when we are bombarded with media images of people who seemingly come out of nowhere and achieve instant…

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Admitting You Don’t Know Is Okay: Don’t Be Pretentious

As I am getting older and realizing that I don’t know everything, I am learning a new trick.  When I find myself in a conversation and a topic comes up that I am not educated, I say the following statement, “Honestly, I’m not educated enough unnamedon politics to talk about it.”  “Honestly, I really don’t know enough about the inner workings of the government to know how to fix healthcare.”


So don’t act like it.  It is okay to admit you don’t know.  Trust me you come away looking a lot less foolish than pretending to know when in fact you don’t.

I hope everyone has a great evening!  I will leave you with this cute kitten picture…lol

Education: Need for Critical Thinking

The author supports the need for critical thinking with statistics that I find alarming. I am going to do some fact checking, but they pass my eye test, meaning they seem reasonable in light of today’s youth that struggle to make change if the computer fails. Critical thinking is essential in helping to form opinions.