A Photo a Week Challenge: Pink

Check out In Between Moderation!!

In Between Moderation


Here is my photo for Nancy Merrill’s Pretty in Pink photo challenge. These are Roseate spoonbill’s that I saw at Green Cay Nature Preserve.


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Dia De Muertos~

I would like to introduce everyone to Cindy Knoke’s blog!! I love her page, especially her animal photographs!!

November 1st & 2nd are days for remembering, respecting and honoring dead loved ones in Mexico, many Latin American countries, Spain and Hollerdom.

DSC03338 (2)
The Holler is close to the border with Mexico and is blessed with a large Latin American population so the tradition has become familiar.
DSC03340 (2)
Marking the Day of the Dead began in Aztec times and was able to survive the cultural suppression of the missionaries.
I admire cultures that remember and remain connected to their deceased ancestors.
In Memory and respect for all our ancestors, and for those who honor them~

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Shot to Death: My Daring Escape from Photo Shoot Hell

I would like to introduce everyone to The EGOTist!!


A photo shoot: privately one of my biggest fears and my final boss battle before the EGOTist launch. It’s not that I didn’t have any pictures. Jessica Osber took some fantastic headshots for me but they fit the cute, low-key me. They don’t quite read EGOTist (Jessica is fabulous to shoot with, definitely hit her up if you need photos).

image(She’s cute and approachable. Like I said, nice pic but not quite doing what I need.)

Sidebar: Photo shoots are my kryptonite I even do the “make a weird face on purpose” preemptive strike when I’m taking pictures for fun. My brain kicks into overdrive and as I mentally assemble the perfect shot my creativity and energy are completely zapped and I end up looking like a wax figure, awkwardly stiff and dead-eyed. image

(Exhibit A. WTF am I doing…?)

Counterintuitive I know but stopping…

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